How do you remove names that were put in under the wrong relative?

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I put the wrong children under the wrong parents. How can I fix this. I need to delete them and start over.
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Oops, I did this by mistake to Pero-26  Gladys May Pero.  I've corrected the parents Pero-25  Harry Cook Paro and Godfrey-2919 Edith Olive Godrey, but somehow Harry now appears as also married to his mother Shonio-14  Clarissa Cook Shonio, which makes all of Harry's siblings now Gladys' half-siblings.  This sounds like a soap-opera!

How can I correct this....

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Never fear, Chuck.  We've all had little mishaps like this.

First, if you'll let us know which profiles you are working on, that will allow someone to look at the situation.

We don't delete here.  We edit and merge (when necessary) to get the kids and parents lined up where they need to be.

Make a note of the correct parents' profile numbers.  On each profile there is a public view and next to that, there is an edit view.  You should click on the edit tab for Child 1. Over on the right hand side it will show which parents are listed for that child.  If they are wrong, you can click on "edit father".  The next page you see will have a little box where you can enter the correct father's profile number.  Save that change.  Now go back to child 1's page.  Refresh the page so you see the father has been changed.  Now edit the mother.  Do the same as you did with the father.  Don't forget to refresh the child's page so you can see the change.

You will need to do this for each of the children.

You're going to feel really comfortable with editing by the time you're done.  

Welcome to WikiTree!
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Thanks, Kathy.
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No, .  you don't have to start over.

You can remove the parents from each of the wrong children and attach the  right children to them.  If I put my aunt Vlasts's children under Uncle Frank, I would go to each of the four children--Edna, Mary, Patricia, and Robert and change parents.  Uncle Frank's children would then have to be added to his and his wife Bette's profiles.  So in the end, the right children are paired with the right parents.  It's not too difficult.  When the edit mother page comes up, it will ask you to replace the stated mother with another mother.  Similarly, with the edit father page.  Keep track of whiat you are doing.  Sometimes I just go to the bottom of the page where it says remove "mother" or "father" and click the tab.  I ten go to the right parent and add children.

I don't have a video on how to do it, but if you have questions as you proceed though the steps, I'm here to help.
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

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