Bug: Sorry, you can only award one badge per 24-hour period. [closed]

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There appears to be a bug in the logic for the error Sorry, you can only award one badge per 24-hour period.

I was trying to award a badge and then went back in my browser to copy some information before returning to award and then got the error when I clicked award even though I do not believe I have awarded any badges in the last 24 hours.


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asked in WikiTree Tech by William Foster G2G6 Mach 6 (68.7k points)
closed by Julie Ricketts

I don't know much about badges but maybe this one?

02:36: William Foster Jr added the DNA Tested badge for Elmer Hart[Thank William for this | 1 thank-you received]

Hmm, I've added more than one DNA badge in a 24 hour period many times in the past, so I've always assumed that was not part of the 24 hour limit on other badges, but perhaps you are correct, but if so, I think that would be a bug and would need to be fixed as it doesn't follow the spirit of the limitation as I understand it.
I've had this problem before.  It seems more like 48-72 hours before it lets me award another badge sometimes.

William --

You said:

I was trying to award a badge and then went back in my browser to copy some information

Did you user the browser back button to go back?

Yes, I navigated back to a prior page with the back button to gather info on what I was going to write about the badge.  If that is the issue, it should wait until a badge is awarded, not the page visited, before starting the 24 hour waiting period.
Using the back/forward buttons can sometimes cause problems. If you have to do this in the future, try to start fresh. It may have been that the system thought you were trying to resubmit when you came back to the badge page again.
I just tried awarding it again, still same message, only one every 24 hours.
All righty ... I just figured out what the problem is.

The contributions for Elmer Hart do you show that you added a DNA Tested badge for him at 19:36 yesterday:


But since his profile is not an account profile, the badge isn't showing up. If you invite him to join WikiTree by adding his email address to the Edit screen for his profile, the badge will show.

You'll be able to add more badges after 19:36 (EDT) this evening.

Badges are intended to be used on account profiles instead of the profiles we use to document our relatives who aren't WikiTree members.

Hope that helps!
How does one Add the DNA badge to other people's profiles?  I have entered DNA for family members and no DNA badge appears.  When Vincent first mentioned that above, I was confused.
It happens when you add DNA test information. The difference here is that William added a test for someone who is not a member, which is fine as long as William is the manager of the test information.

A "side effect" of this is that adding DNA test information adds a badge to the profile. The badge isn't visible on a non-member profile, and so to William it looked like he hadn't added anything. (And the same for you if you've added tests for non-member relatives.)

By the way, William, I was in "sysop land" while I was talking about that. What I should have pointed out is that if you want to add/change information about the test you added, you can go to the profile menu and click on the DNA link and then DNA tests. There will be a button on that page to edit the information you entered previously.

Again, hope that helps, and I apologize for any confusion. I hamstrung myself today by trying to do too many things at once. :-/
Ah.  All is clear now.  Thank you  :-)

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