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I don't have the confidence to try and fix the error(s) here. Both Pettys are married to the same woman.

Hopefully someone can figure it out.


WikiTree profile: Catherine Petty
in Genealogy Help by Richard Robinson G2G3 (3.0k points)
retagged by Dorothy Barry
There is more to the mess in another [related?] profile for Thomas Petty -- Petty-1214; he is not the son of Thomas Pettus -- Pettus-188. Each of these two men are of different haplogroups in my opinion. They cannot be son and father, since our surname project includes Patty and Petty with I1 Haplogroup. Furthermore, the Pettus-188 states in his profile he has been tested for the R Haplogroup and that is his result. This is from the yDNA test results in our surname project at FTDNA, the source of my information. I do not know the source of the Pettus test results.

Note that Katherine Morris -- Morris-13717 -- as the spouse of Pettus-188 would need to be removed as mother of Petty1214.

I am asking for Help of a more experienced person than I am to assist. Thank you in advance.

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The two Thomases do not seem to be duplicates.  The problem is fixed by Editing profiles to Remove one (or both) Thomases as Catherine's spouse.  If you have convincing evidence that your Petty III is the correct spouse and the other Petty is not, you need to work that out with the other Profile Manager.  Otherwise, just remove Catherine as Petty III's spouse.  Hope that helps.
by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (653k points)
selected by William Foster
It also looks like some of the children may either be duplicates (who need to be merged) and/or fouled up by Catherine's grandson being connected as her second spouse.  Any who are fouled up by the erroneous connection will automatically be corrected when the connection is removed.
I removed Catherine Garton (Garton-4) as part of the solution.
I adopted the Orphaned profile of Catherine Garton (Garton-30). Next, I will remove her as the spouse of Edward Paty (Paty-6); that leaves her as the spouse of Thomas Petty III (Petty-1212).

Finally, I proposed a merge of Petty men both named Thomas. One is Sr. and the other Is the third. Petty-8 and Petty-1212
Hi Sylvia and everyone. I just came back to this profile after several months and it is still a real mess, a pile of unsourced Ancestry indexing has recently been dumped in as if they were sources, all kinds of links to multiple duplicate profiles added, etc. Ancestry trees and the like are now added as sources, etc, etc. I found one of the attached profiles (Petty-1212) orphaned and so adopted it in case it will help clean this up.

Sylvia, could you add me as a PM on this profile? Could I then suggest we either bring it under PPP from an appropriate project or lock the profile except to PMs while it gets cleaned up and re-sourced? This has been a problem profile (and problem Petty trees) for some time so maybe we could start with this profile and eliminate things for which there is no primary or verifiable secondary documentation.


You are now PM

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