children gone to soon

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is there a category for still born or babies that have died within days of birth if  not i might see if i can make one
in The Tree House by Steph Meredith G2G6 Mach 7 (77.8k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
I don't think this is a category we need.
ok no problem thank you

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Stephanie, there are several things you can do to acknowledge infant mortality.  If you have some info, such as a name, a gender, a date, a location, the name of the mother, or an actual birth or death record, you can create a profile for the infant.  I personally think it's appropriate to do that for an infant who lived for at least a short time, if you have some or all of that data, (although I have seen comments in G2G by some who disagree).  When you don't have a name, you can use something like "Unnamed Infant" or "Unnamed Daughter" as a given name.  For a stillbirth, or a case where you don't have enough info to justify a separate profile, you can add a comment in the Bio of the mother's profile.

You may know also that in the U.S. Census records for 1900 and 1910, married women were asked how many children they were the mother of and how many of those children were living.  I have encountered a number of cases where I can find no record of a child that was claimed, and I suspect that a stillbirth or infant death may be the explanation.  In that case I also add a comment to the mother's profile noting the inconsistency.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (368k points)
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thank you dennis

so far i have all you mentioned dennis and added them to my tree the only birth, death i have not been able to find is that of my younger sister based on that and the information i have got from my dad and older brothers this could be the case that my mum did not go full term and delivered her before 24 weeks
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In cases of still born or infant babies, it would be nice to have an unknown gender option to choose from.  In most cases, gender is unknown which leads to a Wikitree error one can only comment on but not correct.
by Meghan Dewhurst- Conroy G2G6 Mach 2 (22.9k points)

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