Style Question. Where should DNA Information go on a profile?

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When DNA information is added to a biography, where does it belong in the biography?

Is there a guideline already?

Does it belong at the top? Or the bottom?

It recently was added to the following profile. I'm curious and trying to find out where people in general think it belongs etc.
WikiTree profile: Francis Nichols
in Policy and Style by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

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Typically, DNA information would go onto a profile as a source: It's an element of evidence like any other.

I personally don't know of any specific guidelines should someone choose to write about DNA testing in the body of a biography. I mention it in one of mine, I hope contextually.

But I agree with you that the yDNA haplogroup description in Francis Nichols' profile, struggling for a word here...unseemly.

by Edison Williams G2G6 Pilot (259k points)
Edison, Thanks for giving us a good example of where a statement should be placed and how it should read.

On the Francis Nichols profile, the statement is unnecessary. The DNA test information of Ben Nichols, the test taker, is displayed just to the right of it, entered automatically by WikiTree. I would recommend removing it.
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It would be nice if we did have a guideline, but I'm not finding one.

I would like to see a section or sub-section under ==Research Notes==. or at the end of the bio; one like the ==Research Notes== section. (==DNA Connection==)

Considering that on every profile there are two family lines that can apply to DNA (paternal and maternal), often times information is added in the first person. It can relate to individuals that may or may not be in WT. This will let us give brief bulleted explanations with inline sourcing that can be easy to read.

Yesterday I was working with a profile that sourced the DNA evidence over to a 23andMe link that turned out useless for me because I tested with Ancestry and the link just gives me an option to buy a test. I would have liked to have added the DNA evidence I found on Gedmatch and Ancestry, but I didn't know where to add it to the profile and ended up putting it in the comment section.
by Gerrie Bartholomew G2G4 (4.9k points)

The example provided on the page linked in Edison's answer above includes the sample statement to be used and instructs that it be placed at the bottom of the page, underneath the last source citation, using an asterisk to make the statement bulleted.

I agree with you that it should stand out in some way, though, so instead of the bullet I have been using the following:

'''DNA Confirmation'''<br />

That makes a bold title and starts the confirmation statement (from the sample) on the line below it.
The '''DNA Confirmation'''<br /> works, too, Gaile. The profile I was working with yesterday dealt with the maternal line and the bio was addressing the paternal DNA, that's why I was having a difficult time coming up with where to put the evidence I found.

Thanks, I totally missed the bulleted explanation at the bottom of the page, I thought we were looking at the source citation under sources...these old eyes.
psst, Gerrie - I just checked your profile - our eyes are about the same age!  We probably just miss noticing different things<grin>
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A lot of my ancestors have a:

==DNA==    note mentioning for example the AncestryDNA Circle and asks those who may DNA connect with that ancestor to message me about it.
by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (944k points)
Thats my approach too.  I like to include under this sub heading comments relating to possibilities as well as confirmations.  I think more and more as time goes on there will be a need to collaborate via this method.  Its like a 'Research Notes' or 'Disputed Relationships' section.  Separate to the Biography, but required to summarise research to date, or requests to help by testing etc.

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