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The Weekend Chat is for everyone. It's a place to catch up on what people are up to, and to share what you've been doing.  New members can say hello, introduce themselves, ask questions, and meet each other.  Our seasoned members can share progress or successes from their projects, give tips and advice, or chime in on hot topics.

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Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

Enjoy yourself and spread good will :)


asked in The Tree House by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Hi Elaine

Welcome to weekend Chat
Welcome Elaine to WikiTree and the Weekend Chat.
Hi Elaine, welcome to the weekend chat and to WikiTree also

Hello all, I literally just joined yesterday. I hail from Baltimore, MD and have been pretty absorbed with my genealogical research. I have nearly 150 years of family photographs handed down to me and I have been spending my weekend going through them and one by one adding them here.

My primary research is of the Dorchester County Brannocks in Maryland.

I have attached a picture of my 2nd Great Grandparents (First row seated) and my Great Grandfather (2nd row, 2nd from the left) along with his four brothers and sisters. - Dorchester County Brannocks

Thanks all!

- Terry

Welcome to wikkitree Charles and weekend chat, glad to have you with us.Your photo of your great grandfather with his family are really amazing

Thank you for sharing it
Welcome Charles! And I see you're in the Baltimore Area too! I'm over in Anne Arundel County.
Welcome to WikiTree Charles.  I am so envious of the photo collection you inherited!  That's a lot of photos to go through.  It's nice to see all the photos you have already added to your profiles. Is everyone in the pictures identified, and do you have locations and dates on them?  If not, you may want to show them to some older relatives to see if you can get more information.  Sometimes collateral relatives can help with this. Thanks for joining us on this weekend chat.
Thank you very much! All of the pictures I have have been identified and dated including the ones I have yet to post. Before she past my grandmother sat down and went through the majority of them with me.

To make it easier I only add the portraits once I listed that ancestor on the wikitree I am building. Really appreciate the warm welcome!
Thanks for the welcome John and Susan!
Charles welcome to the weekend chat and WikiTree also.

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Welcome to the weekend WikiTree. Are you ready?

answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
Love it Doug!
Great tune!
I just realized the ad for grammercy (better writing) was not the feature... it was the drummer...   duh....  I really need to get a life.....
Laura, I had that kind of life too. Didn't we all at some point? The music changes but the spirit's similar or the same. Pop music in particular is escapist, but in this case, I prefer to be otherwhere, like replying to your response to tell you that You've done JUST FINE!!!
Ready, set and go!!
Yes Ready and set and ready to go.
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WikiTree’s Own Special Force!

A Project for members who are interested in helping to prevent forest fires created by technology glitches or outside attacks.


Leaders: Eowyn Langholf, Summer Orman

This Puzzle is a fill in the blank then decode it for a secret message about the Rangers!

Clues:  1.  What an umpire calls (4 letters): 

              2.  What hackers make (2 words 5 letters and 7 letters):

             3.   Texas special law enforcement unit (7 letters):   

              4.  What someone has, who looks after things (3 words  1 letter, 8 letters, 3 letters)

             5.   Taking care of (7 letters):

             6.   Stealing (5 letters):

             7.  Personal settings on WikiTree (7 letters)

             8.  3 words that describe people who perform a secret and important function.. the words  have  the initials S. F. O.  7/6/ 10 letters:

             9.  Protectors (9 letters):

           10.  Naughty Morse (2 words 3 letters / 4 letters):

           11.  People who steal cyber info (7 letters):

            12.  Offense is the best (7 letters):

            13.  Graffiti (9 letters): 

            14.  Computer Industry Category (10 letters)

            15.  Beginning (5 letters) and end (4 letters)     

The (Word #3) are WikiTree’s (Words #8 ) who keep (Words #4) out for (Word #11), data (Word #6), data (Word #13), and (Word #14) issues.  They keep our trees (Word #1).  (Word #3) are our (Words #15) line of (Word #12).  They are unknown (brave people) who work behind the scenes seeking out (Words #10), (Word #2), and act as (Word #9) of our data and (Word #7).  Thank You (Word #3) for (Word #5) our trees!


PDF AND DOCX LOCATED AT https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqo8mt2eobujwgd/AAAzB3IGNHqNKXBfdE985NBZa?dl=0

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (459k points)
Thanks Laura
Some easier, some trickier... I like it!
I try to design so it is not too easy but no so hard no one can do it...

Do you have trivia nights where you live?  They are a big fund raiser here.  10 rounds of 10 questions.  I always like the ones where any team can win up to the very end.  Each group of 10 should have 2 or 3 harder ones and at the end there should be a couple of really hard ones...just to keep it interesting.
People that has my syndrome which is Prader-Willi syndrome likes puzzles the harder the better for our minds. I was born with this syndrome. Everyone that  does the puzzles thanks a lot I like them. Also everyone welcome to the chat.
Greta puzzle Laura, thank you.

The answer is in the Answer folder on dropbox at the link 


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You might be a WikiTreer if... 

answered by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (595k points)
Is this a poem you started Keith it is neat whatever is. Also you so interesting in this website and finding all you relatives that you can before you die. Also welcome to the chat everyone. So about repeating myself. Also repeating yourself also.
You might be a WikiTreer if you start growing limbs and branches.
You're so happy to read all those comments and discover you're not abnormal, just a WikiTreer ;-)
If you correct Uncle Hoss at the dinner table on the demise of the 1890 US Census after he suggests you try looking up a document from that year, you might be a Wikitreer.    :-)


Awesome! Now why didn't I think of that one? You guys are fantastic.

If you have to set a timer to remind yourself to get up and stretch your legs every hour or so.... you just might be a WikiTreer.
Keith, we need a new emoji or something of a person laughing to hard and rolling around on the ground.
I'll work on it John, I agree.

Good one Lynn!
It was easy.  Said timer is right in front of me. ;-)
... you can't finish a line for all the detours along the way.
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Did you know that today, Friday August 4th is "NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE" DAY ??


For the same reason, we thank Ruth Graves Wakefield for chocolate chips, we also celebrate her name on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.  For if it weren’t for her curiosity and invention, we wouldn’t hover around ovens savoring the moment the timer dings.  If she had never wondered what chunks of chocolate would taste like mixed into a sugar cookie dough, we would know the ecstasy that is a warm chocolate chip cookie melting on our tongue, our eyes closing in heavenly satisfaction and perfect smiles crowning our faces.  No, if it weren’t for Ruth Graves Wakefield, entire generations would have been denied the bliss that is a chocolate chip cookie!!! 

Source: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-chocolate-chip-day-august-4/

Ruth's profile on WikiTree: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Graves-4

Ruth's profile on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Graves_Wakefield

Five facts you want to know: https://heavy.com/news/2017/08/national-chocolate-chip-cookie-day-2017-facts-origin-date-free/ 

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Laura and all, --I own some very old spice cans. Some were my mothers, others were mine when I used to take effort to cook. I keep them as mementos and as something of value. But are they?
Your last big writing about Saffron above: it is truly impressive, and I'm so pleased to know someone who is really serious about cooking. Do you have a blog or a website and if you want to you could answer on Berg-1880. My son's a fantastic cook, and He might learn from you too.

Saw this and ran to the store! 

Is the drool running from my keyboard into the internet?

Awesome! BRB!

LoL Anne! :) Think it is! ;)
Roberta I sent you a private message with answers to several things you asked above.  But I am not an antique dealer... so I am not sure about old spice cans.  I would assume it would depend on age, condition, and what it was... I collect glass and crystal myself.  That I have a bit more knowledge about but then I descend on one line from glass and crystal makers (my paternal grandmother's paternal line).  Which her grandfather broke with the glass making and became a candy maker.  In 1875 the tools were pretty much the same...  Both are heat chemistry... swap out sand for sugar...  ribbon glass and ribbon candy are made using the same method just different ingredients.  Taffy is like pully molten glass.  Lollipops are stained glass window pieces...
No I didn't know that thanks for that information I love chocolate chip cookies. Eating and making them also.

We have a warmed Chocolate Chip Chunky Cookie and a cup of ice cream after a lunch of Cob Salad topped with chicken.

I had mini chocolate chip cookies from Krogers my mom bought on the way home from doctors appointment on Thursday and I had big chocolate chip cookie today when we had Buddy's barbque for lunch when my brother came down from Kingsport, TN to see our father since he didn't get to visit him in the hospital two weeks ago when he was in the hospital with pneumonia.
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Demographics of people who are active in Genealogy

 I recently read an article in a genealogical publication that more people 60 over are dabbling in genealogy than all other age groups. 

I also read about the average age of genealogy conference attendees:

http://hidefgen.com/perceived-age-demographic-genealogy/  it says:

  • At conferences the demographic is mostly women (70%) and mostly age 50 and above. This includes various national and regional conferences that I have attended over the past year.
  • When certain topics are discussed in presentations – topics such as social media or facebook – the age bar comes down a bit but not as much as you think!  While the age 55 and above group makes up a small percentage of Facebook users, it is due to concerns over privacy that this group attends sessions about Facebook so they can learn how to use the program safely.
  • When social media is involved at a genealogy event, most of the users and proponents are under the age of 55.
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (459k points)
Enlightening, Laura, and thanks again!! I'm on Facebook, but not Twitter, and not always. (I'm here always.)

I loved the genealogy TV shows at the start, but much preferred the PBS series without all the annoying ads, and with one of my genealogy notables as host. (Can see his face now, but, well, aging I can't pluck his name from air.)

Based on the conferences I have attended over the years, I'd say those demographics are spot on.  I attended my first conference when I was in my early thirties and felt like a youngster.  (Note:  I still feel like a youngster!)

Star, I think we must all feel that way most of the time.

I've not attended a conference, I can't even imagine it.

But YOUNG is always with me. Always.

It's a state of mind, Roberta.

Thanks I think, I'm 63 and have been dabbling for over 35 years.  Not all that many young people were in the genie sections of the libraries in the Dallas area back then. And there was no internet.  

In response to Keith's 20,000 name gedcom.... I've mentioned this before, my eldest brother does statisical analysis in Social Networking. This is not facebook.  They look at entire families and collaterals for several generations (they need us genies to do their grunt work) to see how many times families re-engaged. Thats the official term.  This is important in France and parts of Europe where they have villages that have been togather for centuries.

I told my brother how to set up Legacy and how to download from Familysearch. WELL!!! After several months he still hadn't done it. So I decided last night I'd do it. Quickest way to rebuild my database, which I keep backing up to a flash drive and losing my drives. Or disks or whatever media I have used. 

So, I started the download.... its been running nearly 24 hours. I set it for 20 generations. Including children. Right now it on its on the 16th generation and there are over 16,000 names so far.  I forgot to uncheck preferred parents so I'll have to check for other spouses and children. 

And yes, I will source them but I'm going to stop it at Jamestown. I"m also going to compare the list to what is at WT. 

As you may have read, Legacy software has been sold to MyHeritage. On facebook alot of us are very displeased with the sale. I checked the Jesters at MH and you can't see the trees at all unless you are a member. but I can tell that most are just duplicates from ancestry, where most of the trees there about my family contain fictious persons, with no evidence whatsoever, or misinterpreted evidence. And yes, I have to take responsibility for some of it. 

I asked the peeps at the Legacy page on facebook why hold yourself hostage paying to keep your genie data, when you can't delete afterwards? And of course some don't like the idea of a collaborative tree either. 

Back to the re-engaging... I have an ancestor that I share with a few others here.DeLoach-66  She marries a Bloodworth.  Down the line another Bloodworth m. into my Thornton Line  Lucy Thornton sister of my 2nd ggf (And I just found her on WT unconnected to her parents.) What I really need to do is connect Solomon to Milly somehow!!  And then track the Deloaches down to the guy my gramma Davis almost married. 

then another case I need to investigate is... William N. Jester-38 's family. Wm N's gdau Ada Jester-107 m. James H. Burdeshaw-28 the son of Wm N's half brother(??)  As much as the Wm N people want to put him in the House of Thomas Jester-129 he doesn't fit.  When I got to WT, Wm N was listed as the some of Levi Jester-113, and he is listed on several trees at ancestry.  Other Wm. N Peeps have tried to put him as the son of William Jester-132 because 132 does have a son named William b. about the same time.  Trust me, I have argued against Wm N's placement because it just didn't fit our research. AND once I found Susan's marriage and a 16 Newton in the census, that gave enough pause remove him from the House of Thomas with open minded genealogists. 

But the Burdeshaws and its numerous spellings... and this does call for some more research. Jane Singletary who may or not be in WT yet, I haven't put her in, m. Harmon Burdeshaw.  Jane is a descendant of Jemima Jester-131 Wood. I haven't found out who Harmon belongs to yet.  But Burdyshaw in its numberous spellings isn't that common either.  Since they got m. in 1886. I should be able to find him in 1880. 

the primary question is, since Wm N isn't of hte house of Thomas, then who is he?  Who was in GA at the time of his birth. We can eliminate The house of Thomas. The two brothers who stayed in GA are fairly well documented.  And we know he's not of Levi Jester-372 in Butts County GA, he's fairly well researched also.  But a NC Jester researcher says that Jacob Jester-160 and some of his family went to GA!!  That makes the perfect alternative. Just got to find one who married Susan Jenkins. 


Does this make me a WikiTreer?





Well I certainly fit in the above 55 (way above) age and am in the minority as far as not being female. Thanks for the info Laura, it is very interesting.
Interesting statistics, I guess that I'm in the range. I do hope to attend a conference one day, but that will have to wait until later.
Lynette, that's an ouchy, I got a headache reading your genie (I like that word) dilemma.  Good luck on sorting that out.  And yes, i would say this makes you a WikiTreer of the highest grade.
I concur, Nicole: Lynette is a Wtree-er par excellence! I also got a mind-tangle while reading her understandings about her research. In my mind (I'm not suggesting it for others) if I can't find a simple way in, I mistrust the work I've just done. Births and deaths and census records are "vital" stats, and simple enough to track. When we add marriage records, we must consider some people (many, actuallly) having common names. How do we know with surety that this woman or that man is actually our family member--by location? no--Phoenix has 6 to 9 million people in it, and how many have the same names? Chicago and Detroit, San Fran and L.A. must be worse (greater density of populations). Making a logical inference is no better than a BEST GUESS. So I try to remember that, even when I find that it's all I have. Maybe we should have a way to flag that problem. We all know when we're making a best guess (and we should tell those long term readers that).
Roberta: For myself, I agree in keeping it simple as well, especially since I only have FamilySearch, Ancestry at the Library and occasionally the free weekend searches.  If the names do not have a link of some kind to make sure they are the person I am researching then i will pass it by.  In a sense that is really sad because it leaves the hard work for someone else (like Lynette, sorry Lynette) or they go "forgotten". Information at time of entry is so important (as long as it is correct).

And am I alone on this one?:  In my own work, if I do not have enough info on that ancestor, I will not enter it.
Nicole, how would you like to live in that brain 24/7? Work on a line and remember key pieces of information and recall it? After I wrote that, I found the Burdyshaw and Jesters have yet another marriage and the family is in WT, but not connected. and unsourced.
Don't apologize. Thats what I like to do. You get all the superflurous, I get to  add the final piece.  My whole genie career has been about collaboration. I wrote letters, made phone calls, read microfilm till I was crosseyed.



WT's system tells me I must write more.

Oh well.

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It has been a busy week at my house. ....father-in-law had a knee replacement, mother-in-law in the hospital.  Weather has been great though and my garden is enjoying it! Plenty of hummingbirds, butterflies & bees around.

I'm taking it slow & steady on Wikitree as I prepare for some upcoming surgery.

Have a great weekend!


For those struggling with hot weather, maybe these will cool you off:


answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
These pics are of 3  different water gardens I designed in Williamsburg, VA.
Doug, how are you at redesigning whole back yards? But replace the pond with a swimming pool. It's time for some rehab work. It is showing its age after 35 years.
Tell me Doug are the photo from your garden

Redesigning backyards with pools is a specialty of mine. I'll post some pics later. These are the only ones I can access at the moment:

Awesome! That's absolutely beautiful.
Wow Doug that look amazing tell me is that your home
I hope to see othr pool photosDoug. How could we ever imagine that genealogists had "other" creative lives!! (Giggle: Of course we do.)
Can you do a Caribbean theme? That's what I'm aiming for in my back yard.

Any theme you would like.


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Somebody asked me once what I did in the Army. I was a Broadcaster.  And I will never be that skinny again.

answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
edited by John Susnir
Keith, there is another. When I was flying back and forth the first six months of the year after my father got sick and the passed away, the airline I was using for all this travel had a red wine hybrid. It was a cross between a merlot and a cabernet. Boy was it good. Now I'm searching every wine store in the greater Baltimore area looking for it. I just couldn't get enough of it on all those flights.

Well Bud does have those 3 cool frogs on their side so... that's a great choice too.



Those commercials are legendary.
I've grown fond of a Lindemann's Shiraz or a Cabernet, either one. I'm not sre when I tried to write it, but I think that i've been drinking a Shiraz-Cab combination. One glass of wine each night with dinner only.
Pretty Remarkable, Keith. Especially, "I was a medic, one of the fields where they call E4s "Specialists".  Sometimes Spec-4.  For what the job was it was a fine rank.

The skills I learned from medic training have been quite useful to have.  They were great at continuing education.  You could learn as much as you wanted."

I'm guessing you don't mind being hemmed in by rules and regs, and you thrived on knowing the ropes. Bravo!

I couldn't have done it or liked it. So glad to be born female.
Pretty Remarkable, Keith. Especially this part, your military JOB: "I was a medic, one of the fields where they call E4s "Specialists".  Sometimes Spec-4.  For what the job was it was a fine rank.

The skills I learned from medic training have been quite useful to have.  They were great at continuing education.  You could learn as much as you wanted."

I'm guessing you don't mind being hemmed in by rules and regs, and you thrived on knowing the ropes. Bravo!

I couldn't have done it or liked it. So glad to be born female.
Pretty Remarkable, Keith. (Wikitree thinks I've said this before, but I have not. I hope this message isn't stuck.)

Especially this part, your military JOB: "I was a medic, one of the fields where they call E4s "Specialists".  Sometimes Spec-4.  For what the job was it was a fine rank.

The skills I learned from medic training have been quite useful to have.  They were great at continuing education.  You could learn as much as you wanted."

I'm guessing you don't mind being hemmed in by rules and regs, and you thrived on knowing the ropes. Bravo!

I couldn't have done it or liked it. So glad to be born female.
Our friends and family want to know" but we don't tell 'em. They have their own and we don't pry. It would be hard to get through this life, wouldn't it Laura, without having some tightly-held secrets.

--Well, unless  you're a contemporary Puritan of any nation. That also means Right Wing, like Confucious or well, you name the next tome.

I prefer a cold bottle or glass of Shinner Boc Black but occasionally have a glass of Sweet Texas Red Wine or Mascato. 

Laura!! AMEN and HALLALULAH!!!! And I earned every one of these white hairs!!!
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Greetings Wikitreers!

It has been a very busy last couple days for me here in the Valley in Pennsylvania, This week starting tonight I have the opportunity to be out most of the week at Musikfest in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. (maybe I will post a picture tomorrow night)  Still been plenty warm during the day time here. But I'm still thankful for the weather it will be cold soon and anyone who lives in the North East knows the winters here :)

Wikitree Stuff

The Appreciation Team is now underway. There still opportunities to be a part of this great venture.

The Pennsylvania Project a sub-project of the United States History Project  is looking for Volunteers if you would like to help please leave an answer here

I want to take the Opportunity now to thank John Susnir for hosting the weekend chat this weekend.

I also want to thank Emma MacBeath for helping coordinate the Appreciation Team also all the other people. Julie Fiscus, Summer  Binkley, Abby Glann, Eowyn Langholf for help getting it underway. There was probably more names even if your not listed I appreciate your continued help and support.

Alright Wikitreers I shall bid my adieu for now thanks for all the hard work everyone does. Together we can make wikitree a great success.

answered by Steve Schmidt G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Have a amazing weekend look forward to se your photo
Hey Steve!  Is Bethlehem anywhere near Nazareth?  I have to make a pilgrimage there some day.  Have a great weekend!
About 9 miles
It is going to be even more awesome, Steven with more members :-)
Welcome Steve in 2002 or 2003 when we vacation up in New England in the fall to see the fall colors we visited Bethlehem and saw the Moravian College and I did not realize at that time until just last year or this year that is were Adam Spach which married into the Romingers which the Romingers married into the Leonards which is my mom side of the family because her surname is Leonard. The Romingers moved to Winston Salem, North Carolina.l The fall colors were great when we were up there then.
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My parents both died in 2015,  But today is their wedding anniversary.

One of the things I liked to do was to print out a fun list of things that happened on their anniversary from this site  http://dmarie.com/timecap/

It is fun to see what things cost at different times, Top songs, news, toys.

It is a fun site!  Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad!
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (459k points)
Thanks, Laura for the .dmarie site. I'll try it.

My 78th birthday was July 31, and I've had a TERRIFIC FOUR DAYS of it! Thanks to all (none of whom are genealogists) who participated in the festive.
Happy Birthday Week!   So glad you were born in our time so we could meet you!   Special week!
Laura, your comment above is so special. I am touched. And it is actual, what you say: It's the people born in the rough edged era where we are all still capable of meeting each other.

I'm really grateful for that too! but sometimes it takes another person to figure things our for us. My kudo goes herewith to you!!
Ditto to what everyone said especially Roberta. Welcome to the chat everyone.
Sorry to hear of the passing of both your parents. I know they are together and celebrating their anniversary.
Thanks David,  They went within 2 months of each other.  It was a blessing at the end for both of them.
Happy Birthday, that is the same day as my mother's.
Sorry to hear about your parents. That's a good way to remember them. As for me there is still fireworks on my parents' anniversary, July 4th. It doesn't matter how long they've been gone, they are still missed/remembered. They spent their honeymoon at the Chicago Worlds Fair.
Happy Birthday week!!! I'm going to start pulling a Jack Benny pretty soon.
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I don't believe it's another weekend. image

I've been working on a short line of people (22). I submitted the gedcom Monday and started scanning the contents of my file folder, so I can toss most of it. I save things like birth and death certificates. As of this morning I have one, count them "1," profile cleaned up and it's the one that's all oral tradition. It is pretty though.


answered by Anne B G2G6 Pilot (992k points)

John, about "the read-up" --You were and continue to be correct.

While I've been doing as you said, I now have as many new ones as i had when I started! I've been at this for a few hours.

Maybe I should start at the top and work down a while. Since you were military, perhaps you'd be able to tell me if that's more effective (not efficient, about which I do not care).

In the military we call it fire-for-effect. In computer jargon it is called delete.
I'm thinking of doing that, now you're telling me it's possible (as in in the system).

So you turned out from the military as a computer specialist?
Hi Roberta.

I left the military as broadcaster and went to work for the federal government as an Audio Video Production Specialist, or as I like to call it, "The Director of Global Streaming."  Everything I do is heavily reliant on computers so I got to know computers really well.

Happy Birthday, Roberta!

Also a great happy birthday from from me wish you a wonderful day

Hi Roberta ! 

If you look down a bit when you add a comment, you will see, a little box where it says Email me (e-mailadress) if a comment is added after mine 

In front of it there's this little box you can check or uncheck, just uncheck it and your email is reduced right away ;)

And a very happy Birthday, have fun and enjoy ! Hugs from the Netherlands x


What a joyous card, Bea, and thank you so much. I'm happy just looking at it!!

I'll follow your direction above, too. Thanks!
WOWZA! STAR KLINE!!! --More joy is what you colorful people provide, no kidding!
Roberta,Yes same and ditto to what every one is saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY  and welcome to the weekend chat.
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All this talk about chocolate chip cookies and M & M's and I just realized I haven't eaten lunch yet. Man can not WikiTree on a empty stomach.

answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
I just took a plastic coated paper plate.   Took a handful of shaved Parmesan and dropped that on the plate.  Sprinkled some Italian Seasoning on it.  Popped it into the microwave for 1 minute.  Let it cool for about 1 minute.    Yummy...  It is a crispy almost cookie or cracker like texture and very yummy.  You can use any kind of spice that you like.  I do this with curry, steak seasoning, Italian seasoning, Spanish style seasoning... be creative!
Oh boy that sounds good.
i might've had lunch with you, John, but I didn't see you there.
I'm late to join the party, John, so I hope you finally had lunch.
Hi Every one!

I had 1/2 rack of Honey BBQ ribs, grilled chicken, garlic fresh green beans and mash potato's for a late lunch. The weather is hot and sunny.
Wow!  Hungry were you?
I am still laughing of this remark John you are funny

even the dog are laughing John of your funny remark about hungry where you 


John you gave me a side with the little green men heads well I cand work out how to use them for have done what I do on photo and just copy and past please would you be kind to explain please

Go to the Memes, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:WikiFree_Memes section. I use a MacBook Pro with Safari. I just click on the image once while holding down the control key.  a pop-up menu appears and select copy the image. Then just CTRL-V it in to your answer box.

thank you for your help John 

+16 votes
I miss you all!  I've spent much of the week at the hospital with a good friend so not much happening personally or genealogically.


Tip of the week: When sending private messages, let the person know why they are receiving the message. Change the subject line to add context and aid email search capabilities. When replying, copy the subject from the email and add Re: to the beginning.
answered by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (199k points)
That is brilliant
Great idea!
Hope your friend is okay !  And thank you for the tip.
Thanks for the tip Debi, and best wishes for a speedy recovery for your friend.
Great tip Debi, hope your friend will recover soon
Thanks for the well wishes for my friend, everyone. Things went well and they released him last night. There will be some followup but looks like we caught the issue in time to avoid permanent damage.
That's great news Debi.
that is great news Debi I am so happy for you both
That tip is brilliant and good one, Debi. Welcome to the chat.
Debi, glad to hear your friend is doing better.
+16 votes
The weather took a dip yesterday ... high was in the low 70's!!  It's been 85-95 here for quite some time.  The really funny thing is that I had to put on a sweat shirt to keep warm!!  What?

We're dog sitting this weekend.  Son-in-law is doing his pharmacy school internships this year and, for four weeks, he's about 200+ miles from home.  So, daughter and grand daughter are off to see him this weekend and dogs aren't allowed where they're staying ... what are parents for???

Ran across a 'famous' relative yesterday ... well, at least famous enough to make it on Wikipedia ... lol.  Percy Jewett Burrell (Burrell-1603) an author and orator ... pretty cool when you find such a relative ...
answered by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1m points)
Congratulations on your new-found relative, Bob.
It is always great to find a new relative, Bob. Yes that is what parents and grand parents are for is to help and support their children and grand children. Say Hi to the dog!
Congratulations how wonderful Bob founding new relative you most be so excited
+16 votes

Thank you for hosting this weekend John.

Talking about the weather we had cloudburst yesterday it was horrible, we really have a terrible weather in Denmark at the moment I wonder if we will have any summer.

We walk 7 km every other day and have  25 minutes walk to the beach 

When  you look at the photo you will se a bridge that is the bridge to Sweden.

Well of course it start raining again on our walk we look like two drown mouse when we arrive home, lovely when you have sandals on

Do you have as much rain where you are living?


answered by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I will wave back tomorrow, I'm in Lund :-)
Ok Maria I will wave at 11 have a great evening
Susan, I hope you will have a lovely Saturday!
You too Maria.
Thanks for posting the picture of the bridge, Susan.  What a great way to meet Maria!
Yes Susan thanks for posting the picture of the bridge and the story, Susan. It poured here in Loudon, Tennessee today. It seems that every weekend in Tennessee it rains.
No rain here in Texas USA today but have rain forecast for next week. We can hope for rain. Thank you Susan for joining us in the Integrators Project. The beach looks inviting with or without the rain.
yes Star I did not expect that, Maria totally took me by surprise with her note standing on the other side of the bridge
Ah Linda you have rain too, not very nice

We have sun today will send you some
We also in Loudon, Tennessee it is predicted that we will have rain all week long starting on Monday. Also since my dad has vascular demetia. He has good days and bad days and nights also. Last night was a very bad night. My mom didn't get a lot of sleep. My mom is always in pain with arthritis disease and this year was the worst year with it and mom needs to have both shoulders replaced badly but since my dad is like he is she can't have them replaced. So last night she had trouble getting him to go back to bed and hurt her shoulder some pushing him physical back in bed last night.
+14 votes
The weather has cooled off a bit here in Ohio and it is raining.  We are doing a little more shopping than usual because this weekend it is the Ohio Tax Holiday, that means that clothing and a lot of other things that are used for back to school supplies are tax free up to a value of $75. So we will make trips to several stores to take advantage of that. On WikiTree not much has changed I am still adding sources and cleaning up profiles, even adding a few family members to those profiles.  I did order some new software for my computer to check it out and will say more about that in another post after I get it and actually try it.  We had our oldest grandson over helping with yard work this week and he wanted me to bake some rolls and cornbread, well I walked him through the steps and made him do the actual work so that he can start to do these thing himself. This weekend he is going to be spending a couple more days with us so I got the stuff to bake some bread.  We will see how that works out.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
So you have rain too Dale where you are living.

Well that is a great barking with your shopping hope you have lots of place for all your grosseri Nothing better than a nice barking.

How wonderful your grandson are helping in your garden.

Do you make your own bread you really impress me
I live in Geauga County, Ohio just about 3 miles South East of the city of Chardon. We offered to pay the grandson to help around the yard and he did not want any money but I convinced him to take a small amount. At this time he is keeping his earnings in a lock box at my house to save up and buy a computer. He said he plans to add some money that he gets for his birthday to it as well and hopes to buy a computer by Christmas. I make some bread and rolls from scratch but in this case I am going to use store bought dough to make it easier for him. I do not cook often but I do have some dishes that I get requests to make from others. I have to go check out the Skywarn net on my radios because there is a Tornado Warning in a nearby county so we have to be alert at this time.
What a lovely grandson you have how old is he, so you can make food too

I am not shore my husband can find the kitchen ok he make breakfast or he won't get any, I still remember ones I would surprise him and make breakfast, 5 minute later I heard darling I just find the car keys in the refreezer where do you think you have put the milk so that was the end of my kitchen visit  in the morning.

Do you have many tornados where you live sound frightening
The grandson in my answer is going to be 15 in September. My mother made sure that all of her children could survive alone by teaching all of us how to cook at least simple things and do laundry. And as for the tornados, we do not get many but they do happen and this one was not too far away,  Whenever bad weather strikes there is a group of people who have received training from the National Weather Service and we activate to report any severe weather sightings by way of amateur radio and a special phone line known only to members of the group. This aids the Weather reporting and other emergency services. We actually have a training net every other week so that when we need to go into action we know what we are doing.  If it gets really bad we have another group that gets activated, Amateur Radio Emergency Service, that helps provide emergency communications for public services around the world.
Your grandson will soooo appreciate this lesson, and what a wonderful memory making time for the two of you.
Thank you for your contributions to WikiTree, Dale. Wish any one of my grandsons would offer to come over and do the yard work. They are either married or to young or to far away just to drop by and offer to help out.
Welcome everyone to the weekend chat and thanks for  you'll contributions to WikiTree also.
+15 votes

All this talk about food. Here's the question of the day,

"Do you all, like me, nibble on food, eat your dinner, chips, etc., at your computer like me while you work on WikiTree?"

answered by John Susnir G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
Sorry to hear that Keith. But you did remind me of what I have to do around my desk. I got stuff laying all over the place.
That terrible Keith not exactly your day is it, hope your computer survive
Keith, be grateful the coffee didn't land ON the keyboard, that would have been a double ouchy
Keith so your wife like FarmVille

My husband are not interesting in computer I have try to make him interested but no.

He prefer to se things on paper.

Have you ever heard that before

The worst was many years his work gave him a phone with Internet. I have try to show him how the phone is working, and he can't have a and old fashion telephone in his pocket
I know some people who still like paper best.  I am guilty of drawing my family tree out on a board with a pen.  I had the board turned the wrong way for a pedigree tree like I did.  It was a full 4 foot x 8 foot sheet of plywood.  It wasn't really a great display for anyone else to see but it was fascinating to me to see all those names at once.  I still use a notebook when researching genealogy, just to jot down dates, names, id#s, etc.
Keith you just gave me a great idea for my office and research. I have a notebook that I use for jotting down stuff. But, I like to stare at stuff for awhile. I'm going to get a dry erase board for drawing stuff on. sort of connect the dots or lines. Thanks for the insight.

Maybe you could use an all white coffee cup in conjunction with your dry-erase markers... fill it with dates and names all the way to the rim.  Nothing could go wrong with that plan.


I do a lot because I am a true WikiTreer that what a true WikiTreer does. Also I am WikiTree addict like a lot of others even Susan and John.
Susan I know what you mean because today my brother came down to see my dad. I do the same thing and feel the same thing.
Keith, The spill is one reason I keep extra keyboards around. I keep the food and drinks away from the computer but the one in the spare room that the grandkids use is an accident waiting to happen.
+14 votes

The sun is playing hide-n-seek with the clouds. We're supposed to get some rain this weekend.
Finally got a good picture of our new flagpole. It's something we've wanted for a long time.

answered by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (166k points)
Bob, you can have some of our rain here in Baltimore. It was coming down everyday this week like clock work. Saturday and Sunday we are going to get a break from the rain and humidity. Which means yard work and the Honey-to-do-list.

Hi John, can I send my honey do list to you? I think I am still working on the same one when I got married years ago or maybe she just keeps adding to the list.


NO! I'm going to subcontract my out. If I do it I would need two life times to complete it. I wonder what that would look like on WikiTree?

Finally got the (insert string of Navy really blue terms) picture posted. Took 3 edits of the picture. HOOYAH! BTW, Navy flag has been added since the picture was taken.
Looks real good Bob.
Still waiting for some of John's Baltimore rain. Clear skies all day. Used to live in NOVA, so I know about the heat and humidity.
+13 votes
What is the time in your end? It is 22.45 in the evening in Denmark.

Thank you for a lovely evening on weekend chat


Good night
answered by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Almost 1700 hours here. Looks like were 6 hours behind.  I'm on the east coast of America.
It is almost 5 pm in the evening in VT.

Have a nice sleep :)
It's daylight saving time here in Colorado, as in most places in the US, so, we're at GMT-6 ... will be GMT-7 when we go back to regular time.
5:10 PM EDT or 9:10 GMT PM.
7:24 PM (or 19:24) EDT, Ontario Canada
11:24 PM CST here in Texas.
10:58 AM here in Colombo, Sri Lanka, it is a 1/2 hour different from the other time zone around it. Kinda tough to explain, so right now is is 12:28 AM in Texas.
Thank you for your reply about your time in your country

Thank give me and idea of your time

And why not many of you are on wikkitree at 8 my time in the morning
Currently 2058 CDT (US Central Daylight Time), and it is dark, but we do have a really nice moon tonight.
Susan, you live in Denmark and you are at least 5 to 8 hour ahead of  North America. When you get up at 8 am, the east coast is roughly 3 AM and still sleeping and the the west coast is 3 hours earlier again which means for then it is midnight and most people are either in bed or getting ready to go to bed.

Now if you were commenting about 8 PM in Denmark, then we in North America would be very busy all over Wikitree because then it would be 3 pm in the afternoon on the east coast and noon on the west coast.
+14 votes
Hello, fellow Treers!  I've been enjoying the rain and cooler weather and 'moderate' fire danger, along with the Stout I bottled up a couple of weeks ago.  Last weekend, I brewed a batch of Porter, that will be ready in two or three weeks.

Slow week for me, tree-wise.  I seem to have run out of shiny objects to distract me from porting more peeps from their former platform.  To help get systematic, I used the color-coding feature in Family Tree Maker to mark profiles already present in WT, profiles I added to WT, etc.  That immediately revealed some gaps left by my until-now scatterbrained approach.  So onward I go!
answered by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (318k points)
Onward and upward Herb. How is the Stout holding up to all of this?
My Stout stock sinks speedily!  Might have to ration it, or risk running out before the Porter is available.
You could always borrow some of Anne's Budwiser.
I'll try to forget you said that.


But think about the frogs?  I do understand where you are coming from thou. 

I just adopted my 5th ggm, Anne Marie (Hebert) Bourg.  My first adoption!

That's great Herb!
Where du you get the green men from can I steal some I love them John
Thank you John how kind of you to share
+14 votes
What an active chat!  I just got home from work, and there were already 19 answers here.  Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.
answered by Star Kline G2G6 Pilot (496k points)

Welcome to the party. 

Glad you made it Star!
Hi Star
I just barely made the first page!
It's party time Star, I was late too so we can catch up together.
I have always been late Star and we all can catch up together I just barely made the first page now since starting about 9:00 p.m. Tennessee time. Welcome everyone to the weekend chat. And we also up to 35 answers to get through as of right now.
Star, I know the feeling. I finally got time to check in a few minutes ago.  I've been working on the Saturday Sourcing Sprint and wasn't doing much sprinting. Took me most of the day to do 2 profiles but now there are NO "A"s in Missouri Unsourced.
Way to go, Pat!  I joined the Sprint late (the story of my weekend!), but at least I got a few in.

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