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Morning folks,

I want to find patches of my families coat of arms. From earlier to update. Does anyone know where I can buy them?? I do understand the  pass history of the Coat Of Arms and I do respect it. However, I just want to  show honor to my family. What I want to do is place the US flag in middle of my jacket and sew lines to each patch . Not being disrespectful  just honor


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Arms are assigned to an individual not to a family,
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Thank You for your reply
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Lots of sites on the internet who are willing to sell armorial bearings products. They suggest they are family coats of arms but of course that is not correct. They would only be assigned to individuals.
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 Thanks for your reply.  I want to do is find the patch of Coat Of Arms   place all around  my US flag Then  sew a line from center patch which is the US flag then  have each  Arms Patch  inline with with name of person above patch then below patch have relationship . Its about respect and honor of my family.




                Owens                                          James Ware

                &&&&&&----------------   USA -------------  &&&&&&

                   2x great Granduncle             3X Great Grandfather

 That is just an example. LOL  I have it on paper. Got to make sure  it fits back of jacket,  I know  I  will probably buy several  blue jean jackets for  different family . I want to keep in line  that was given. I have  this idea. I just have to have all my ducks in a row as  my dad  use to say . Before I can actually put it together, ( Rough draft)

So. I thank you for  your reply

But how does this show respect and honour if these ancestors were not entitled to bear the arms?
It doesn't; millions being made on the internet providing these products; guess it is what ever people are willing to spend their money on.
Some people think it does  other`s do not   Depends on the person. Respect -  For earning the Coat Of Arms / Badge.

Honor- Never forget that hard work is earned NOT give too.

So, to some maybe  the words should of been   different. Either way Thank you for  replying. To some it is not a bad thing to HONOR or Respect  your family history GOOD or Bad. It is  what makes us .
One of the ways in which I honour and respect my ancestors is by not misusing any of the arms that any of them were entitled to use.
It is so grand to be able to have free well to respect and honor  a person ancestry  the way they want to  when  actually they  feel they are not misusing  any of the arms. It is  like a conversation piece  that someone has at the place they live or work. You can   say for example. Thank you they are nice  Coat of Arms/ Badges they belong to  my family members  who was  given these Coat Of Arms/ Badges or they  made themselves . Then give a little history how they got the  Arms/ Badges. Rather good or bad  it is part of my family history. If you would like more information go to WIKITREE  website and look into your family history. It is free  and the people are more then happy to share ideas with you and help with research.  You never ever stop learning from WIKITREE .

Here is a question what is the difference if someone writes a book of people   and  have pictures of their Coat of Arms or Badges  on the pages?? And make millions from that?? It does  seem  to be   the same only difference is I (or anyone else) would be spending money and not making it and it would be on family  not strangers.


Thank you ,

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