Why the Recent Change {{US Civil War}} to {{US C W}} ?

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I recently saw that someone had edited two profiles (Goodman-2141 and Bilbrey-36) that I manage, though apparently something went wrong with the change to the Bilbrey-36 template.  The only change that I could see was a change in the Civil War template as follows:

{{US Civil War}} to {{US C W}}

Can someone please tell me what this change accomplished other than the elimination of 6 characters?  Surely there must be some rationale for it, but for the life of me I don't see it.
WikiTree profile: Samuel Goodman
in Policy and Style by Judy Wardlow G2G6 Mach 1 (19.9k points)
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When I looked at the profile, I was totally blown away - it is SPECTACULAR!

Saw your note asking for battle flag and went off looking for it.  Didn't find flag, but found 2 neat websites about the regiment, so added them to your source list, but probably should have put "See also:" before them, since they're not cited in the bio.

About this question - seems to me that life would be much easier if templates had more meaningful names, but what do I know ... jus' sayin'
I want to thank everyone who took the time to explain the change in the Civil War template.  I had not been aware there were two templates, one for a Project Box and one for a Recognition Box.  After that was explained to me it all made perfect sense.

I have several other ancestors who fought in the Civil War that I just haven't gotten around to adding a template to.  Now I just need to determine which profiles should have the template for the Project Box.

Thank you all again.

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sorry about Bilbrey-36, when I changed to {{US C W}} I left an extra letter...  {{US Ci W}}.  I just fixed that.

to see the difference in the display, block copy the {{US C W}} template, paste it back in below and change it to {{US Civil War}}, save and look at the profile.

in the backend, a project box adds to a different category structure and accepts a list of modifiers that identify additional work that needs to be done on the profile.  a recognition box displays information about the person on the profile page, and for the Military and War templates, also add (or will shortly be modified to add) to the appropriate category for the country/branch/unit that the person served in.

as to the question of the difference in these two templates, in the beginning....  way back when....

{{US Civil War}} was a Project Box based template that was being used as a Recognition Box, i.e. it displayed information on the profile about the person, not that the person was associated with the project. (which, by listing any US Civil War biography data, sources, categories, etc indicates they are covered by the scope of the The Civil War Project, so in most cases, there is no need to display an additional graphic saying he is covered by the project...)  

A review of templates created standards for Project Boxes and all existing templates that used them were changed to enforce those standards, so all of our "Recognition" information was still listed on the profile text when in edit mode, but no longer displayed on the profile.

the {{US C W}} template was created as a Recognition Box based template that accepted all of the information that we had on the {{US Civil War}} before they were modified.

I have been going back over profiles with the template {{US Civil War}} and if they use the new project box style of {{US Civil War|side= CSA or USA}} I leave it alone, but if it has the recognition format of

{{US Civil War
| enlisted = mmm dd, yyyy
| mustered = mm dd, yyyy
| side = CSA or USA
| regiment flag = image file
| regiment name = regiment name}}

then I change it to use {{US C W}} so that the information is displayed on the profile.
by Keith McDonald G2G6 Mach 9 (91.5k points)
Keith, I believe you were the one who edited the Bilbrey-36 profile.  What happened there?
as mentioned above...  I was backspacing to change the name to US C W and accidently left the "i" from Civil....
And that, my folks, is why I find it so difficult to use WikiTree.   I entered some of these templates and added sub-cateogies and descriptions of CW tegiments only to have them renamed or moved to a different group.
almost all of the Civil War units have been/are in the process of being renamed to conform to standards as set forth by the categorization project.

Thankfully, Ales has created routines (the dreaded, but misunderstood EditBot) that takes care of most of the rename/update of the profiles/free space pages and other categories that are affected by a category being renamed.

we are also in the process of going over our templates and getting them in line with new standards as they are developed by wikitree management
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Please change the name back to US Civil War ASAP!
by Anonymous Troy G2G6 Pilot (155k points)
{{US Civil War}} is a project box, it is used to identify a profile with the Civil War Project and has a list of identifiers that can be passed to identify what additional work the profile is in need of

{{US C W}} is a recognition box (which are in process of being renamed/reworked as Stickers) and is used to display/highlight information about the persons Civil War service

Both are used to do specific things, and should not both be present on a profile..  it is sort of like saying This person served in the Civil War and he served in the War Between the States... they are the same thing.

Are you saying if the unit is unknown use the {{US Civil War|side =CSA}}? and if no other info is known?

Is this correct?

Jon P Czarowitz

project box is used to show assignment of profile to the project

stickers are used to identify/highlight persons service. if unit is unknown, the category could bump up a level to Union Army, Union Navy, Confederate Army, Confederate Navy.  if that is not known, add to United States of America, United States Civil War or Confederate States of America, United States Civil War, if still unknown, add to United States Civil War
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https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Gebhardt-285   I have some template images showing on his profile.   Are they ok or do they need to be changed?  I confess template stuff confuses me to no end!
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (674k points)
on Gebhardt-285 you have both the project box {{US Civil War}} and recognition box {{US C W}} templates, so you get 2 different image/text boxes showing up.

Since the project box is used to identify a profile as being in scope of a project, there is no need to also have the {{US C W}} template, the project box highlights that the person was in the Civil War, specifics should be listed in the biography.  One if the things that is supposed to be done before a profile is PPP is to have a project box template assigned to it....

another way to look at things is anyone who was in the military, whether they fought in a war or not, falls under the scope of the Military and War project, and those that were in a war fall under the scope of a project/sub project for that war.  Instead of using a Project Box template to say he was in the military/war but no other data "highlighted", using a recognition box template also shows that they were in the military/war but also "highlights" other data, such as the from/to dates they served, the unit/units they were in, rank, etc.
So should I remove the one that has the enlistment information?

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