Is the Pollard/Spencer line proven?

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Hi Frankie, the image is privacy protected, so only the thumbnail can be seen, and even with glasses, my eyes aren't that good.  :)
WikiTree says Pollard-188 is my 19th ggf. If this line that runs thru the Spencer-751 is proven, then I can start more of my research from there. I keep running into questionable profiles. I need to find at least one that is correct and proven.

I think someone is working on the family but I think a lot of question remain - because of the vast and conflicting amount of material on the early SPENCERs, I will try and sort out a little of it and put the various genealogies together so the researcher can see what the problems are and go from there.

Genealogy A -
This genealogy is based on the Duchess of Cleveland’s work BATTLE ABBEY ROLL and also on Arthur Collins; work on the genealogy of the SPENCER and CHURCHILL families.

1. Tancred, whose fief was Tancarville, which was situated about 30 miles up the Sieve from La Havre. The TANCARVILLEs were hereditary chamberlains of Normandy. Tancred was living in 912. He had a son:

2. Rabel. The next named is:

3. Gerard, Baron of Tancarville, toward the end of the 10th century. He was father of:

4. Rabel II (aka Raoul). He had two sons:

5. Ralph (aka Raoul) & Almeric (aka Amaury) d’ABBETOT

6. Robert le DESPENCER is called the son of Almeric by some and son of Ralph de TANCARVILLE (aka d’ABBETOT) by others. He was the brother of Urse d’ABBETOT. Robert was the steward to William the Conqueror in 1066. There is some question as to whether Robert was married let alone had children. However because the office of steward was hereditary som authorities believe the next steward was his son, however he may have been a brother, or nephew, or no relation at all.

7. William/Guillaume le DESPENCER, steward to King Henry I and was living in 1100.

8.Thurstan le DESPENCER, was the next steward to King Henry I. He was believed to be a son or brother to William above. However, to some evidence he also fits in Genealogy C #3.

Genealogy B -
Source for this is the VISITATION OF WARWICKSHIRE.

1. Juon/John, Vicount of Constantine; m. to Emine of BRITTANY, sister to Alani, Ct. of BRITTANY.
i. Horswinus
ii. Wolmerus
iii. Edwardus
2. iv. Hudardus (to follow)
v. Nigellus
vi. Wolstanus, Lord of Hatton

2, Hudardun, Lord of DUTTON; m. to Alicia.

3. Hugo, Lord of DUTTON
i. Adam, Lord of DUTTON; m. to Agnitia, dau. of Roger.
ii. Hugo, who is identified as the same as Hugo, #2 in Genealogy C.
Because too many characters will put in two parts.

Continuation (part 2)-

Genealogy C

1. Thurston (? De TURBEVILLE), fl. 1080. Had:

2. Hugo le DESPENSOR (reign of Henry I) identified as the same as #3ii in Genealogy B; m. to Helewisa. Had:

3. Thurstan le DESPENSOR.
i. Walter, Lord STANLEY.
4 ii. Alaric (to follow)
iii. Hugh, accompanied Richard I to the Holy Land. Poss. ancestor of Hugo, see next.
iv. Geffrey, he is stated as being the ancestor of Hugo, Chief Justice of England, as is his brother Hugh.

4. Almaric le DESPENSOR, Lord STANLEY, sheriff of Rutlandshire, steward to Richard I. 1m. to Amabil de CHESNEI/CHESNEY, dau. of Walter de CHESNEY
i. Juliana; m. to William BARDOLPH
2m. To Alda/Eldae BLUET/BLEWETT
5 ii. Thurston (to follow)
iii. Daughter; m. Peter de STOHS
iv. Hugh
v. Almeric
6 vi. Peter (to follow)
vii. Ralph

5. Thurstan le DESPENCER, Sheriff of Glouchestershire, b. c.1216, d. c. 1248/0; m. to Lucia.
i. Geoffrey/Galfridus, d. 1251; m. and had child Geoffrey.
ii. Adam; m. Joan and had child Almaric.

6 Peter le DESPENSOR; m. Isabella de EUENS/EWWYAS, dau. of Richard.
i. Richard, took surname of EWYAS, had child Clara.


I think I read somewhere that the two BAKER wives of John (Spencer-751) were actually the same person.

Regarding Eleanor Hill (Hill-5359) see:

Also look like Whitebread-47 & Whitbred-3 need to be merged. I descend from this family and am very interested but right now it is too much of a mess, plus I don't have pre-1500 badge.

I know the De Spencer line is wrong. Someone made it up in 1545+-.
You're right Frankie, the Spencer family connection to the earlier Despenser family has been proved to be incorrect, though at the moment I can't remember who researched that.  I'll have a hunt around and see if I can find anything.
I think it was someone named Call, maybe. It's been a while since I learned of that myth.

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William Pollard Sr. is my 6th Great-Grandfather.  Is this the same family line, do you know?

BIRTH 3 AUGUST 1698 • Billerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH 28 MAY 1762 • Bolton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA


answered by Linda Davis G2G Crew (510 points)
I dont know. Try running their profiles side by side.

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