my ged com consited of 550 people, which 50 peole do I cut to get it accepted

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I have been using ged com s for the past many years,  I did not  realize Wiki tree had changed to number of people on the program as the first one of mine that was up loaded contained a goo 3000 names .


the last one I up loaded I had to retype each of the  family and make individual ged coms  that was a real pain in the butt  this time I tried to limit myself to just a  few  wit the letter B   I never thought to count the  children and the children's children  who were not part of the original  letter B   .. out of the 500  I compared and match 20 names   and those twenty names   did not all contain as much information as I had  so   as I could not post  who ever  was searching the names  will not get my information

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I personally would start by uploading 10 people or so.  Edit those, then upload more.  But if you want to upload 500 people (which from personal experience, I wouldn't recommend), then I would get rid of the older ones because the older they are, the more likely they are to already be in the tree.
by J. Crook G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
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I have 6876  records on one list and 2679 records on the other     10 at a time  will not work
You definitely don't have to type everything over from scratch.  If the limit is 500 names, then lop off any 50 and go for it.  We'd rather have you here adding your work to the tree than not.  I only recommended uploading 10 to start so you could see the process, since there's a learning curve.  But if you'd rather add all 500 at once, that's up to you.
my records are on an excel spread sheet , I have to enter them  in to a family tree program then create a file    trying to do it at ten names per . leaves a lot of stuff out     ....
If they aren't in GEDCOM format, so much the better.  I'm creating roughly 50 profiles a week for various projects.  I usually start by looking the person up on Find-a-grave or in a death index (not SSDI because they don't give death locations)--anywhere that has birth and death dates. I use Wikitree-X to create the profile from there, which takes a few seconds.  Then I search Familysearch to add sources, sometimes using the RootSearch shortcut that lets me search Ancestry or Family Search right from Wikitree.  If I had a spreadsheet, I'd probably convert it to a Wiki Table, stick it on a free space page, and then work my way through the names.  It doesn't take long to create a profile--the research is what takes awhile.  But if it seems daunting, and if you already have done scads of research, then add as many as you're allowed to by importing your GEDCOM.  No big deal--whatever works best for you.
Hindsight being 20/20 I totally agree that keeping each segment small is a good thing.
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Your gedcom cannot be imported because you have over 500 profiles with no sources. Instead of trying to decide which 50 profiles to cut, could I suggest you add some sources? A major goal of WikiTree is to increase the number and accuracy of sources.
by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (489k points)
unfortunately  the sources do not  seem to follow from Legacy


but most are  Canadian census records or cemetery stone  and  you want me to take the time to type all this also    ,   It took me all week to set the ged com up   ..     there is no way I will spend more time    if  I do not post then  my information remains sitting on my computer   period  


I have being doing  genealogy research since 1981     .... all of it in the Clarenceville Quebec area  on all the related families , not just mine .
Sources not coming over that  is one Hell of big issue I have complained about, and I have thought  about leaving, I am trying to come up with a reason to stay and not use family search over Wiki tree.
The whole reason gedcoms are limited in size is because if people import large numbers of profiles with no sources attached then don't do the follow up work, it leaves a lot of work for other volunteers, adding sources and often having to clean up invalid links and externally generated gobbledygook. I personally have manually created 4,600 profiles and added all the sources to them over 18 months of working on it almost daily and I really enjoyed working this way. This may not be what you want to hear but I'd say if you do not have the inclination to work on all of the profiles individually to fit the Wikitree standard, then that is an indication that you shouldn't be uploading that many.
I wonder why the sources not 'coming over' . Is the software you are using not fully gedcom compliant ? Perhaps the choices you make when creating the gedcom affect the result.

When I imported a small gedcom from my home software (Family Historian),  the formatting wasn't correct  and  certainly needed some working on. I took the opportunity, where possible, to check some of my older research.

The  gedcom certainly included all sources I had put there, under  the labels that I had given them (which meant something to me but  needed tweaking for a public tree) . It also included the repositories I had listed for each source and included  the text from the source ie  what I had entered as the text of index records and my transcriptions from the original source.(again these needed reformatting)

The result certainly needed work on to make it look acceptable, without repetition but it was all there.

 Edit :The  blurb for Legacy suggests that it creates a generic gedcom file which includes sources and notes
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As you have noticed people are really wary of gedcom imports. Try a small import first. I have spent a long long time sorting out the 2500 import I did a few years ago when it was allowed! Import say 50 at the most of the profiles you most want and spend a little time looking to see if its good may be even 20 would be a good test.. The problem is that there are many sources of gedcoms.  Ancestry, My Heritage etc etc etc far to many to mention. All give very different results as each uses gedcoms in a different way it also depends on what you asked for when the gedcom was formed.  If your initial import looks good then go ahead with the rest. Remember every profile you import is on Wikitree forever good or bad if its bad it means work sorting them out. Don't be discouraged Wikitree works very well ;-) Good luck.
by Chris Hoult G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)
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I believe a majority find that it is easier to cut and paste what you have extreme confidence in due to your research may be a better avenue.  Some folks really wish they would not have started with working on a gedcom! Many contain garbled uploading and misplaced sources.
by David Wilson G2G6 Pilot (102k points)
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I hate the ged com Limit for many reasons, Yes I love the idea people need to love to see if it is already on here, and merge dups. good luck
by S Sagers G2G6 Mach 2 (21.8k points)
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Douglas, Adding each profile manually may seem daunting but the form used makes it quite painless and quick. You may also find as most of us have that family members are already on here so the work is already done for you. The fact that your sources will not transfer means that even if you did import everything at once you will have a lot of work adding the sources again and that is what causes a lot to just import and leave because that takes more time and effort than the creation of the profile from scratch.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)

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