Please remove comments about descendants.

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Would a profile manager or Leader please delete the comments on this profile that mention a Wikitreer's relationship to the profiled person. This has been discussed elsewhere on g2g and is discouraged. (

Leaving such comments on the profile encourages others to do the same.

Thank you.
WikiTree profile: Thomasine Frost
in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (784k points)
Hi Jillaine,

I went to do as you asked but I don't see any reference to a personal relationship in the biography section, only in the public comments.

Maybe someone already "fixed" it or maybe I'm missing it.

Happy to help if instructed :)

- Keith
I meant the comments.

Oh, dear -- please remove those profile comments! This woman has many thousands of living descendants. We don't need for all of us descendants to start adding notes to her profile. (She's my 11th great grandmother -- and due to endogamy she appears several times in my ancestral tree, but you don't want me posting that on her profile. Let's reserve the profile message boards for useful communications.)

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Good morning,

Notes about personal relationships to an individual should not be present in the text section of a profile (biography, sources, acknowledgements, etc).

Public comments are invited and encouraged including mentions of relationships to the individual.  These should not be removed.

Have a super day!


source: Whitten-1


by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (606k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
So this instruction is contrary to what has been discussed elsewhere on g2g, where it was concluded that it is more appropriate to list relationships on one's own profile.

If everyone commented on their relatedness on the ancestor's profile, we'd have hundreds of such comments. Horrible clutter that would also move off far more appropriate comments of a genealogical nature--comments that should stay on the profile.

This is horribly disappointing news.
Keith please encourage Chris to read:

where a number of people express why this is such a bad idea.
Hi Jillaine,

I saw that... it all makes sense and I know where everyone is coming from.

At the same time people were discussing it here, the Leaders had a parallel discussion in the google-group.  As soon as I saw your post this morning I dug up the most informative of the emails and asked if I could share it with you.  I'm sure he'll say yes then I'll forward it.  If not, then I'll give a brief summary.

There are good reasons :)

We should probably make a post that generally explains it and sheds light on the benefits.  I'll start a draft but wait until seeing how it all pans out.
I agree with Jillaine that this is disappointing news.  I  agree with Jack's opinion in that previous discussion.

I'm even more disappointed that the subject which was obviously of interest/concern to a number of people  was discussed by leaders but any outcomes or decision  were not made public at the time.
Hi Helen,

The Leaders discuss things and bounce ideas off of each other every day just like the Rangers, Mentors, and other Projects here do.  In the same way as everyone else, those people that have public comments to share can do so here in G2G.

It was relatively recently.  It takes a little time to come to a consensus and to turn a ship.

No decisions were made.  People share their opinions.  I do not speak for Chris but I did share the condensed version of what I understood him as saying.  I will make sure not to refer to him or anyone else by name in the future to avoid issues.

I dislike seeing you two unhappy... that would never be anyone's intention.

I will write something highlighting some of the benefits of the aforementioned public messages, and separately I'll affix my personal opinion on it (which is a separate issue).

And of course, no matter what way it goes, the great thing is that we all view it in a positive way, make the best of it, and continue spreading WikiTree-Love :)
This is an interesting discussion.  As a relative newb to Wikitree I'm not sure I have much of a dog in this fight, but I can really see it both ways.  Comments saying "I am related to this person" can help Wikitree family members connect with each other.  On the other hand, if the person is fairly far back, lots of those kind of comments could get in the way of more "regular" genealogical types of discussions from people who are trying to do sourcing type of work.

Maybe there needs to be a way to tag and sort comments?  Or maybe there needs to be the wiki equivalent of a "Talk" page for genealogical discussion?
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While we're there, the bio gives a choice of two baptisms, but the boxes use the date from one and the place from the other.  Which one matches the parents?
by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)
Just a 'minor' point can Fenland District be removed from present birth location (district councils came into existence in the 1970s)

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