Trying to Merge Two Profiles, But One is Project Protected, so Merge Won't Complete

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I am trying to complete the merge of  Mary (Unknown) Hardin, Unknown-8463 with Mary Madeleine Hogue, Hogue-1001, with Unknown surviving. Neither has parents, but when I try to complete the merge, I get the message: "You cannot edit the parents during this merge because Mary (Unknown) Hardin is a Project-Protected Profile. 

Yes, Unknown is a project protected profile of the unknowns Project, but neither one has parents.  What is the hang up?

WikiTree profile: Mary Hardin
asked in Genealogy Help by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (300k points)
retagged by Julie Ricketts
I think this is another instance of a bug I reported a while back. Julie Ricketts asked for examples. If it hasn't been merged yet, send this to her.
Thanks, Ellen!

Vic --

I just used my non-sysop account to test this, and I also got a message that says the parents can't be edited. This is an informational message, and it won't prevent you from completing the merge. Here's what it looks like in it's entirety:

This is just letting people know that if they have a merge where the parents differ, they need to talk to the project leaders and members to resolve the differences.


(p.s. I pulled this off of a profile I was testing last time this was reported, so the name isn't right, but I can get you a copy of the Mary (Unknown) Hardin one if you like. ;-)  )


Will you try to complete the merge, but take a screenshot of the screen where the message is, as well look to see if the parents are checked or not? It seems that it's a validation check that won't let any parents merge in, even if there are not parents or they are the same. Unchecking the parents boxes lets the merge happen.

Let me know what you see; I get the same message as Julie, so long as I am not a manager on one of the profiles. If I am manager on both, it isn't there. If I am on only one or none, it then appears.


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I would appreciate it if anyone reading this could leave this merge as is for now. I'd like to do some experimenting to see if I can duplicate the problem.


Also, Vic, is that the entire error message you received?? Was there any other text with it?
answered by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (240k points)
selected by Susan Laursen
That was the entire message.
So it didn't include the additional text in the image I posted above?
I didn't see it, but I may have missed it.  Should I try the merge again?
I just tried again, and it's now stuck as "in progress." Let me clear that, and then would you mind giving it a try again?
OK ... cleared it and re-proposed it. Would you mind giving it another shot?

Do you have a way to take a screenshot so I can see exactly what you're seeing when you encounter the message?
p.s. I just added myself to the Hogue profile and approved one side of the new merge.

Tried merge again. And failed again.  Got exactly the same message as I posted above, with no other words: "You cannot edit the parents during this merge because Mary (Unknown) Hardin is a Project-Protected Profile."

OK, that helps. And it's not just that you're getting the message, but you're also unable to process the merge. Correct?
Correct, the merge will not go through.
Thanks, Vic. I'm going to keep digging on this one -- I haven't been able to reproduce it yet.
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It looked OK to me Vic, just that the merge had to be reversed, it must be set up originally to merge into Hogue.
answered by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (269k points)

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