Roelofs-79 was merged into Jonas-70. Some info disappeared !

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It was told to me in my earliers question that all data can be choosen en no data will be removed after a merge, but that isn't true!

It is impossible to choose for parts of one of the firstnames/surnames/address and parts of the other firstname/surname/address. These will be removed and then you have to do manually an edit to correct the wrong result of the merge, or do I see this wrong?

Unfortunately often a merger isn't correcting afterwards.

Does WikiTree has a undo tool to undo a wrong merge?
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If you merged Jonas into Roelofs the the new profile would have Roelofs as name. After initiating the merge you get a view of the 3 profiles and can pick which of the old datas will be in the new one, it is important to check it before completing the merge. If the data in the old profiles is incorrect before the merge it will be incorrect after the merge.

Just as a side point, wouldn't Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland be the correct location?

Yes and no; yes because it is usual on USA-English sites to mention the countries in English; no, because it is principially better to mention all data in the language of the concerning country. This is not a multilangual site, nor split databases for different languages as and not a site where automatically the IP address transforms the texts in the language of the country of the Ip-address.I don't know yet how the name giving conventions for geographic places are on WikiTree, I'm a new user, but within a short time I'll be familiair with the usage here!
This may already be clear from the link that Cathy posted, but just to reiterate: we use native languages on WikiTree. While the site itself is in English, we strive to be as international as possible. A big part of that is using the native language for place names, including categories.
Thanks you ! yes, it was clear indeed. That was one of the many problems with, where also the native languages must be used, but unfortunately is the site connected with Google earth, what caused that all native language input automatically was coverted to English. At first we used to change all afterwarrds but that was stupid working for us, Google continued changing that to the defaults.

I'm happy that those defaults not exists here, however also here are unpleasant defaults as the married names for women, what is very annoying for Dutch and most European genealogists!
I have already complained about the current last name for wives default, more important perhaps is the last name prefix, de , van etc. placing these in the last name field means half of nederlandse profiles get sorted alphabetically under d or v. I have suggested this as a seperate field that is not used when alphabetically sorting.
Thanks for your answer, you're right, also that should be changed. Isn't here anywhere a place for tickets with requests for software improvements or a special project or a special G2G discussion?
Post it here in G2G / Wikitree Tech with tag 'improvements' if it get upvoted enough it might get noticed and might get on to the todo list.

Of course the majority of users  do not know that wives last name change on marriages only happens in a minoirity of countries and think that last name prefixes are obsolete,  uncommon, and best handled by ignoring them or adding them to the last name as  happened with many US immigrants. So they will not bother to vote up the suggestions.
You are educating us and I for one want to understand what would make this a better place for all.  Please create a post!
Oh Rhian, I'd upvote a recommendation to change the way women's names are displayed. It was possibly the very first thing that annoyed me here and almost caused me to leave.

Two separate issues are being discussed here: how names are displayed when the LNAB is different from the current last name is one of the issues. The other is that when you add a spouse to a man's profile, by default the current last name is filled in as his last name. It's easy to change this when creating the profile, of course, though the default does show a cultural bias. I'd be in favour of changing this so that field is not automatically filled in.
Like like like!!!!
yes, indeed I do like that also very much

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Unfortunately you cannot undo a merge. That is why it is important to review both profiles before completeing the merge. Alarm bells should go off if someone proposes a merge between two very different surnames (Roleofs and Jonas). The managers of those profiles should reject such a merge if if is incorrect. WikiTree is an active genealogy community and managers who are  inactive or slow to act are not doing their managed profiles or the greater community any favours by ignoring emails and notifications pertaining to profiles.

Regarding your second point about edits. Once again it falls on the managers to correct/edit all the fields along with the biography, sources, etc. Perhaps some day there will be a "spell check" for things like locations but it is not yet an option.  All we can do is make sure the information we each manage is correct and sourced and if some of our profiles are merged then we should be deligent and review the completed merge for errors.
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I agree that the best way is to make corrections before the merge, but sometimes that's impossible because you're not a manager and not on the trusted list! I make corrections afterwards, but I noticed that the majority of users doesn't do anything after they did a merge!
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When you are requesting merges of profiles for which you have no editing rights and have to rely on the profile managers to do the right thing, I find it helpful to include clear instructions in the "explanation" box.  This would be particularly important when fixing a LNAB through a merge as it sounds like you were trying to do here.  

The lowest numbered rule refers to a given surname and spelling.  It does not apply when changing the LNAB except that the new LNAB should be the lowest number for that person.  Ie be sure to find the LNAB for the person with the desired correct surname and merge into THAT one.  

The reasons for not editing immediately after a merge are varied and might also include:

  • There are more merges to do and the person is waiting for all merges to be done.  
  • The person who completed the merge technically expects the requester to do the clean up -- rightly or wrongly.  
  • The merger nods off after completing her 33rd merge of the evening.  :-)
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (782k points)
Ask to be added to the trusted list as a manager.  My understanding is that only a manager of a profile may edit the LNAB.
(And if the profile is project-protected, only a supervisor may change the LNAB.)

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