Data Doctors, Middle name field. Does not using Middel Names also create an Error? [closed]

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This is the correction made by a wonderful WikiTree member, working with the error reports. Thank you for removing suffix, and my concern is only with the Middle name field. 

"removed suffix and put note in bio - data error correction, corrected middle name"

I fixed it so no harm done, but would like to know. 

The SA Roots does not use Middel names on profiles and if the middle name field  are marked as No Middel name, Should it not indicate that this could not count as an error?  

If this will still show as error, is there a way we can eliminate it as showing as error please? 


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Lack of a middle name does not generate a db_error.

The problem here is overly confident data doctors.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Thanks Ellen for your quick reply.

Had me worried there, thought I missed a G2G somehow - somewhere  :-)

No harm done -  I will communicate and inform.

Have an awesome day.
This is why I hesitate to amend any middle names, aside from ones in modern US profiles, and even those make me think twice. No problem with taking out parentheses or brackets or extra words, but the name is going to stay just where it is when I act as a data doctor.
Hi Natalie

Yes indeed  -

The work the data doctors do is very important and  I have respect for every one that will try and improve our tree. So thank you for your hard work.

aah just think ....  it all the errors are corrected there will be no misunderstandings anymore :-D

No, lack of a middle name indeed does not generate a "suggestion". 

But on the other hand when trying to enter or import multiple first names (very common in the Netherlands, and I guess also for SA) the system reacts with a yellow level warning (on create) c.q. by splitting into Proper First Name and Middle Name (on import). 

Please note that has nothing to do with the Database Error Project, but is done by the base WikiTree software, See also this G2g-thread


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