Dyer Family & DNA Results?

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I adopted "a lot" of the DYER family a year ago and it's not that I'm related to them all!  I hated to see them all sitting there unwanted by anyone.  I am started to clean them up, but it's a very slow process with so many of them.  I have noticed that a number of members have DNA matches with some of the Dryers.  If you would like to adopt them, please let me know I am only related to one or two out of the 176 profiles I adopted!

You ask why did I adopt so many, well some people adopted one spouse and left the other and all the children.  I felt sorry for them as they had been together their entire adult lives and now they were separated.

I would love to find a home for some of them.

asked in The Tree House by Taylor Worthington-Gilchrist G2G6 Mach 7 (70.1k points)
Thanks Taylor.  My mother was Alice Loan Dyer.  I've traced her ancestry back to Mary Dyer who was hung by the Puritans.

I've adopted a lot of Dyers too.

Stanton Bloom
When I first read about Mary Dyer, I wished very much to find a link between her and my Dyers, but if it exists, it is further back than Mary.

My grandmother was Ellen Jane Dyer, b.1893 and she reminded me very much of what I read about Mary Dyer..

Howard Speegle

I appreciate your looking over the Dyer's to see if any are related to you.  The Dyer's have played a significant role in this country's history.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!


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HI, Taylor,

Thank you for adopting some of the Dyer family members.  The Dyer surname is in my profile.  John Dyer, Lucretia John Dyer

I have not searched for these at this site.

answered by Bonnie Haskins G2G Crew (590 points)

I would appreciate your taking a look to see which Dyer's are closely related to John Dyer and Lucretia and consider adopting them from me.  The Dyer family has played a important part in history.

Thanks Taylor
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Thanks, Taylor -- the Dyers are my paternal grandmother's line, going back to Mary & William of Rhode Island... I'm awash in adopted & created profiles but will go back and take another look at Dyers in and close to that direct line, and see if there are others I should adopt.

For those interested in the family, I'll mention that Johan Winsser's long-delayed biography, "Mary and William Dyer: Quaker Light and Puritan Ambition in Early New England" is now out; I'm halfway through it and find it excellent.  I've previously mentioned on G2G Beth Powning's novel about Mary, "A Measure of Light"; for those who favor historical fiction, that is also a very fine work (and Winsser served as an advisor during its creation).
answered by Christopher Childs G2G6 (6.3k points)

I would be so thrilled to find a home for any of the Dyer profiles I have adopted.  I got carried away and had no idea just how many I had adopted until the dust settled!

However, when I look through the profiles up for adoption and I realize that their spouse has been adopted, but not the rest of the family my heart goes out to those in the immediate family not adopted.  I guess I pray that I don't end up on the adopted list while my husband is adopted.  Needless to say, that won't happen as we both have profiles!

My heart goes out to splitting up immediate families!

Thanks Taylor
LOL -- I adopted a couple of my great-grandmother's siblings and was almost immediately diverted into a lengthy (but successful) effort to figure out how two distinct profiles, plus a FindAGrave entry, could show what appeared to be three different children with almost exactly the same birthdate, but no record or indication of triplets or even twins. (They were in fact the same child, shown with two variations of the same name, and the wrong gender assigned on the birth record.)

I'll keep looking for other orphans along my line, but thanks for nudging me into a little extra work that solved a mystery!

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