Is there any way I can complete an Unmerged Match if I am not on either Trusted List?

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I tried and got this message: "Nathaniel Warren (Warren-9317) and Nathaniel Warren (Warren-6150) are currently set as Unmerged Matches to indicate that the two profiles are not ready to be merged yet."

What makes them NOT ready? Or ready for that matter? I am a third party who had prepared yet a third Profile on Nathaniel and ran into the above two. Nathaniel seems to be a popular guy. I am guessing I need to be patient while the two Manager's work the two Nathaniel's out and then hook my Nathaniel up to the already merged Nathaniel.

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This is what makes Wikitree such a great platform!!!!!!!

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Only if they are without profile managers and their privacy status is open.

Try reasoning with both!

by R W G2G6 Pilot (260k points)
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There are 2 different things here - proposed merges and unmerged matches.

An unmerged match is what someone sets for 2 profiles that definitely (or almost definitely) are the same person but there are differences in the 2 profiles that need to be resolved before they can be merged.  When someone makes an unmerged match, hopefully they also make a comment in the profile saying WHAT the issues are.

When someone is ready to say "merge these profiles" that is the time they create a proposed merge.  The profile managers are notified and have an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have.  If they have no concerns then they can approve the merge.  If both profile managers approve the merge then it happens right away, otherwise if nobody cancels the merge then it will receive default approval 30 days after it was proposed.  At that time any member can complete the merge.

You can write to the managers and ask them about it.  If you can see what discrepancies may have caused the person who set the unmerged match to hesitate about merging them, then you may be able to provide information that resolves it.  There is no action - like completing - that can be done for an unmerged match.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (948k points)

I've been remiss in not being more prompt to thank you for your and Dennis' helpful answers, so....thanks very much. The problem will work out. We do have a problem getting cooperation from one of the parties to the merge.

ANY SUGGESTIONS Wikitree community?

The steps to deal with this are laid out here: (which can ultimately lead to filing a Mentor Intervention Report)

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Anyone can change a proposed match to an "unmerged match", and without any comments as to why. And it may or may not be one of the profile managers.

By the same token, anyone can "delete" an unmerged match, and re-propose a match, which restarts the 30 day clock toward default approval.

Gaile's suggestion is good... ask the current profile managers if there's any known reason why it should not be merged. Otherwise, make the necessary changes to resolve any differences, and re-propose the merge.
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (538k points)

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