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I believe Enoch's last name should be Nation - like his father's. (source http://www.megjohn.info/genealogy/Henry_Nation_Descendants.pdf).  Any objections?

Also, his son, David Nation, was the husband of Carrie Nation - the axe-wielding woman of temperance fame. No "s" in Enoch's father, and -- more importantly -- no "s" in his son.

And this change will affect a lot of profiles.

--David Nations

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The idea that a name can be spelled only one way seems to be a rather modern notion. Our ancestors sometimes spelled their names different ways in the same document!

WikiTree accommodates the variability of naming and name spellings by using the name(s) each person was known by during their lifetime. The Last Name at Birth is supposed to be the name they were born with (ideally the name is determined from an original record -- not from secondary and tertiary sources, such as a genealogy written by a much later descendant). The Current Last Name is the name they had at death (for example, from a gravestone or death record), and other last names they were recorded with go in the Other Last Names field. It's not uncommon here for the profile of a child to have a different last name spelling than the father.

So the fact that this man was related to Carrie Nation has no bearing on the spelling of his last name at WikiTree. And if the earliest record for Enoch is the record of his marriage, can you find that record and determine how his name was spelled?
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First off, let me say that I'm new to Wikitree, and THANK YOU to everybody that is involved with this amazing group project called Wikitree!!!
 With that said, I very strongly agree with Ellen's comment. I have seen records of my wife's family Surname, Winsor, dating back to 840AD. It is amazing to watch the various progressions the Winsor name has taken through all the various different branches of the family  Lineage.
Also keep in mind that the majority  people were illiterate until the last couple of centuries.  The people that could read and write in 1000AD for ecample, were almost all people closely associated with wealthy,  powerful and influential people of their era. So phonetics played a very important role in virtualy everybody's historical Surname. Especially when emigration took place from one country, to another, that spoke different language.
Honestly, accent and dialect differientials from say England to United States still get confused and can quite often cause misspelled words or names... to this day... Or even from one side of a country to another... LOL
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I found this a few years back. It may be helpful.

The Nation / Nations split was After Abraham Nation. Family legend backed up by gravesite and church records and photos (Which i have copies) indicate Rebecca Nations was Cherokee (Moytoy). Unfortunately Their graves were moved from the Alabama site and there is a putt-putt golf where the cemetery was.

Daniel Nelson Nations and Martha Wilkerson are my grt grt grnd parents. Thomas Jefferson Nations was my grt grndpa, Jasper Lee Nations was my grnd pa.

I am just beginning research and would appreciate any info . Also I have a few old pictures and pretty good info on Jasper Lee Nations decendants, If you are interested . WE have a picture of Thomas Jefferson Nations. Would like to trade pictures with you.

My family descends from Daniel Nelson NATIONS, the father of Wyatt Harvey NATIONS in your query. Daniel Nelson NATIONS was born abt 1817 in Alabama, dod unknown but after 1854, married about 1834, maybe in Alabama to Martha WILKERSON, born abt 1821 in Tennessee, South Carolina or Georgia, dod unknown but after 1854.

Known children, 1. Thomas Jefferson NATIONS(our ancestor born Aug. 11, 1835 in Mississippi or Alabama, died May 20, 1921, Van Zandt Co. TX., married May 31, 1865 to Editha C. Vickery Mullins (widow of Jackson Mullins), born Sept 12, 1837, Mississippi, died Dec. 18, 1923, Van Zandt Co. TX 2. Daniel Nations, born abt 1841, Mississippi, 3. Robert Nations b. abt 1843, 4. Sarah Nations, born abt 1845, Mississippi, 5. Mary Nations, born abt 1848, Mississippi, 6. Joseph Nations, born Oct. 1849, 7. Wyatt Harvey Nations, born Sept. 1, 1854 died Aug. 29, 1938 (from your query)

Editha Vickery Mullins Nations' parents were Alfred Gallatin Vickery and Martha Jemima Murphree. Both died in Yalobusha County.

Daniel Nelson Nations' parents are believed to be Joseph W. Nations, abt 1791-abt 1873, and Lucretia Brown, abt 1795-abt 1865. All evidence points to this but have not been able to postively prove it. Both were born in South Carolina or Tennessee. They were in Yalobusha County censuses in 1860 and 1870.

Would like to find documents to prove or disprove Joseph and Lucreta as parents of Daniel Nelson Nations. I also would like more information on their children. I will be happy to share the information I have on these families.

Thanks! PH

I am a decentant of Daniel Nations.

My father was Thomas M. Nations, Jr.

His father was Thomas M. Nations, Sr.

His father was Wyatt H. Nations and his father Daniel Nations.

I would love to have contact with any relatives.

Wyatt Harvey Nations is the brother of Thomas Jefferson Nations, my husbands line.Thomas J. is son of Daniel Nelson Nations

Hi, I am related to Wyatt Harvey Nations. He is my great grandfather. My grandfather, Thomas Nations, Sr. is his son and his son, Thomas Nations, Jr. is my father.

Hi all,

Would like to start a thread to help me unravel the Nations/Robins/Barton/Nelson families.

My interest is Nations/Bartons specifically, but since there is a multitude of people named the same, would welcome comments from anyone who can shed light on the various relationships.

This is what has been passed to me.It is not my research:

Joseph Robins I + Hannah/Anna Pack.


1.) Joseph Robins II + Eleanor Nation (daughter of John Nation I and Frances Parson).

........1.) Joseph Robins III + Alice.

........2.) William Robins + Frances Nation (daughter of John Nation II and Bethia Robins).

........3.) John Robins + Rachel.

........4.) Eleanor Robins + Joseph Nation (son of John Nation II and Bethia Robins).

2.) Charity Robins + Aaron Williams, Sr.

3.) Frances Robins

4.) Jacob Robins

5.) Nathaniel Robins

6.) Rachel Robins

7.) Anna Robins

8.) Bethia (Bethiah) Robins + John Nation II (son of John Nation I and Frances Parson).

........1.) Anna Nation + John Bullar

........2.) Bethia Nation + Joseph M. Robbins

........3.) Frances Nation + Wm. Robins (son of Joseph Robins II and Eleanor Nations).

........4.) Joseph Nation I + Eleanor Robins (daughter of Joseph Robins II and Eleanor Nation.

........5.) John Nation III + Elizabeth Bethia Robins

........6.) Christopher Nation + Elizabeth Swaim.

........7.) Elizabeth Nation + Marmaduke Vickery (son of Hezekiah Vickery and Mercie Holland).

Robins line for Joseph Nation and Eleanor Robins: John Robinson + ? > Thomas Robinson/Robins

+ ? > Daniel Robins + Hope Potter (daughter of William Potter) > Joseph Robins I + Hannah/Anna

Pack > Bethia Robins + John Nation II > Joseph Nation I + Eleanor Robins (daughter of Joseph

Robins I and Hannah/Anna Pack) > Joseph Nation II + Phoebe Nelson.

Nation line for Joseph Nation and Jerretta Vickery: John Nation I + Frances Parson > John Nation

II + Bethia Robins (daughter of Joseph Robins I and Hannah/Anna Pack) > Elizabeth Nations +

Marmaduke Vickery (son of Hezekiah Vickery and Mercie Holland) > Jerretta Vickery + Joseph

Nation (son of Christopher Nation and Elizaeth Swaim) > Joseph Nation + Phoebe Barton.

Joseph Nations + Phoebe Barton:


Bayless Nations

Elizabeth Nations + Williamson Hawkins

Barthona (Bethia) Nations + Joseph Rogers

Delilah Nations + Robert Rogers

Stephen Nations

Daniel Nations + Lydia Barton

As I said, this was passed to me and is not my research.

I found information on Lydia Barton and Daniel Nations. I assume that since Joseph Nations, Phoebe (Barton) Nations, Thomas Barton and Moses Barton were all in Jefferson Co., AL. in the early 1820's, that Daniel Nations was Joseph's and Phoebe's son. Lydia Barton was the daughter of Moses Barton and Frances "Fanny" ? Barton.

Marriage listing for Daniel Nations and Lydia Barton: 2-14-1823 Jefferson Co., AL. ("Early American Marriages: Alabama 1800-1920", by Jordan R. Dodd. Surety: David Murphree. Married by JP). This listing just has Daniel Nations as the groom, not Daniel N. Nations or Daniel Nelson Nations.

Children of Daniel Nations and Lydia Barton (this was sent to me, haven't verified any children except Joseph Nations):

1.) Louisa Nations b. abt. 1825 AL. d. ?

2.) James Nations b. ? d. ? + Nancy J. ?

3.) Martha Nations b. ? d. ? + Abraham Phillips

4.) George Washington Nations b. ? d. ? + Mary Ann Morgan

5.) H. Nations (? on first name).

6.) Joseph Nations b. 8-9-1831 Walker Co., AL. d. 6-9-1931 Walker Co., AL. + Francis E. ? b. 4-27-1828 d. 7-11-1902 Walker Co., AL. (information taken from Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Tombstones, Walker Co., AL.

Lydia Barton/Nations m. Samuel Morrow abt. 1838 in Jefferson Co., AL. which indicates that Daniel Nations had died before then (no indication of divorce found). Lydia and Samuel were on 1850 Walker Co., AL. census (hh #380). Joseph Nations (19 m w farmer AL.) was also in the household.

I think this eliminates Daniel Nations (son of Joseph and Phoebe (Barton) Nations) as having married Martha Wilkerson. I also think that researchers have mixed up Daniel Nations and Daniel Nelson Nations.

Daniel Nelson Nations marr Martha Wilkerson, children are 1. Thomas ca 1838, MS, 2. Daniel Jr, ca 1841, MS, 3. Robert, ca 1843, MS, 4. E. ca 1845, MS. 5. Mary ca 1848, MS. 6. Joseph ca 1849/50, MS. No children for Daniel Nation and Lydia Barton. PAT

2. Joseph Nation (1722-)

Joseph Nation, son of John and Bethiah (Robins) Nation was born around 1722-1735 and was married to Eleanor Robins. They were the parents of these sons and maybe more:

Bayles Nation - listed in the Pendleton District of S. Car. in 1800 census, had one son under 10 and he was under 26. He had one daughter under 10 and his wife was under 26. One adult member of their household was past 45 years of age. They left S. Car. by 1805 and went to Jackson Co. Georgia. In 1819 Bayles was in Jefferson Co., Alabama. About 1821 or 22 Joseph and Bayles acquired land in Walker Co., Alabama. By 1840 they moved to Yolobusha Co., Miss.

Nathan Nations - was married to Tabitha Stevens. Nathan was listed in the 1800 census of the Pendleton District of S. Car. He had one son under 10 and he was between 26 and 45. He had one daughter under 10, and his wife was between 26 and 45. According to Gilbert 0. Nations, Nathan and three of his sons, David, Isaiah and John went to Cape Girardeaie, Missouri, about 1815. His name does not appear in the 1820 census of the Pendleton District. Two of his sons, James and George are said to have remained in S. Car. but apparently did not stay long. By 1840 several Nations were in Yolukusha County, Miss., including James Nations, Joseph, J.Y.' David, Samuel, and Isaac Nations. David and Isaac may have been sons of Nathan Nations, from the Pendleton District of S. Car.

Joseph Nation, Jr. in the 1790 census of the 96 District of S. Car. had two sons under 16, and three daughters. In the 1800 census he was shown as having 3 sons under 10, one 10, but under 16, and he was under 45. He had 3 daughters under 10 and his wife was under 45.

Joseph Nation, Jr. (later Sr.) was born about 1755 probably in N. Car. or S. Car. He married Phoebe Nelson or Barton (not traced), and died after 1840 in Yolabusha Co. Miss. They had the following children:

Joseph W. Nation - married Lucretia Brown

John - married Hannah P -------

Daniel - married Martha Wilkerson

Mary Polly - married William Tankersley

Anna - married Andrew Lockridge

Bithie - married Joseph Rogers

Delily - married Robert Rogers

James - married Hannah Pride

Joseph Nation bought 251 acres of land in the 96 District of S. Car. in Feb. 1786 (S. Car. Archives, Index to deeds, Vol. 9, page 89, deed 6). He left S. Car. by 1805 in company with

Joseph Jr., Bayles, and went to Jackson County, Georgia. About 1821. or 22 Joseph and Bayles acquired land in Walker Co., Alabama. By 1840 they had moved to Yolobusha Co., Miss. The group then included James Nations, Joseph, J.Y., David, Samuel and Isaac Nations.

Another entry - Two men by the name of Joseph Nations but apparently from a different family, were listed in the 96 District of S. Car. in the 1790 Federal census. In one home there was one free white male over 16, also one white male under 16 and two white females, including heads of household. This would seem to indicate one son under 16 and one daughter at home. In the 1800 census report these were both listed as 45 yrs. old.

The other was presumed to be Joseph, Jr.

Appreciate any comments/corrections/critiques.

Jan Lawson.
by Michael Nations G2G Rookie (200 points)

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