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Hi. I know I've only been here a short time but I have a few suggestions for improvement. I love wikitree already. I ran a genealogy website for 10 years called myrootsplace, using TNG Genealogy software. The goal was exactly what this sites goal is, to create a big linked tree. We have over 180k people in our tree that we moved to ancestry.

Anyway one of the biggest features we were missing and the thing that really hurt us was the ability to put yourself into the tree with a profile. I love that about wikitree

However, you need an ahfendel reprort if possible.  (ANSWERED THANKS) 

Also possibly the ability to log in from facebook.

Also I'd like to suggest importing from Ancestry and Find a Grave like you can import from familysearch. Is there a way to do that? Maybe you all can figure out a way for members to import their tree and dna from ancestry? maybe allow a log in and import? that would be an epic boost to the wikitree family. 

Also I forgot to add can the ability to import family members be added as well? It seems like it would be so much easier to "import family of" and check for matches a few at a time than it would be to upload a gedcom

Thanks, Teresa

in WikiTree Tech by Teresa Obst G2G4 (4.3k points)
edited by Teresa Obst
Teresa,   Thanks for your continuing insight into improvements for Wikitree
Wikitree has an Ahnentafel report. If you go to your family tree and scroll down you get a tab called Genealogy Research. The top option there called Ancestor List gives you Ahnentafel numbers on your ancestors.
I didn't know about this feature.  Thanks for pointing it out Lynda :-)
Thanks, I didn't see it :)
Easy to miss it as the title is not intuitive.

>>Also possibly the ability to log in from facebook.

Personally I feel this would not be a good idea. We have to sign the honour code and unless I am mistaken logging in from Facebook would probably do away with that.

Not everyone either is or desires to be on Facebook. 

>> Facebook

You can sign the code also if you have a log in from Facebook.... Facebook login is just a way to make it easier and getting one less password to remember....

@Magnus: I stand corrected Sir!

PS Who remembers passwords? Don't you use a password manager?
I agree about Facebook. I don't connect any accounts with my Facebook log in.  They have enough of my personal information as it is.  

And I use a password manager, David.  It's called a three ring binder I keep on my desk :-)
An excellent solution! It does not go down in a power cut either!

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You have Wikitree X that will help you "connect" FindAgrave Data with WikiTree see Help:WikiTree_X and G2G tag wikitree_x

by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)
selected by Charlotte Shockey
Yeehaw I got it and it WORKS.Very cool. Thanks for the information, newbies don't know all of this!
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That is ok if people voted down my first remark to this comment, but the points and stuff of improvements, is why people might leave, it is not because of me and my foul mouth, it is just the things and features, from ohter sites I have seen.
by S Sagers G2G6 Mach 2 (21.8k points)
Hi, S --

The important thing to remember is that WikiTree is a free site operating on a budget that's only large enough to cover the cost of server space and a small, part-time staff.

We do continue to make improvements as we are able. Some things are not technically feasible because of the structure of the website; others are not feasible because we don't have the manpower to implement them.

When improvements are proposed, we consider them and prioritize them and go from there.

If there's something that you feel is missing, write a G2G post asking about it, and we can either take it under consideration or explain why it's not possible.

Can't wikitree accept donations?
Hi, Teresa --

At this time, that is not an option, but thank you for considering it. :-)

@S_Sagers feels you are hanging around in odd communities.....

And I have seen a site like Wikidata being developed because of a lot of activity and suggestions and questions...

I think one of the problem with genealogy on internet is the lack of vision..... before AleŇ° no one spoke about doing what he has been doing.... now he I guess has found 3 000 000 errors and a lot of suspected errors plus WikiTree has a better knowledge of the quality of the data.... next step is to address it with actions or accept the level of quality found....

Example of activity in another Wiki community

Last week was in Montreal Wikimania_2017 and I will go to Berlin end October to be part of WikidataCon_2017 they also have a vision/strategy discussion.. 


Big pic 


Compare this with one post on G2G....

I believe that if someone doesn't like and enjoy WikiTree they should not participate here. If they dislike it and participate anyway, it makes things worse for everyone and hurts the site instead of helping it.

Many people do like WikiTree. I'm one of them. I think it helps connect family members and is helping to preserve history. The organization is stable and financially sound. Every year we grow and the site gets better. It's a success. I'm proud of it.

Could it be better? Of course. It gets better through members suggesting and helping to implement improvements. Anyone who has participated for a long time knows this. We're improving all the time.

I say this to everyone who might read it: if you can't participate in a positive, helpful way, please do not participate.

>> We're improving all the time

I feel genealogy has changed so much the last years so I am not sure that genealogy in the internet is improving you get so much nice. Had last month a subscription on Ancestry ad it was a "nightmare" of bad genealogy - click and forget genealogy -  suggestions on children that never existed... really sad experience sitting with the original church books and see that 5 out of 10 suggested children was wrong......

The growth of bad genealogy is I guess 10 times faster than good genealogy because good genealogy takes time... 

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hi Ladies et  al - -            Ahnentafel Display - -

If you are on your own "Profile" page, mouse/hover over "YourProfile-50     which is one of five in the top RH corner = = 

When you do, the first tab on the "Drop-Down" menu is it = "[Compact Tree]" for 8 generations = right, or centre Click, and it will open in a new tab = = good exploring the drop down tabs = cheers - john.a

by John Andrewartha G2G6 Mach 6 (69.4k points)
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