Can someone create a sub-category of Slavery in the African-American History category please?

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There was a small discussion on here about creating a category for Slavery in the U.S.  (It would be helfpul for those tracking their family members if they have an idea of what families had slaves and is one of the ways they would have to track their own familiy)  Could a sub-category be created please?  

My family had slaves and I would like to be able to help those who would not know what families their members would have been a part of.  Thanks!

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Hey Betty, I looked at the help  bit and I am not comfortable creating a sub category either.  I have yet to do a category, yeah I know, still getting my feet wet on a lot of Wikitre stuff.  I am puting my GGgrandfather's profile ID here so they don't have to find a slave owner, he had about 20.  Why don't you put several of yours here so they have more to work with and won't have to search for one.  Winfield Scott Rainey , "Rainey-214"  Thanks for getting this going. Jeff
Jeff, ashamed to admit this, didn't know I could do it.  I thought a person of  "authority" had to.  LOL   Well, I learn something new here everyday.  

I am going to put some in there myself. I work at night, just woke up to get ready for work. In the am, when I get home from work I will start putting some in there.   :)

I have on my family tree a person I added as the son of my g-g-g-g grandfather, William Wortham "Buck" Hamblett.  His name was Ed. his mother was a slave named Ann.......his father was William Wortham Buck Hamblett.
Information on Ed is here:
Free space page (work in progress)

and William Wortham Hamblett "buck" profile is here:

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Hi Betty i am not involved with this Category but i created  the Slavery Category for you Terry
by Terry Wright G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
edited by Terry Wright
Thanks Terry, I appreciate it.

Thank you very, very much Terry.  Just learned that I could have. Didn't know I was alllowed to create one myself.  Not that I know how, but I will figure it out in case anything else comes up. :)  Thanks LOTS! :)  laugh

Glad to help Betty and Jeff  like everything on WikiTree once you learn its pretty easy and i think you will master it in no time Betty smiley

Gonna give it my best shot Terry! :)  Thank you.
Terry, so where do I go to learn how to do this, for future reference.  Although I think, Jeff and I think, that maybe we should change the category of Slavery to Slave Owners, so it is a bit clearer on what is in the category.  If you point me the right way I will try to figure it out. :)  Thank so much!

Hi Betty  once you create a category you can not change the name all you will  do is create another category  but because you hadnt added anything to the page yet i deleted what i had added this makes the page disappear ,I added a new category and i renamed it Slave owners in America,all you do to create a Category is go to the main page in this case US History go to edit put in  [[:Category:Slave Owners in America|Slave Owners in America]] save it ,it will be in Red until you click on to the new Category  page and add something to the new page  like  Slave Owners in America and save it ,when you go to the page you dont go to edit you add it on the page as you see it hope you understand all this if not let me know Terry

Also when you create the new page add the different links up the Top of the page like US History ,Africian American History etc this will link it back to the main page hope i havent confused you too much

Hi Betty and Jeff of course change the page to how you want it ,i just added the photo etc  so i could add a title to the category page  Terry
Great, thank you so much, first one worked just fine :)  you are very clear and I appreciate it. Jeff
More than happy to help Jeff
Ok, Jeff and I have sent email to each other about this.  Adding the States, as a sub-category, so if someone has a general idea of the state their family member may have come from it will give them a starting point. Rather than sifting through a bunch of families. (Hoping of course that more and more are added)  

I looked and was totally stumped about making a sub-category.  I tried to peek at some, by editing, could not see them.   Maybe I just don't get it.

If I can, please point me in the right direction.

Hi Betty to make a sub category in our scottish clan all we did was add link at the top of the  category page [[Category:British History]] which adds a link another page have a look at this category page  Terry


Thank you so much Terry, I do appreciate it.  Was feeling pretty dumb while I read all that stuff. LOL  I was squinting hard too, dang it. :)
I can't for the life of me figure out how to add Missouri to the list of states with slave owners  I have two ancestors who were slave owners in Missouri and want to add the state (I can add them easily).  St. Louis was a big hub in selling people prior to the war.
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We have started a sub project of the Southern_Colonies Project, where I am hoping to gather resources for research together to assist researchers in this area.  It is in it's infancy (I think I have Maryland started).  Please see this page, and add any resources that you have/will come across to this page.  We are also looking for a member who has experience in this research area to lead this sub project, so if anyone is interested, please contact myself, [[J-276|Paula J]], or [[Gaulden-7|Mags Gaulden]].

Also see:  *[ G2G Discussion regarding naming conventions for slaves]
by Nae X G2G6 Mach 5 (53.9k points)
Many thanks to Betty, Terry and Jeff for this work.  I plan to join the Southern Colonies project once I have cleaned up the profiles I've added.  I have enslaved ancestors in South Carolina with documentation from a later member of the family.  Thus far I have not been able to substantiate the family document, but this project may help, and I hope to help as far as I can, as well.

Warm wishes,

Shira (Destinie)

January 21. 12015 HE (Holocene/Human Era)
Thank you so much for posting this link.  Very interesting and a good background on NYC.  Much appreciated Phil!
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I am still looking for someone to take over the Slavery sub-project, and have joined the A-A proj. but do not want the Indian slaves to be forgotten (posting a request for volunteers to work on the Tuscarora War and Taino slaves from Puerto Rico now...).
Best, ShiraDestinie
by ShiraDestinie Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (14.6k points)

The slave categories that exist at the moment are organized by geography. They are not divided by the slave's ethnicity or race. For example, see Category:Virginia Slaves.

I you think a category for Native American Slaves is needed, you could create that category and add Category: American Slaves and Category:Native_Americans as parent categories. Individual slaves could also be placed in geographic categories like Virginia Slaves.


I'm new to Wikitree, and still figuring out categories. I wonder if there is a category for the Freedmen of the Five Tribes. I have an ancestor Bedford Shoals (Shoals-10) who was most likely the son of a Chickasaw or Choctow freedman of Indian Territory, Oklahoma or nearby Red River, Texas. I would love to know if anyone else is doing research on the descendants of slaves own by the five tribes
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Hi Betty,

I'm not sure whether this is what you are asking, but we have slavery categories by state, such as Category:North Carolina Slave Owners and they are broken down by county.  Also Category:Virginia Slave Owners, again broken down by county.

Hope this is helpful.  Thanks!

by Cynthia B G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Before creating it I want to make sure It's what you want, I do not believe that it exist yet.  It would be Category:American-Indian Slaves.  It should be under Slavery, United States of America.
Hi Cynthia,

Note that the original post is from 2013. Shira (above) just posted something that is related to this thread.

Is this a request for African American slaves or for Native American slaves categories?

My understanding is that the currently organized categories and sub-projects are arranged as slaves in general, regardless of nationality.  See US Southern Colonies Slavery and also Category: American Slaves.

Thank you for working on this important aspect of our shared tree.

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