Wasn't there some Honour Code? [closed]

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Bitter Bombs like this and no apparent recourse, despite the time-consuming "complaint" process, have ruined Wikitree for me. (First time I ever heard from this individual was this bizarre post on my profile today.) Anyone else having such fun?

"Because you won't stop the daily spamming of my address (2 times today!) I am going to report you for spamming every time I get another spam from you. You daily and sometimes twice daily spams are a PIA, unwanted, and you won't stop, so you deserve to be reported as a spammer in my book! Also I will be reporting with increased prejudice at weekly intervals. STOP IT!"

closed with the note: needs to go through Problems with Members process
in The Tree House by Sunny Clark G2G6 (7.3k points)
closed by Eowyn Langholf
Hang in there Sunny... we'll get the right people to straighten this out
Thanks, Keith... this isn't the only contravention of rules they need to straighten out, though... I gave up any expectation of being treated fairly on Wikitree a few weeks ago, as being the wronged party has had no impact whatsoever on outcome. Bitter fruit borne from this 'Tree, you could say.
I'm glad you are communicating about this.

We absolutely do care how our members treat each other and check into these things.

The Problems with Members form that you were directed to woks.  It's not just some cyber-thing that logs somewhere and you never see it again.  Each report is reviewed and addressed by qualified people who aim to fix things.  It just takes a moment to fill out the the process is rolling along.

There are many here who like to help.
I have tried before, Keith... to no avail... quite the opposite, in fact. It does no good to point out the error of the other's party's actions while doing nothing to correct it (letting it stand), as the "Team" did. Adding insult to injury then was , in fact, promoting the erring individual, and then ignoring the injured party's complaint. Little seems to happen without prejudice when there is conflict, apparently.
Sunny we should be talking about this in WikiTree private-messaging.  We shouldn't get too deep into it in the public forum.

With your permission I'd like to "hide" your last comment and message you.

Thanks for your patience Sunny :)
Hi Keith, thanks for being willing to help! We're working with both parties though.  Thanks!
Keith, I appreciate your request, yet I did write a complaint to "The Team" on July 14th, when the added insult mentioned here also came to my attention. I tried the private way. No one responded. Every few weeks, I get some outrageous communication, or action, by other members. This system has not proven supportive, to say the least. (I only rarely complain about such, and only further insult has become expected.) I do not suffer bullies gladly and, like most trained journalists, I'm not fond of facts being swept under cover for the comfort of the careless, the negligent, or the aggressively self-serving.
Understood Sunny.

I did send you a message, you obviously don't need to respond, but I wanted to open that door to you :)
Understood Eowyn... thank you!

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Hi Sunny,

If you have an issue with a member please go through: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Problems_with_Members.
by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Steve Schmidt
Would that it were of fair use. Complaint has proved only time-consuming and the opposite of helpful in the past, or I would have. I forwarded you a reflection of why. Thank you for your genuine concern.

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