Will a PPP manager add Elvira Lansing Womack's parents to her profile

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Elvira (Lansing) Womack is a project protected profile and her biography lists her parents as Mary Alton [Alton-3] and George Lansing [Lansng-360], but they are not actually linked to her profile.  When and if appropriate, could a PPP manager add them as her parents.

I've not checked her parents' sources to deem if they are suitably sourced, so I don't know if the sources listed contain primary sources or not.
WikiTree profile: Elvira Womack
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The sources are squiffy. only rootsweb and ancestry dot com trees.

I can edit but we really should have better sources first.

I'd like better sources, but I'm neither the profile manager nor the PPP group looking after the profile.


Prof. David
I've been searching for a couple hours and can find no proof anywhere about her parents. I think this is another case of "cloned" work.

The rootsweb link is dead and the ancestry tree link goes to an ancestry tree sourced with other ancestry tree citations.

http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~markie/w4.htm-- lists as a reference The Womack & Allied Families by Thomas pub. 1932, p.154 plus two other references for the following comment--

"Note: There is a Womack family in Massachusetts whose ancestry has not been connected with the William Womack family of Henrico Co., Va. There was a Henry Womack and wife Pheobe Rondall of Massachusetts who had a son George b 9 Apr 1653 Accomac Co., Va. m Elvira Lansing b 1656 Middlesex Co., Ma. d/o George Lansing and Mary Afton. The children of George and Elvira (Lansing) Womack were all born Accomack Co., Va.: Daniel b 1678 m Sarah Listen; Jerry b 1680 m Emily Payson; Martha b 1681 m George Todd; Mary b 1682 m William Lerner; Henry b 1684 m Sarah Scranton, David b 1686 m Mary Thomas; Phoebe b 1687 m John Creighton; John b 1689 m Eleanor Huntley. The children of David and Mary (Thomas) Womack were: Nicholas b 1710 m Phoebe Nerbe; Tilley b 1712 m Jonathan Upsall and Eliza Ann b 1715 m James Pitkin."

This suggests further research as the current Elvira (Lansing) Womack profile lists her birth in Virginia in 1655 which if the book is correct, her birthplace is wrong. 

If the book is not online, can someone find it in a library and double check the information.


Further compounding the problem : 17th century emigration from Massachusetts to Virginia is very rare. Not impossible but rare enough to at least question claims of 17th century Massachusetts-born/settled individuals ending up in Virginia.
One of the references on that web page is Early Settlers of Massachusetts by Stull. I could find no such book. Anyone else find it ?
David, not being PM or actively engaged in the project does not exclude anyone else from researching or contributing to a profile. PPP designation requests that major changes not be made without discussion. Finding and adding sources can be done by anyone interested in the profile.
And... I find no record of the existence of this Womack and Allied Families book.... curiouser and curiouser...

I'm not interested in adding incorrect information, but the references seem to point to the fact that something might be wrong with the information already posted on Elvira's profile.
Definitely! I also just searched for both  Elvira Lansing and George Womack on americanancestors.org and familysearch.org with no results.

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This is a fake Womack genealogy, of Henry Womack of Accomack Co, VA and his descendants.  The sources cited don't exist.  

  • The Womack & Allied Families by Thomas pub. 1932, p. 154
  • Early Settlers of Mass. by Stull pp19-33 
  • Vital Records of Massachusetts by Stiles Vol 3 through 9 

Checked Library of Congress website, familysearch.org catalog, and worldcat.org.  

Supposedly Henry Womack (born circa 1652) and wife Phoebe Rondall or Randall had many sons and grandsons in Accomack, which has extant deed and will records back to the mid-1600s, but no Womack appears in the deed or will indexes.  Furthermore, no Womack appears in the 1704 Quit Rents of Accomack, which lists all land owners, nor do any of these Womacks appear in VA Land Patents.  Also, the 1704 list for Accomack does not have the surnames of the families these Womack supposedly married into - Lansing, Lerner, Scranton, Creighton, etc.

This genealogy is too perfect, with complete dates for almost everyone born in the 1600s and 1700s, and all maiden names of wives known.  It also has these Womacks moving into Augusta Co, VA long before that county was formed, and before there were white settlers there.

The only known Womack family in Virginia was the one that started in Henrico County (the part which became Chesterfield Co in 1749) in the 1670s and spread from there to counties of Prince George, Goochland, Isle of Wight, Amelia, Prince Edward, Lunenburg, Halifax, etc.  See ( http://womackgen.com/ ).  

Furthermore, yearly tax lists of all VA counties started circa 1782, and are complete for most counties from 1787 on, and the only Womacks that appear are the descendants of the Henrico family.

Personally, I have focused on Womack research for about 15 years and looked at several hundred Virginia genealogy books, including for counties where I am pretty sure my Womacks never were, because sometimes you find a surprise.  I always look at the index for Womack.  I have never seen any of these Accomack Womacks ever.  

The whole point of the Henry Womack of Accomack genealogy appears to be to explain some members of the Weaver family who were in Pendleton Co, 96 District, SC in the late 1700s, and who were supposedly brothers, allegedly sons of Thomas Weaver and Eleanor Womack.

Again, this is a fake genealogy, see https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Fraudulent_Genealogies

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