Rename 'Suggestions' so it appears at the top of the drop-down menu?

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How about calling it something like 'All Suggestions', because the list is sorted alphabetically?  That way, it would appear at the top of the drop-down list instead of right at the bottom, and would be easier to get to.

in The Tree House by Anonymous Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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Or a better name, such as Data Check - how can anyone argue with that name!!

+1 to Lindy!
Did this question ever get a proper response? I have just posted a request this evening about the drop down menu not disappearing when you overshoot the extents of the menu.

This is mainly because I usually overshoot when going for the suggestions item at the bottom of the list.

I would have though a lot of people doing data doctoring would experience this when updating suggestions.

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Then you would get a flood of people like me saying it would be easier to find if it was just called Suggestions without the All. :)
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (627k points)

It's just a technical thing so it would appear at the top as opposed to the bottom, where my landscape PC keeps refusing to get down that far.  Or:


I was just trying to help.  Sheesh.


Ros, I know you were just trying to help. By posting you invited responses and I responded with my opinion (meant to be phrased in a light hearted manner). No need to get exasperated just because I have a different opinion from yours.

Maybe rebuilt the user interface or take away menu options.... changing names feel some other menu option will be outside the screen feels like asking for problems...

This whole error or not an error discussion is creating new errors instead that we focus on learning doing good genealogy. Everyone can have an opinion about a name the challenge is how to do better genealogy inside WIkitree and what tools can be created with all the restrictions of the WikiTree platform.... and how we can start use the whole WikiTree community in a good way. See good example of a Danish person answering a "simple" question that needs local knowledge...

Next step is that WIkiTree is getting so lame so its another Facebook with likes or even worser like Ancestry were everyone is running her own race and creating new errors without getting corrections/suggestions/errors/?!?!?...

If membership had had a PROPER discussion before the lame name Suggestions was chosen, we could have avoided all the new complaints!!

Maybe add a Project Database Error button. 

I suggested a year ago that we direct on the profile could see number of errors in Project Database Error and also have something like the tree view to get the error displayed "inside" the profile


>> If membership had had a PROPER discussion before the lame name Suggestions was chosen, we could have avoided all the new complaints!!

I hope you were right, but everyone will have an opinion about a name..... 

For me suggestions is something I avoid as they normally make no sense and its what we get at Ancestry... 

I like errors... telling me this is messed up. 

Interesting idea, Magnus; but as long as we continue to use the word error in an indiscriminate manner, many of us will still complain! That's why I feel Data Check is a better name; it encourages us to double check our data without insulting all the work we've done.

Once the error project moved beyond checking for actual errors and started included data comparisons and simple data double checks, that's when I believe it became a discouragement to many of us.

@Lindy isnt it most important that you climb your own tree and has no mistakes. The sad thing is that Project Database Error can not find the big problems then other Wikitree people needs Quality check profiles and see if they agree etc...

If you have time listen to one of Ancestry senior researcher and how she has spent 1000 of hours and 1000 of $ on researching a branch that is wrong because of a small small mistake.... that is what tools like Project database Error tries to avoid... to find the big errors....


If finding the big errors is the goal of the error report, I feel we are a long way away from reaching that goal as long as we are spending so much of that project's time and resources on meaningless and useless data comparisons to non-sourced, non-repository websites like Find A Grave.

The error project needs to re-focus on finding the real errors: spelling and grammar errors, coding errors, bad links, date conflicts, etc.

After seeing valid source citations get deleted by members who didn't understand the error messages, but wanted to make the errors go away, I'd say that the Suggestions Report is probably TOO VISIBLE...

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