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I was thinking, and came to the conclusion, that it might be even MORE helpful if Slave owners could be listed in the states they lived in as a Slave owner.  It would be helpful to those researching, rather than having to go through all profiles.  (I am being very optimistic that more people will include their families who were Slave owners).  I THINK I can create the individual states, I am looking at how to do it now, but then I wonder about how to add profiles so they are in the correct state within the categories, before I do anything.  That can be done, right?

Help!  Pretty please. :)

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Good idea Betty but... 2 that I have put in already moved from one state to another should we list it for each state, also should we keep the general one for slave owners and then another for the state.  It should make searching easier..
I think it would be nice if the states were to show up on the same page as the Slave Owner page, so it would all be in one area.  What do you think?
Agreed,  the simler the sesrch the better, not sure how to do that,I'll go look and see what I can find. We might ned help for that.
Someone has already done SC :) and it is on the same page, so we are all set.  I'm going to go back over mine and do just what they did and see if my red categories will correct themselves, sometimes I feel like such a dolt.


Apparently the edit bit has to be done by a supervisor.
I have a few slave-owners and would like to place them in the right catagory.  I'm still a bit new to the whole catagory process.  When I enter my ancestor [[Barndollar-5|Michael Barndollar]] into the catagory for Pennsylvania slave owners ... #1 I do not know how to create a an additional county to Pennsylvania (Bedford), and #2 he doesn't show up on the same general page for Pennsylvania_Slave_Owners when I enter in the catagory on his profile (you'll see someone there by the name of William Patton.)  He does show up on "slave owners of America" and also "Slavery, Pennsylvania".  Can someone help to fix this?  It's way over my head.  Thanks!

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But individual states are already listed.

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@All: Yes, these subcategories have already been in existence. Go to that top-level category and scroll down to see the state categories.

Each state category has further county-level subcategories too.

Use the existing category structure.
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Hi Betty  yes you can here is the link i think this is what you mean Terry

by Terry Wright G2G6 Pilot (184k points)

Thank you very much Terri!!!  I do appreciate it!  :)  cheeky

I think it's a great idea to add slave owners to the states as well.  We should make a standards and styles suggestion for naming these sub categories.  I don't think a dash is needed.  So it should be Category:Slave Owner, Delaware not Slave-owner: Delaware .  Again I ask if I am right on this?  What is the consensus?

 - Mags

I think adding the state would be great M!!  I just don't know how to do that on the page. ;(  I can do it in my profiles so the state is there.  Haven't figured it out on the slave page and I haven't been able to take the time to see how it is done as I should!  

I am very glad you are interested too, thanks for adding your ancestor to the page!  The more there are the more help it might be for a person looking for their ancestors!  At least I hope so. ;)

Some of my ancestors left wills saying what to do with slaves, however I do not remember which they were and I read the wills before I was ever a member of Wikitree.  Right now I have only those on the page that have shown they owned slaves on a census. :(  Who knew!

I have an old friend who traced her roots back to her slave owner ancestor.  Since I know her and others, old and young, from her family I found it incredibly interesting. The picture she found of the old slave owner is an an uncanny resemblence to her dad and uncle. - Mags
It is interesting!!  I would imagine she was very excited!! :)
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Betty,  I added slave owners to one of my ancestors and I also added the state - SC in this case.  Here is the profile: Hunt, Hewlett.  If you go to the slave owners page you will see South Carolina.


by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (550k points)

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