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So it appears FamilySearch has unknowingly become a member of the LDS Pioneer project here on WikiTree. 

Let me explain. This morning a got an email from them titled "Amanda, we’ve found pioneers in your family tree". Of course that got my attention and I had to open it right away to see what they were talking about. Inside it said Meet your Pioneer Ancestor, had this little paragraph thing, and then gave me the name William Steven Atwood. The included the pioneer company, James S Brown Company, and birth and death (1861-1939). Right under this was a big button saying View Relationship.

Now you know I have to click on this button. It takes me to a page on FamilySearch were the first thing I read is Meet William Steven Atwood. Your Pioneer Ancestor and right under that is a picture of him. Now it doesn't really give me my relationship to him in a way I can understand, which is actually stating it, but it shows a path of ancestors and I can see it is through my Porter line and isn't a direct ancestor. They also listed another pioneer ancestor on the page, Melissa Ann Atwood. This page altogether gave/gives me a link to his and Melissa's FamilySearch profiles, a direct link for both to them on, shows how they are related to me, and it gives a little insight into the pioneer journey. 

Just from the way the page is setup I am sure many people got emails like this today. I'm also sure not all of them were William Steven Atwood. So if you got one of these emails today I suggest adding any person on that path to the pioneer on WikiTree and the pioneer themselves. That is what I'm doing and while I'm not apart of the LDS project I know that I can at least do this to help those guys out a little. Plus I might learn something while I'm at it.

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Got one too for a Leisham, surprising as I live in Australia. So I followed the path back adding parents to the existing profile. Got hung up on one as there are conflicting sources but will see if I can link them to the tree.
I got the same message and almost fell down that rabbit hole, but stopped my self to add the extra info later.  I am already part of the LDS project.  Although I am sourcing that line as we speak :-)
I received that email too. At this point, I don't remember who it was, and I apparently discarded the email.  I do remember that the person was a sibling of someone on my direct line.  Since I already have too many projects, and I'm not LDS, I noted it as moderately interesting and got back to my life.
I found I had one as well They listed 18 pioneers. Strangely,they didn't note others  that I already knew about so the list could have been a lot longer. These people were from  two extended families who were related by at least one marriage in the 19th C. They lived in a rural part of Northamptonshire (England) and had expanding families at a time when agricultural work was declining. They were undoubtedly struggling but  I often wonder if they knew what sort of journey was ahead of them.

(  Not everyone in those families became Mormons . My father is a direct descendant of a sibling of one of those families and my mother from a sibling of the other family .)

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Hi Amanda, I'm new here at Wikitree, and though I have requested to be on a project and been accepted, I don't know much about working on projects - and so I can't really follow your thoughts entirely on "LDS project", etc. - but it sounds as though you are doing a good thing by discovering people who belong in those projects through advertisements in you email, and you are volunteering to add them. If I understand all that correctly, I just want to say, "kudos to you!"
answered by Mark Gunter G2G5 (5.5k points)
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LDS is Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Pioneers.  This is a great project for those of use with Mormon Pioneers in our ancestry :-)
And to answer your question, Mark, working on a project means each project has certain tasks they like performed to enhance the profiles that fall under the umbrella of that project such as adding templates and certain information.  It could also mean adding a new profile that would be in that project such as an LDS pioneer.

Through my research I have recently discovered that I have relative's that were members of the LDS and some that were pioneer's. I would like to know how I can join this project since this is something that has always been an interest of mine.

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