Native American DNA detected by GEDmatch but not AncestryDNA or FTDNA

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How does AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA not show any Native American DNA for me, when numerous Eurogenes Admixture Utilities shows Native American DNA and the Archaic DNA Utility shows Native American DNA connection to Clovis Anzick – 1 ( Total Shared DNA 20.23%, Compound Segments 9.45% )? How is the Total DNA calculated and what are the Compound Segments? When looking at the Eurogenes Admixture results at Gedmatch how do I get the total DNA for any Population, do I just total up the results for each chromosome in the line for a Population? What is the number of chromosomes that you must have readings in to say you match that Population? 

Thanks for any help.
John Hale

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Thanks for posting this.  I have been wondering about my FTDNA results and how it varies from results I received from GEDmatch and My Heritage.  FTDNA shows I am 98 % European but have <1% South American.  GEDmatch Eurogenes K13 shows I have Amerindian 1.22  and My Heritage has me 96.7 %European with West Asian 2.1 % and Central Asian 1.2 % and no Amerindian or South American.  Why all the different terms?  Are they all the same thing?
All the same thing....  South American ~ Amerindian ~ Central Asian

These all point to the same genetic markers - just different labels for the same finding.  There are no definitive markers for separate tribes or to support tribal membership considerations. Some of the older labels included SE Asia, Korean, etc.
This is disturbing.  FTDNA tested mine and my father's DNA.  I had the tests done to determine if reports of Native ancestry were true.  My update there turned up different results and no Native DNA was found in either test although a Native historian gave me a potential explanation.  I spent enough to have the tests done and now I feel that I have to repeat the process to compare results.

Connie, I recently took the 23nadMe NA test and it shows I have 0,.2% Native American. 23andMe reported that they report Ancestry Composition results as small as 0.1% because their algorithm does a very good job estimating ancestry for each small piece of the genome. You may want to get the 23andMe test.

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Hello John and Connie,

The Ethnicity results you receive from the testing companies are based on who has already tested within their DNA Pool of individuals and how you stack up with those results. As more people test your results may shift and change because the information they draw from is constantly changing.

Also when they are talking about ethnic results they are looking a deep Ancestry. We all came out of Africa then over 100k years or 200k or 30k years our haplogroups mutated and became something different from what they were originally.

So first rule of thumb is that ethnicity results are shifting sands. 

If the indigenous population followed a land bridge or crossed the oceans or skipped along the ice sheets to the American Continent in early times they would have arrived as indigenous peoples from where ever they came from. So some populations in northern Europe, Asia, Russia, Indonesia... (you get the idea) would have some DNA spread to the American continent as well as leaving some DNA behind in the individuals who did not migrate.

This is a very general explanation - check out this 2013 post from Roberta Estes for more - you can also google your question too.


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I can't answer your question directly but I do know that people with strictly German ancestry can show trace Native American DNA in some tests.

I don't know why but there are some blog posts I've found b googling in the past.

Ethnicity from DNA is pretty fraught.
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Thanks for your reply.
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My Native American DNA comes out about the same with AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA. They both break it down differently, however for me it runs right at 27-30% when you add up the several Native American Regions they have.

Although, I do also have a proven paper trail to several of my NA Ancestors & my mtDNA is C1b. So there are still many more to find.
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