I am looking for another Swedish Ancestor Per Musköt born 1780

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Pehr, Per, or Petter Musköt was born in Torsåker, most likely Prästhyattan about 1780.  Mr. Musköt was a soldier, so Musköt  could be his soldier name.  He married Cherstin (Kjerstin or Kierstin?) Ersdotter sometime before their son Anders was born on 11 January 1807.  He went to fight in the Finnish War 1808-1809 but he never returned.  Eventually Cherstin was declared a widow and she remarried in 1818, Anders Hast.  Cherstin's son, Anders Pettersson (or Persson or Pehrsson) did not take his step father's soldier name, instead he was assigned the name Bergqvist.  Anders married Catharina Ersdotter, and they lived in Torsåker mostly in Berg having six sons until Anders retired from the military and the family went to Bagghyttan where they had another son who died in infancy.
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Don't worry about the spellings, they're pretty interchangeable.

Yes, I've seen that - and they've got some ancestors for Kerstin Ersdotter.

On the other hand they have Anders Bergqvist's occupation as överstelöjtnant, just because he was a soldier in överstelöjtnantens kompani. The liutenant-colonel was his commander. So I don't know how far to trust them ;-)

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Musköt was certainly a soldier's name - named for his weapon. Hast (speed) sounds like another typical soldier's name. In this context I guess that Bergqvist also was a soldier's name - although names of this type (a random combination of two nature objects) were also adopted when new industrial workers wanted names.

I'll go look for Per Musköt.
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Well, the only Musköt soldiers in database Soldatregistret were in Västmanlands regemente, Hedemora... which didn't seem to fit until I looked at the household record in Torsåker again, and noticed that Per Musköt came from Hedm. in 1807. I put an image at Anders'es profile.

So maybe Per Musköt was

Släktnamn: Andersson
Antagen: 1805
Avsked: 1809

Aktnummer: VR-02-0030-1805
Regemente: Västmanlands regemente
Rote: Hjulmakarebo
Kompani: FOLKARE

Don't use this before I've checked it.

Not sure if they both came from Hedemora, since they are written in the same box in the household record.

Maybe....Per Mussiöt widow Kierstin Ersdotter, son Anders Pehrson 

  • Gästriklands domsaga (X) BouReg:3 (1710-1852) Image 960 / page 92 (AID: v245629.b960.s92, NAD: SE/HLA/1040018)
    • soldat, Torsåker Prästhyttan 1818 F II:11 116
    • Gästriklands domsaga (X) FII:11 (1820-1820) Image 360 / page 116 (AID: v154664.b360.s116, NAD: SE/HLA/1040018)
  • son Anders born 11 jan 1807
    • Torsåker (X) C:5 (1807-1846) Image 5 (AID: v136994.b5, NAD: SE/HLA/1010208)
    • Prästhyttan nr 7 Torsåker (X) AI:13a (1802-1808) Image 119 / page 113 (AID: v136938.b119.s113, NAD: SE/HLA/1010208)

Big pic Estate and Inventory Gästriklands domsaga (X) FII:11 (1820-1820) Image 360 / page 116 (AID: v154664.b360.s116, NAD: SE/HLA/1040018)

Thanks AGAIN, Eva.  I know Anders Berqvist was one of my ancestors from your earlier help.  Also, I have visited the Ellestad's website and it helped me get as far as Per Muskot and Cherstin Ersdotter, but then I hit another wall.  I hoped that if I could get his birth name I could move forward as well as getting Cherstin's family history.  I realized I have almost gone back as far as records are kept on some family lines, but for instance my English ancestors from my maternal line (mother's mother) and my English past from my father's mother's side) go back all the way to Charlemagne and some other historical figures though I don't know if I truly trust that far back to be accurate.  I did email the Ellestad website and identified myself as a possible relative, and I have discovered that Augusta's older step-sister married a man from Sweden in Minnesota before she moved to Montana, which gives me a bridge in the story of Augusta running away to be with her brother, meaning her brother in law. I deeply regret not asking more questions about my great grandmother when my grandfather was alive to get the story straight.  I am pleased to learn about my ancestor's service as soldiers, my father, my husband and my son have all served in various branches of the military, in fact my son is still serving in the United States Navy.    I have relatives in the Revolutionary Army of the American Revolution and also in the American Civil War as well as both World Wars so it is good to know that military service is a family tradition.  You are so helpful.  I can't begin to thank you enough for all you have done to further my research.  I am doing this for my grandchildren so that they can know their history and where they came from.  I have always been proud of my Swedish heritage since both of my parents were half Swedish and you have helped me so much in my quest to discover Swedish roots and perhaps Swedish relatives.  I may never get to Sweden, although it is still a dream, travel is difficult for me, but I hope one of my grandchildren, if not my son will go there someday.

Thanks, Carla!

This was really intriguing. As said at the question about Cherstin, I finally found Per and made him a profile. I'm quite confident about having found the right person from birth; a little surprised to find him born in Torsåker after groping around in the military records for a guy born in some other parish.

I do think he went MIA in the war (one of the wars) and would love to find more info, but don't know how. I'm only just learning to find my way around in some of the military records. I wonder if Magnus has any ideas about how to fill  in the gap. It seems as if the records may be organized differently in wartime; I've seen that in another area where I was poking around the last few days.

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