member who enjoys merge mangles

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Someone with access to ancestry may be able sort out all of the sources
in this merge.  I don't have it and they are beyond me.  Enjoy!
WikiTree profile: Allen Hibbard
in Genealogy Help by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (325k points)
MANY THANKS!!  That sure looks more manageable.  I'm very poor
at understanding clean ups, no matter how many times I reread the information.  Now it doesn't run off the bottom of the page.  I have been adding sources to this GEDCOM and have done about 1800 and only gotten up to first names starting with the letter B but this is the first that
was merged three times with so many sources in each one.  Now I will try to separate and merge the children unless Esme volunteers.  She says she loves to merge and that would leave them all in good shape.
Esmé is the best at merging!   I also love merging.  It is like landsacping a garden.  Everything in its proper place :-)

Thank you for working to add sources to this gedcom.  That is a wonderful project to take on!
Be my guest.  There are plenty to go around.  I have removed a lot of gedcom lists of names and a family designation codes which has shortened the junk tremendously.  When I don't understand I leave it alone rather than make more work to undo my mistakes, even if they are in the changes.  I
have been averaging sources on 300 profiles a month this summer.  Unfortunately, from Dec. to April, I have limited access to wifi but will be back to my project after that. As I get further into the first names of Maltbys a lot will already be done because I go as far as I can in each family grouping.

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I have cleaned it for you, Beulah.  Whomever comes along to adopt this profile later, can spend some time reformatting the page and adding better citations.

P.S.  This one wasn't too bad. I have seen some pretty scary Ancestry citations tangles! :-)
by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (858k points)
selected by Beulah Cramer
these url's were fixable
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What a mess!  This should help:

You can clean it up without Ancestry access.  At first, you just want to remove all the duplication while preserving the citations - you don't need to be able to open any of the links to do that.  Good luck!


by Anonymous Tardy G2G6 Pilot (731k points)
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None of the Ancestry links on that page work. The census records, etc., are presumably still available on Ancestry, but all of the links were created in reference to links from somebody's Ancestry tree, and apparently those links went "poof!", possibly when the tree was abandoned. So you can keep the descriptive citations to the sources and identify that the records were accessed on Ancestry, but the links themselves are no longer useful.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
old style url's verses new style.
This is why I use links to the record images on Ancestry, rather than linking to a search result.
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Its not just that the links don't work... Ancestry have changed their URL's from


For the most part, simply replacing the base URL is enough. All the links should continue to work.

(previous) -

(new style) - 


But now...all the old links have been relegated to the change log.

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
This is just my personal opinion, Dennis, but because they were all just census records, it would be a better use of someone's time to get a quick link off of Family Search than to reformat 15-20 broken links from ancestry. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it.
Not if a bot could do it... (Fix the link by fixing the base URL). is much more than links to census records.  As much as you hate it, links to user submitted trees are often invaluable.

a simple find-and-replace takes mere seconds.

Personally, I can't find anything in FamilySearch quickly. Your mileage may vary.

And while FamilySearch has most of the same records, it doesn't have all of them. (and visa versa)

I agree, Joe. Thanks.
I am all for a bot doing the work.  

And these were only links to census records I'm talking about for this particular profile.  I checked before I edited. Census records are a bit more universal than other records.
As Ancestry gedcoms go, this one did look pretty easy. There were only two merged profiles to contend with, all of the sources were identifiable from the citation text, there were few repeated citations, no Edmund West "sources" or other Ancestry specialties, no Ancestry Family Tree citations -- I could go on!

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