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The Weekend Chat is for everyone. It's a place to catch up on what people are up to, and to share what you've been doing.  New members can say hello, introduce themselves, ask questions, and meet each other.  Our seasoned members can share progress or successes from their projects, give tips and advice, or chime in on hot topics.

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Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

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asked in The Tree House by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (595k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Happy weekend, everyone!  It's raining here in the Washington DC area - good weather for staying inside and working on WikiTree profiles.
Sun Shine here today, high temp 102% with 107% humidity index.  It's hot!!!! Got up at 5 am to do yard work, now time to WikiTree.
Yay weekend chat!  The chattiest part of the weekend! Hi everybody!  It's hot here in Dallas - there will be some indoor research time in this weekend for sure!
Are they ever going to make a new tv show about Dallas... or is that all played out :)
David, sounds like you are in Florida!

Hi, Hello everyone welcome to the chat. It not hot here today after the rain we got yesterday. This has been a weekend. After I got home last Sunday from my brother's. My dad starting Monday started coughing real bad that morning and when he got home from kidney dialysis my mom called and made an appointment with their regular doctor. But he got to getting worse on Tuesday that she called them and change the appointment till that Tuesday afternoon. I told them guessing but I told them it sound like pneumonia and they might admit him to the hospital that day. Well the doctor wheeled him down to x-rays and said it was pneumonia and admitted him that day and he didn't get home until 4:00 today. So this week has been something else. I also found out that one of my cousins that is close to my parents age was admitted to the hospital in pretty bad shape also in Alabama Tuesday also. So I have had my hands full this week.image

Hi,  Debbie O'Bryan Burow here. Wasaga Beach, Ontario Cool tonight, sweater evening. Researching my Family name's,  Reardon-Lynch-Matthews-Daley-Vanderbilt-Stewart-O'Brien-O'Bryan-Mitchell. And many more. these are some of my immediate Family's and started in Ireland to, through the U.S, and All make it to Toronto, Ontario at some point about 1800's or so. Please do keep these Name's in mine and Please Help me find my Family. Thank-You  Debbie
Welcome Debbie to the chat.
I am very sorry Linda what a traumatic experience you have this weekend

Sickness is always so very sad
Linda, so sorry to hear about your dad and your cousin, as Susan said, sickness is always so very sad.  Even with that terrible week it is so nice to see that you found a moment among friends.
Linda lots of prayers coming your way for you and your entire family.

Hope everyone gets well quickly and your life gets back to normal.

Sorry to hear about your dad and your cousin, hope they get well soon!

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Some awesome news!! For the second time I found out one of my long time friends since school is a cousin! :) YAY!  #Dyess
answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (919k points)
selected by David Selman
What a nice surprise, Charlotte!
Great surprise for you, never know who we will meet at WikiTree!
Yeah I was working on DNA matches for a cousin who is trying to figure out his BF. Turns out one of those matches went into the Shiver's which is my friend's surname.  She's part of this group of my friends from High School that are still close. :)
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Only Very KOOOOL X-TREME peeps can watch this

Light the sucka up !


answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
A friend bought me this album for my birthday when I was in high school. I loved it! but my parents were very concerned about the message.  Like Lynette, it made me think.
What time is the party, Eddie??
I have the DVD, LP, CD, VHS, and I attended the live concert when they came to Cleveland, Ohio.
Way koooool,  Mr Byers
Star, I read the Nag Hamadi in the 80s. Then the JCSS made a lot more sense.

Your Saturday movie is



I'm watching... 3 hours and 40 minutes might actually take me all day to view entirely though :)

Is there going to be a test on this?
You must write a 3000 word essay comparing Walking with Dinosaurs to Jurassic Park. (Everybody got Jurassic Park DVDs.)
Nothing alike!   My 4 going on 5 year old granddaughter is very much into dinosaurs.  She knows them all and can say their names without stumbling over them.  She has a tin of plastic ones I bought for her when she visits.  Triceratops is her favorite.  We have a number of dinosaur books that she enjoys us reading to her.  She told her Grandpa (my husband) you don't need to be afraid, they are extinct... that mean all dead...  Out of the mouths of babes...
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Now available for use in the Weekend Chat.

Copy image from here or from the WikiFree Memes page and paste into your answer, comment, or reply.

If there is a new one you need, let us know.





answered by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (595k points)
Karate chopping watermelons makes a mess in the dojo.

Someone sent me this


imageKeith I love this idea. Good goings. Hello to everyone and welcome to the chat.

I often feel I need one with a big smile, but that booted foot fits just fine right into it. (Especially if it's got the heart eyes and can't see it coming!)

Ha!  I'm working on the boot one :)

Here is the newest one:




Anne, your comment on karate chopping watermelons in the dojo makes a mess. hahaha I would not want to be the one to clean up.
I'm suggesting a new emoji featuring watermelons in various disarray -All manner of shapes and sizes, some with $$ some with Sweet and Unsweet faces, some clearly "all chopped up" (Elvis playing in the background). Even a target watermelon with arrows in it from impossible directions, implying visitors from Outer Spaces. --Who's up for developing it?

Love it, Keith--Can I use it in Wikitree any time? Post it on my profile page?



             or:  better yet:                                                   

It's like the elf I keep inside--& want it to come out more.

What is the BEST EMOJII for the GENEALOGY SCHOLAR? (please, each of you, choose one to list below!)

I think of her/him at the top with layers of other types of us spreading below, ad infinitum, so no one's at the bottom. They'd be all weather and all roses, all accidents and all blessings. They'd be young and old, creased or scarred (from the genealogy wars' streamlined tools); they'd be signposts on high hilltops (never a mountain), they'd be somehow clinging to sides of ravines, but capable of moving in any direction. They'd be in a fast moving river manhandling every rock-flow of water, every still hole, every plunge.

WE are the survivors whose tongues and our times surround us but are not of us. We are unafraid of the PAST and what we'll unearth. We can place people in their plots, we can figure out in an impressionist's way about unknown birthdates. We know we can't go to the MOON. But we can walk on moonbeams.

Bless us all, all you genealogyphiles ! and if you are reading this, YOU ARE ONE!


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Anyone like drinking ice tea or hot tea? Well here's a story for you:

One day my brother asked me if I ever tried Barry's Tea. Not knowing anything about that product I laughingly said, why Frankie are you making homemade BarryTea now?? But he sent me a picture of a product he brought at a specialty store. 


So I decided to find out more about Barry's tea and where it originated from. I found it the tea was homemade in Ireland by James J Barry, (WikiTree profile https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Barry-2690founded in 1901. James opened his own grocery business at No. 11 Bridge Street in 1901. Jim Barry never sold meat but specialized in wine and teas.


Jame's son Anthony Barry (WikiTree profile  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Barry-2689) took over the business and was awarded the Empire Cup for tea blending, confirming his expertise in the tea trade. see http://www.independent.ie/business/blending-a-dynasty-on-golden-moments-26130411.html

Then the business was passed down to his son Peter Barry (WikiTree profile  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Barry-2688). The tea is still being manufactured and sold today under the supervision of Peter's children and descendants. 

Note: Anthony Barry became a notable and is on Wikipeda as well as  Wikitree. You can read more about their story here: http://www.barrystea.ie/our-story/

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Aw Geez Robynne, thats from 1912. If you want REAL irish music listen to Clancy Brothers they did a lot of the real stuff.

Robynne: We had a "player piano" that you had to pump the paddles for it to play off a preprogramed script on perforated paper. I was about 10 years old to about 13 years old, and every holiday especially Christmas and New Years, I was tasked with playing songs like When Irish Eyes are Smiling, and Roll out the Barrel!! All that pumping made my legs stronger and I didn't mind walking 2 1/2 miles to school and 2 1/2 miles back home again. 

Ooh you got me at "wine and tea" store. :D Pretty cool!
Hi Dorothy, Will look for the tea next time we visit a specialty grocer. Thanks for sharing this story with us all.

Wow, I did not know this until I made this post today on our weekend chat page: I just found this article: "Barry's Tea has launched its own range of cocktails and it's peak notions", published May 25th 2017. Source: http://www.dailyedge.ie/barrys-tea-3-3407790-May2017/

I thought by the discussion, people (including my own brother) were just adding their own "spirits" into the tea, but yes, I guess they sell "Barry Tea" at the wine store lol!! Leave it to the Irish!!! 

You always give us such interesting information, it is always fun to read.
My son, since the age of about 6, has ordered tea every time we out to eat anywhere.  Any place we frequent he already knows their selections and is ready to order like a pro.  Any new place it's one of the first things he asks about when they say hello.  He is polite and will smile without issue if someone else preps his tea but he really likes to do it himself and have each detail just so.  He also seems to enjoy the process.  A tea lovin' teen for sure.  He should try some "Barry's"
Wonderful story, Dorothy. Thanks, really enjoy tea.
Dorothy welcome to the chat and nice story and also interesting one also.
wow Pretty Cool Story.
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Still adding sources to some profiles that have not been touched in 6 years,it is slow but rewarding work. I took a detour a couple of days ago to to add some members of a family that were among the earliest non natives in the town where I bought my first home. In fact the first home I bought was built by one of them and I was amazed to find that he is actually related to me. My other project this week is bringing back to life an older desktop computer that everyone had given up on.  It runs Windows 7 and is not the fastest but I have gotten it working and can go online with it and so far I have only spent $30 for a refurbished monitor. I am debating about upgrading to Windows 10 or if I should just make it a LINUX machine, for what I do either could work.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Sounds like you are on the mend and feeling better.   Great!
An update on the computer, The grandkids are fighting to use it when they would not even touch it at home so I guess I am just going to leave it as it is for now.
You might get me in gear to go back to some of my profiles to double check sources. :) Keep up the great work! :)
Laura, yes I am feeling a bit better. In fact yesterday we had a daughrer in law and her children over for dinner, the son is serving in the Army overseas, and I baked 24 rolls and a loaf of bread. The bread was gone by the time dinner was over and most of the rolls as well. This was for a total of 6 people so I guess my baked goods turned out OK.

Charlotte, most of the profiles I am working on at this time are for adopted profiles of family members created  before I joined WikiTree. The bad part is that I have found a very large number of profiles created in the very early years of WikiTree that not only do not have sources but they are also not in the unsourced category. I try to avoid putting them in that category by finding at least one source for them and for the most part I can but it would be faster to add the category to the profiles but my way I believe is better for the tree.

Update 2 on the computer project, The grandchildren liked the computer so much that they were begging their mother to let them spend the night, and she did, but somehow I managed to stop my email from showing up on my main computer so now I have to figure out what I did and how to fix it.
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekend.


answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
Good morning John.... nice shades!


We ought to call that image "John's cup"

Hi John,

You asked for a "thumbs up"... now we have two to choose from 

image       image


Thanks Keith

Welcome to the  chat John and Keith.
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Hello Wikitreers!

Well another hot week in the valley in Pennsylvania, however the nights are quite cool with chances of rain. This afternoon I have the opportunity to get out for a little bit and see the T Sisters in concert they sing a variety blend of music genres from indie to pop to bluegrass so I reckon it will be an enjoyable evening.

Now it be time for my Weekend Tip. This gonna be another one from the Honor Code.

We know mistakes are inevitable. We don't want to be afraid to make them. We assume that mistakes are unintentional when others make them and ask for the same understanding.

I think this describes itself quite well and hopefully together we can all learn to be great practitioners and fulfill this great mission.

Wikitree Stuff.

This past week I have agreed to become the state coordinator for the Pennsylvania project which is a sub-project for the U.S. History project so if you have interest in the sub-project let me know how you can be of help!

Also you saw a post the other day about the Appreciation team. We had a few members ask about it and a few have jumped aboard if you want to join you can still do that by replying to the Appreciation G2G Post. There are some future plans in the works for all of this and I hope together we can make this a great success.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for choosing wikitree!

answered by Steve Schmidt G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
edited by Steve Schmidt
Oh, I know what you mean by heat and rain at the same time. Seemed to always have a storm this week.
Yes this evening it wasn't per say extremely hot but was very humid to the point of once you started sweating it was almost impossible to cool down. But I am glad to be home now and curled up with my a/c on and my blanket
Oh I bet! LOL  I can't wait til the cooler months to wear my hoodies. :)
Yes every fall I get like 3 new hoodies they quite warm especially if you get a heavy one
I got a couple of new hoodies last year that I put wine things on with my Cricut and heat press. :D
I want it to be cool enough to wear cotton shirts with long sleeves. --Say, where may I buy another one (a resale shop? that may be the only place to find a cotton shirt anymore!! = NO FAIR!)
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https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqo8mt2eobujwgd/AAAzB3IGNHqNKXBfdE985NBZa?dl=0  This is the link to this week's puzzle


The Australia Project is a top-level Project for discussion and coordination of various sub-projects (below), and for development of new projects related to Australia.


Leader: Paul Bech and a co-leader is needed here! If you're interested, contact Paul

·   Anzacs led by Terry Wright

·   Australian Convicts and First Settlers 1788 to 1868 led by Paul Bech

·   British Home Children, led by Mags Gaulden

·   Bushrangers led by Paul Bech and Terry Wright

·   Cemeteries of Australia led by Paul Bech

·   Earl_Grey’s_Famine_Orphan_Scheme_1848-1850 led by Veronica Williams

·   Eureka Stockade led by Paul Bech

·   Explorers of Australia led by Paul Bech and Terry Wright


Australia GPS Coordinate Puzzle

The answers will all be located in Australia

  1. Sir John Monash attended university in this city 37º48'49" S 144º57'47" E
  2. On 26 January 1788, 751 convicts and their children disembarked, along with 252 marines and their families Latitude: -33° 51' 18.59" S Longitude: 151° 12' 25.20" E    
  3. From 1788 to 1823, Latitude: -38° 00' 0.00" S Longitude: 145° 00' 0.00" E was officially a penal colony comprised mainly of convicts, soldiers and the wives of soldiers. 
  4. 31.38°S 116.097°E   was one of the locations British boys were shipped during the British Home Children forced migration to Australia.

  5. Ned Kelly’s last stand Latitude: -36° 27' 59.99" S Longitude: 146° 13' 60.00" E

  6. In the Bass Coast Shire region of Victoria, Australia. • Coordinates 38°24'12?S 145°25'20?E • 

  7.  Also in the Bass Coast Shire region of Victoria, Australia. • Coordinates 38.6334°S 145.7278°E 

  8. Earl Grey’s Famine Orphan Girls arrived on October 6th, 1848 at Latitude: -33° 51' 17.99" S Longitude: 151° 13' 60.00" E

  9. Rebellion is popularly known, was fought between miners and the Colonial forces of Australia on 3 December 1854 at 37º33'56.61" S 143º53'8.72" E

  10. Australian explorer John Oxley in 1817 charts mouth at 34°22′S 143°47′E

  11. 1788 - 2 March - Captain Arthur Phillip set out to explore Broken Bay he discovered and named 33º39'9.23" S 151º18'14.59" E.

  12. 1873 - 25°20′42″S 131°02′10″E was first sighted by Europeans, and it local name was renamed. 

  13. 1788 - 19th January - Alexander, Friendship and Scarborough arrived at 51º23'28.82" N 1º26'10.82" E

  14. 1839 - Paul Edmund Strzelecki became the first European to ascend and name Australia's highest peak 36º27'21.23" S 148º15'48.96" E


answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (459k points)
Outstanding Laura!
Laura, that's great !
Thanks Keith for adding the link and map.

Thanks Maggie for the nice note!
You are so clever, Laura!
Glad you like it Star!
Ditto to what every one said. Also welcome to everyone on the chat.
Answers are in the answer folder at the link indicated in the original post above taking you to the dropbox file.  Also if you have missed prior puzzles they are in the prior puzzle file.
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​Got my DNA results back from myFTDNA.  (au, Y, and mt).  There's a ton of data there to go over.  WOW!  Very revealing.  Now to crunch all that data and see where it leads. Waiting on GEDmatch to finish up on the one ID.  Between the DNA data and the family profiles I got my work cut out for me.

Any tips?  

answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
When you run the many to one report at GedMatch look in the far left hand column for anyone tagged as Wiki because they are a wikitree member and you are more likely to get a response!   Hope you match me!!!!

I like to sort the results different ways so I often copy and paste the report into Excel because I can add a filter and find things faster.  If you do not know how to do that send me an email and I will send you a how to work with filters doc I wrote...

X chromosome is good for tracing women.

Sorting in FTDNA by Relationship brings those who should be closest to you to the top of the match list.  

Have fun!
Thanks Laura.
Congratulations John on accomplishing this task hopefully soon I will be able to get mine done
Congrats, John. It may seem overwhelming at first, especially learning GEDmatch but I promise, in a year, lol, you will undersatnd it all. Make sure to catch up on Mag's LIVE CASTS on DNA & WikiTree.
Oh definitely! Thanks Maggie.
Congratulations, John!  I just sent in my test 2 weeks ago, and last weekend had my brother and cousin take the tests and sent in their kits.  Now the wait for the results begins. . .
Nice Star. That's what I need to do now.  Got a brother in mind and a cousin of my Dad's who is the last serving member of the family who was born in the old country.n
Ooh I understand about all the DNA to look at.. doesn't help when you have all these matches and times that by about 10 kits. LOL I still haven't gone through it all, yet. :)
LET'S be mature and practical: HOW DO we RUN A many to one report? I found something to do and did it and it really was meaningless to me. A chart with lots of stuff, but all only familiar to those who are familiar with  . . .  you get the point. This is an SOS.
I just ordered my DNA kit from Ancestry.com this weekend.  Should be here in about 7 to 10 days and then they say the results will be another 6 to 8 weeks!  I'm looking forward to getting the results.

What should I expect?  Are the results in a paper format?  Electronic?
That's great news Cindy. You will get an email from Ancestry about how to retrieve and see your results. Mine took just over 8 weeks to get back.
Roberta,  To run the many to one report, you need to be logged into Gedmatch.com.  You will need your Gedmatch ID to put that into the Field at the top of the report.  You can leave everything else as it will use defaults that make sense for most people.  If you leave the toggle set to Autosomal you get all the data including X if you pick X you only get X.  X can only come from a female in your line.  So mother to son or daughter, Father's mother to grandchildren.   It cannot come from a Male to Male line so it helps eliminate some lines.  

GedMatch assumes since you have an affiliation with the testing company that ran your test, that they are providing tutoring or documents that help you understand basic DNA terms.   Here on WikiTree we have a DNA project that I would suggest you join.  There is a lot of help here.  


and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:DNA_Project_Resources_Page

What the columns on the One to Many Report mean:

Kit number this is the GedMatch ID of the people you match to.

This is a step by step how to with explanation of the results  https://stonefamilytree.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/introduction-to-using-gedmatch-part-2-the-one-to-many-comparison-tool/

Hope this helps!
Cindy, How i wish for another site.  That said, you can do several things to get raw data and then upload it, often at no charge, to another site, but do that right away. Please use PM (personal mail) to me on this one: Berg-1880.
+14 votes
answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Was there music here too?  I was just focusing on the dancing girls ... lol
Me too!


Great! We have dancing girls in here tonight.

+17 votes

Anyone doing connectors today. Karen Tobo solved a year old brick wall on a notable this morning. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lang-1734

answered by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (546k points)
Way to go, Karen!
Awesome!  I'd love to have Karen to work on my brickwalls!
Awesome job Karen! :)
Ditto to everyone. Welcome to the chat.


+14 votes

The LIVE CAST this Saturday with Mags is with Kirsty Gray, a One Name Study expert. Here's the link to watch tomorrow:


answered by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (546k points)
Can't wait til then! :) Missed Mags. :)
+16 votes
I've only been a WikiTree member for a little while, all things considered (couple months) but this is the first time I've dipped my toes into the weekend chat - hello!

- It's my only remaining grandmother's 90th birthday today!

Going to a celebration tomorrow. I really want to ask her some questions about her grandparents, as I have no clue on any of them. They lived in a part of Europe that used to be Germany but is now Poland. The only thing I know about her parents was that her father was drafted into the Germany army at the tail end of WWII and was "blown up" (he is one of the ones noted as MIA but whose body was never discovered.) Apparently it was her uncle (her father's brother) that witnessed him being "blown up" but he survived the war.

- Got my mom's DNA results back from 23andMe.

Been a flurry of activity since these came in. The results are rather nice - lots of multiple segment matches on people that, when compared to me, have a small enough shared segment that I hadn't really gotten around to comparing them.

I uploaded/transferred her results to FTDNA and I hae about 300 matches or so there, too, but it's rather daunting as not very many have a tree attached and it'd involve emailing every single person on the match list almost.

I did get a lucky positive match with someone related to my mom's 4xgreat grandparents. I even found another person, through this match, who is related to a different sibling (a triangulation potential!) But this new person does not have a DNA test - perhaps in the future!

- Started a Lapish One Name study.

My mother's maiden surname - Lapish - is fairly uncommon. I have a very solid brick wall at my 3xgreat grandfather "Thomas J. Lapish".

I took the excuse of the Lapish One Name Study and started researching a different Lapish family that also ended up in Ontario to see where they originated (this other Lapish immigrant was also named Thomas but immigrated later, so there are more records available!)

I've traced things back to find a "Thomas Lapish" who was born around the same time as my brick wall ancestor "Thomas J. Lapish" and whose father waas named "Joseph" (a potential source of the Joseph/J for my Thomas' middle name.)

I found someone with these people in a family tree on Ancestry and reached out to them - perhaps if one of them have a DNA test on file I can see if there is a match. It may not solidly confirm these 2 Thomases are the same but may indicate if I am at least in the correct area of England. (Though the majority of Lapish surnames I see are indeed in Yorkshire, with one or two in Kent or Lancashire.)
answered by Kristen Louca G2G6 Mach 2 (22.9k points)

Great Job Kristen!

Welcome to the Week End Chat, Kristen! Sounds like you have had a busy couple of months and best of luck with your DNA results.
Happy 90th Birthday to Grandma!  Be sure to take a tape recorder with you so you can capture the answers to your questions in her voice.  If you haven't asked her to take a DNA test, don't wait.  If she agrees to a test, you may want to order one that doesn't use the saliva test, as that is usually more difficult for older relatives.
If you have photos to show her that might be a good way to get her talking and sometimes the visual stimulates the memories.  It might also get you names of people you can't identify!  Hugs and Kisses to your family and special birthday greetings to your Grandma!
WTG on the search!!  Congrats and Happy Birthday to Gramma.

And don't be a stranger to WEC.
So glad to hear you will be reaching out to ask your grandmother about your family. Wish I had done that when my grandparents were around. Happy 90th to grandma!
Ditto to what everyone said Kristen and also welcome to WikiTree and to the chat.
Happy happy birthday to your Grandmother!  Cherish her.  And good luck on your search.

I, so wish I had paid more attention to my grandparents when they were around.  So many questions!
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DaWife's birthday was a few days ago ... got her a new PC.  So, I've been busy copying files, downloading applications, getting it on our home network, etc.  She's been out of town for a week or so, comes home tomorrow ... she's going to love the new PC,  Especially the keyboard.  She complained about her old PC and that she couldn't see the keys.  Well, this one has lights behind all the keys ... even I can see em' ... only thing is that the lights only work when the PC is plugged in ... energy saving, I guess, or maybe I haven't found the right switch yet.

Working on my DB Errors ... I'm slow but persistent!
answered by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1m points)
What a nice present, Bob.  A PC is nice, but setting it up and having it ready to use is the real gift.

Here is my newest computer!!


LoL David love the photo! :D
OMG - that is Hilarious. I am sitting here really giggling quite hard!!!!!

Cant seem to think of doing anything else right this very minute!!!  LOL
Hi Robynne, I am pleased it was entertaining and you had a good laugh from this comparison to a computer.
Ha!  Great "computer"!
omg, rofl, lol, where do I get a copy of that image, and put all credits, That is a huge keeper, Meaning one for the ages.
I do not want to spend too much time on that kind of computer!
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This has absolutely nothing to do with genealogy, well maybe, and has no dancing girls. There maybe one.

https://youtu.be/K3tKdDQYaa4 (Why this version doesn't work is beyond me. Need to talk with YT tech support)



answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
edited by John Susnir
The link doesn't work, and I'm curious what it's about!
Let's try this again.


Hi John, thanks for the links to all the fun and music. 


+15 votes
Finally getting some much needed rain here in NW Mississippi, and a little break in the heat.

On the WT front, this weekend I'll be working in the Integrator's Sand Box. Lots of screen time digging through research sources. And getting ready for next month's Connectors Challenge.

On the home front, I've got 4 woodworking projects going at once. That means I'll be juggling a drill, a saw, and my iPad, very, very carefully.

With the rain we're getting, our hummingbirds are going to be ravenous. That means filling several feeders a day. They get real pushy and vocal when their favorite feeder is missing when they want a drink. It isn't easy to put a feeder back when you're getting buzzed by angry birds.
answered by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (166k points)
Hi Bob, Sounds like you have made your plans for the weekend and should be busy with your woodworking project. You are lucky to get to have and see so many humming birds. Here we get three or four during late summer and keep several feeders filled and out but seems there is always one that runs the others off. Have great weekend.
LoL! I can imagine the hummingbirds buzzing you! :)

What are your woodworking projects?
I'm building a headboard for a full size bed, a cabinet to go above a toilet (we need the storage), a lazy susan for a TV, and a wooden cover for a Kleenex box. These will keep me pretty busy until the next time my wife, Susie prowls Pinterest. And the sun is out, and the humidity is a little lower.
More of the continuing saga of the Keniston's hummingbirds. In the last hour and a half, we have refilled 5 of our 6 feeders. They've been really hungry today. We buy sugar in 10 pound bags during the "feeding" season - April to mid-October.
LoL Pinterest is addictive!  I have to work my projects in with my dad between mom's. :) I want two of those old oak drawers to hang on the wall to display my cameras or a lighter antiqued pallet to do the cameras. Still deciding. :D
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Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

A busy week again, did my Ballroom dancing on Monday afternoon, Trying to fit in some swimming in our open air pool, time and weather permitting. Helping at home.

And my my new interest - Boxing, well more correctly a fitness class based on boxing "FightKlub" - its done to loud drum and bass music. I manage to keep up and i am the oldest one there.but its good fun....

Been trying to do a bit of work on Wikitree, mainly filling in blanks on profiles and trying to get a few more connected. No real major progress

Like the new format of Weekly Chat and thanks to those involved. Had always looked forward to weekly chat. Always something to new to learn

Have a Good Weekend everyone and a good week on Wiktree.
answered by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 7 (70.6k points)
Greetings from Washington, DC, Chris!  My weekend wouldn't be the same without reading your post from Brightlingsea.
What types of Ballroom are you learning? I think once I get a new job with more money coming in that I might start doing those classes again as it was a lot of fun. :)
thank you for your kind comment Star. I try to mention something of interest. Am very proud of my home town, my Mum's family have been here since 1751.....

For a small town it has alot going on.........
I took dancing lessons a few years ago. this was as a result of going on cruises - where dancing forms a bit part of the social life.

I do dancing usually on Mondays with a dance club, not a lesson. We do the usual Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, with some latin  Rumba or Cha-cha. They do alt of what is called Sequence dances, like the Cindy Swing, Sallyanne Cha Cha. Saunter Together,  Usually have at least one line dance.  Its a nice afternoon.
Oh nice! I know a ballroom center here has a Friday night dance. Pay a little to get a 30 min lesson at the beginning of a dance. Then the dancing begins. Sometimes during diff music they will have a group off to the side teaching dance steps to that music. :)
Hey, Star, Are you in DC or the 'burbs.
I'm in the Maryland suburbs.
Used to live in the Mount Vernon area in NOVA. My Mom Is still there.
+16 votes
Greetings fellow shoots and leaves!

Is it really another weekend? My week disappeared down a rabbit hole! Apart from Greeting, Messaging and Sourcing, I'm currently facing a mammoth brick wall with no doors, no climbing gear and nothing to dig under with (where did that pesky rabbit go?)

Where do I begin? I'm adopted, I was reunited with my birth family by way of an absolute miracle 26 years ago. Sadly I only knew my birth father for eight years before he died but am still in touch with his family. Along comes DNA and genealogy. I took the DNA test on Ancestry (other companies available) over a year ago now and although I have found many connections on my mother's side I struggled to find any on my father's side. I just figured they weren't interested in genealogy.

Then I started on Wikitree and was one day contacted by a lovely lady who we figured out was my paternal second cousin. I had created a profile for her grandmother and she was curious as to why. So we took a look at a side-by-side DNA comparison and we weren't related at all. O%. She has matches in my father's family and I have none. My father is not my father. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

Unfortunately I don't have a name from my mother so I'm having to rely solely on DNA. Gulp. I'm taking the test with all major companies, I'm trying to add as many known relatives to Wikitree as I can in the hopes of triangulating and finding a common ancestor (none yet), and some amazing people on here have offered to help too.

There's part of me that thinks it will never happen. I mean I can't really ask for two miracles in a lifetime can I?

How's everyone else doing?

answered by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (147k points)
I do sympathise with you.

My mother was adopted and while I have got her original birth certificate, it has her mothers name listed but no fathers name listed, so I have one missing grandparent on my tree.

Cant afford to do a DNA test and my mother refuses to do it. I am not going to stress out about it. At least I know where half of my mothers blood comes from - Cornwall back to the 1600s, and also Scotland as well.
Thanks Robynne. Sorry you've had a frustrating time of it. You're absolutely right about not stressing about it. It would be wonderful though... I mean I know there is a small amount of Japanese on my father's side and I'd love to figure out who that is. Plus a minuscule amount of Middle Eastern, north African, and west African (I always thought I was just European. So many questions and so few answers at this point...
My friend/cousin just found out who her bio dad is yesterday after thinking it was someone else for years then finally doing a DNA test. It'll be tough but just keep working at it and something will shake loose. :)

I started laughing, Susie, when I read your opening line "Greetings fellow shoots and leaves!"  It reminded me of a very funny grammar book I read a few years ago - "Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation.  Thanks for that reminder.

Thanks Charlotte. That's encouraging.

Haha Star, that book was my inspiration! :p
Susie,  Wow!  I hope you find lots of matches to folks here on WikiTree.

 I hope you match me!!!   When you get your results definitely upload them to GedMatch.com.  If you need help with that, post a question here to G2G ... actually there are probably several past threads that deal with that.  

Good luck in your search and miracles happen everyday!  You are not allowed only one in a lifetime!   Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way!
Thanks Laura, I really needed to be reminded of that. I'd love to be related to you too! I have uploaded both my Ancestry and 23&Me results to GEDmatch and they should be linked on here too. I'm still waiting for FTDNA....

In other news I've been working on my cousin-law's tree here in the UK. She knew nothing about her paternal grandfather. So far I've found his name, marriage record, death record, war service record (he was a doctor), and a massive hint that he was born in Amritsar, Punjab India!

So the biggest piece of news I've found out today is that all Anglo-Indian records are stored at the British Library (with only a few online) so I've written to them to see what they can find and to make an appointment to visit. I'm SO excited! (What a nerd)... :-)
Good luck with your research.  My profile is Pennie-22  I have 25% Scottish ancestry by my paper tree and on FTDNA's family finder 57% from the British Isles.  My gedmatch ID is on my profile.  If you want to see if there is a match!
Sadly no shared segments. :-(
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Well I have done my weekly chat with my mother in NZ. The weather has been much better down there this week.

What did I do this week - lets see, I connected up Rebecca Gibney who is a well known actress down under. Finally got Charles Dance connected up as well.

Today I also was able to get Sir Peter Blake connected. I am surprised that noone has done him before.


Added a few more names to my own family, but I have heaps more to do.

I have also started up the Kiwi team for challenges and Thons so if any KIWI reads this and wants to join a challenge team - please sign up at this thread - or send me a private message


We will be concentrating on mostly Kiwi profiles - both famous, infamous and in-between.

Thinks thats all my news for this week.

answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (479k points)
Fine and sunny here in Motueka, Robynne. I'm going to go for a walk to see if a team name suggests itself.
Great work connecting, Robynne!
Welcome everyone to this weekend chat.
+18 votes

News from our WikiTree Greeters' Project: 


Do you like to​ make people feel comfortable and welcomed?? If you do, WE WANT YOU!!  We need "greeters" who are friendly, who don't mind answering questions,​and​ who understand how WikiTree operates.  In other words:someone who can encourage new members to enjoy their new experience,​ on a site where collaboration is the key to success.

How long do you have to volunteer for? If you can give​ 1​ or 2 hours a week,​ that would be a big help, and you're welcome to do more if you're inclined to do so. We are open 24/7 so there are a lot of  possibilities to fit you right in our schedule. To see if you qualify please go to our project page which is at: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Greeters

Also you can check out this g2g question as well: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/267090

Please give this opportunity some consideration because WE NEED YOU!!!   

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Yes we need Greeters! :) It's a very rewarding job! :)
I was a Greeter for a while. It is not a very hard job.
I love being a greeter. You get to meet loads of new people and hear some fascinating stories. Plus the team is awesome. :-)
I have joined. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat and even the newbies to the chat.

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