September 2017 Sourcerers Challenge [closed]

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Hello, Sourcerers! It's time to start September's sourcing marathon! You can use this month to warm up for the Source-a-thon next month!

This month's challenge will end on Friday, September 29th (rather than September 30th). Good luck if you're participating in the Source-a-thon!


To participate:

Remember, your sources need to be as full and specific as possible, so others find them useful. That means, if the source is online, you should link to it. If it is a page from a book, the page number should be included so others can easily see where you found the reference. 

When you can, it's great to do a bit more while adding sources, like clean up the gedcom leftovers or help the formatting from older profiles. Sources are important, but if you can't find them among all the other stuff, they aren't helping as much as they could.

Onto September's challenge:

You only need to answer the post once, and just edit your post to add your new profiles, continuing in a comment on your answer as necessary. Please number your contributions (a number every ten or hundred works just fine). It helps us tally at the end of the month much faster. See last month's challenge for examples.

* All profiles improved must come from the Unsourced categories or be already present on WikiTree and unsourced-you cannot create new profiles and add sources just to up your tally. The hope and goal is to improve the numbers already on WikiTree that need sources. Adding sources will help merges happen, too, which will improve our tree. Showing folks what sources you're using helps newer researchers see just what's available out there for us to access. Another great source of unsourced profiles is to check out orphaned profiles.

* The tally is of profiles improved, not sources added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better. Maybe we'll switch things up and see how many sources added y'all can do one month.

* If you attempt to add sources to a profile and just cannot find any, please add a note under a == Research Notes == section giving where you tried to find records and you can sign it with the four tildes (~~~~) so the date is applied as well. Something like "Looked for John in the US Census records for 1900-1940 and couldn't find him on FamilySearch or Ancestry" would be fine. Or, "Searched google for an obituary and didn't find one." That way the next researcher knows where to start.

* If the only source on a profile is "Ancestry tree" or "" it can count as unsourced, and you can add better sources to it to count in your tally.

* If you find a match and can merge a profile into an already sourced profile, that counts, too. You still found a source, plus you eliminated a duplicate. Awesome!

We are now actively in our September Challenge, which will run through September 29th. Ask any questions here in the thread, otherwise, SOURCE!

closed with the note: September challenge closing early due to source-a-thon
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Jayme Arrington G2G6 Pilot (135k points)
closed by Jayme Arrington
Sign me up again.
UUUggggg where are my sourced profiles I need to add to it?
On Page 2, about 2/3rds down the page
this looks like fun can i be signed up please
This month's challenge will stop at the end of the day today in order to stay separate from the Source-a-thon. Good luck everyone!
To give me time to tally things up before the source-a-thon begins, I'm closing this post now. If you add any new sources before the source-a-thon begins and you would like to add to your already started answer, just send me a message or I might miss the new ones : ) The October post will be up on October 3rd!

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I'm back for September!
by Susan McNamee G2G6 Mach 5 (52.5k points)
Go Roses!
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I'm in again sign me up again.
by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (466k points)
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Hi, I'm in again this month.

chalk up 25 sourced profiles from September 2 Saturday sourcing Sprint, 21 from September, 24 from September 16, and 31 from September 23.

  1. Violet Sargent Ormond (sister of John Singer Sargent): England & Wales Census 1911, birth records of 3 of her children
  2. Antoinette de Merode, princess of Monaco: birth and marriage records, other sources
  3. Albert I de Monaco: marriage record
  4. Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton: marriage record
  5. Charles III de Monaco: marriage and death records, birth record from marriage complements
  6. Isabelle de Beauvau: marriage record
  7. Frieda von Richthofen (wife of D H Lawrence): census records (and added wiki links)
  8. Françoise Nicole de Beauvais this was sourced with a research article by Roland Gagné and Laurent Kokanosky (which Leo van de Pas'site also uses)
  9. Robert de Joyeuse: Père Anselme; Gagné & Kokanosky
  10. Marguerite de Barbançon: Père Anselme; Gagné & Kokanosky
  11. Françoise de Villers: Père Anselme
  12. François de Barbançon: Père Anselme
  13. Christophe de Barbançon: Père Anselme, Histoire de la Villle de Commercy
  14. Jeanne de Sarrebruck: Père Anselme, Histoire de la Ville de Commercy

So 101 for Saturday Sourcing Sprints + ...

by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (459k points)
edited by Isabelle Martin
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Another Kiwi-Crew member signing up again for September.

Last month I managed just over 70, so we'll see how far I get this time...


  1. Ann Amelia Gibbison, nee Mitford - NZ - added a whole raft of sources! Adopted the profile. Added cemetery category. Added a biography. Marriages (2), Cemetery (2), Find a Grave (1) - also messaged FaG to add data; Vital notices (1), Birth of children sources, Passenger list source (1). Added immigration categories
  2. Andrew Hume - Australia - added 7 sources and counting... birth, death, immigration etc. Added immigration categories
  3. Basil Bertie Raynes - NZ - added BDM online birth source (1), death index (1), BillionGraves (1), military (1), cemetery record (1), marriage index (1)
  4. May Agnes Raynes, nee Wynyard - NZ - added Find a Grave (1), marriage source (1), BDM birth source (1), death index (1), cemetery record (1)
  5. Flora Alice Raynes, nee Stillwell - NZ - adopted the profile, added marriage source (1), death index (1), Cemetery source (1), Find a Grave (1), Council cemetery record (1), Obit (1), Billion Graves (1), NZ Gazette (1) - total of 8 sources added
  6. Ethel Beatrice Tuffery, nee Rowe - NZ - added death (BDM Online) (1) and Cemetery record (1); marriage index (1), death index (1), Electoral rolls (1), birth index (1) - total of 6 sources. I had amended the married name and added all the sources and then found that their was a duplicate profile. So merging process began. I adopted the profile of the other (older) Ethel, which also happened to be unsourced. So now all the sources have been transferred to Ethel Beatrice Tuffery nee Rowe older profile, and am waiting for merge to be completed.
  7. Leonard Benjamin Tuffery - NZ - birth index (1), military (1), electoral rolls (1), cemetery database (1) - total of 4 sources
  8. Clifford Rowe Tuffery - NZ - birth, cemetery, findagrave, military, marriage. Completed a biography, added cemetery category and Anzac category WWII NZ. Total of 7 sources added.
  9. Adelaide Annie Louise Rowe, nee Frost - NZ - birth (BDM), marriage, death (2), Find a grave.
  10. Ebenezer Rudolph Gibbons - NZ - BDM birth, Cemetery record, marriage source, employment source
  11. Violet Entwistle - NZ - Birth and death sources added (infant death so added infant mortality category)
  12. Nicholas Gibbons - NZ - marriage, death, cemetery, Find a Grave.
  13. Thelma Evelyn Hull, nee Smeed - NZ - cemetery, death, Find a Grave.
  14. Mary Ann Morris, nee Norton - NZ - cemetery record and death index.
  15. John William Gibbons - NZ - birth, marriage, death, cemetery and Finda grave. Added a brief biography. Added cemetery category.
  16. Frederick Bartley - NZ - adopted the profile - added birth, marriage and death sources.
  17. Hannah Guthrie nee Dalton - NZ - added birth and marriage sources
  18. Agnes Dalton - NZ - added birth and electoral roll source
  19. Thomas Jane - NZ - added birth & death sources (BDM Online) & cemetery source
  20. Athol George Hollis - NZ - added birth, marriage & cemetery sources
  21. Cora Foreman prev Hollis, nee Seifert - NZ - marriage and Cemetery sources
  22. Angelina Bliss nee Lovell - NZ - added birth & marriage sources, and list of children from Births deaths & marriages
  23. Oliver Louis Baigent - NZ - added birth source, marriage and cemetery records.
  24. Augustus Percy Baigent - NZ - added birth, death and cemetery sources.
  25. Brian Anthony Gould - NZ - added death source, and cemetery
  26. Ernest Archibald Alfred Leman - NZ - added birth source, military and cemetery source
  27. Agnes Margaret Leman, nee Scott - NZ - added cemetery record.
  28. Alfred Archibald Leman - NZ - added marriage and census record, and cemetery record
  29. Florence Doreen Leman - NZ - added birth index, probate to sources
  30. Margaret Isabel Leman - NZ - added birth source and electoral roll source
by Lianne Trevarthen G2G6 Mach 4 (43.0k points)
edited by Lianne Trevarthen

And another 27 were done before commencing the Source-a-thon (so did 57 prior to the Source-a-thon)...

  1. Gaetano Vadala - NZ - added cemetery, electoral roll, naturalisation, probate and newspaper clippings.
  2. Emily Henrietta Gwenllian Vadala, nee Lambert - NZ - birth, electoral roll and marriage sources added.
  3. Thomas Lambert - AUS - added marriage source
  4. Anthony A Vadala - US - added death source, Social security index.
  5. Olga Blanche Waddingham - UK - death source added which also confirmed DOB, and probate confirming DOD, 1911 Census
  6. Thomas Waddingham - UK - marriage & Death sources added
  7. Aileen Linda Alice Beare, nee Garnham - NZ - Birth source, electoral roll, marriage and cremation records
  8. Henry Jackson - NZ - added Cemetery record, birth & death reg, & marriage; commenced biography
  9. Violet Cullen, nee Renton - NZ - added birth source
  10. Joshua Caleb Robinson - NZ - added birth source, death source, marriage source
  11. Charles Tait - NZ - added cemetery source, birth, electoral roll and probate.
  12. Charles Tait - NZ - added probate, marriage and death source; newspaper clipping
  13. Hilda Victoria Smyth (nee Messana) - NZ - Added marriage and death source
  14. Nathaniel John Armstrong - NZ & Aus - added birth source, removed gedcom surplus info, commenced bio; added passenger list source, electoral rolls source
  15. Thomas Howes - NZ - added death source, probate
  16. Alma May Olsen, nee Hill - NZ - added cemetery source, BDM Death source, Findagrave, marriage
  17. William Thomas Jaques - NZ - military,
  18. Hugh Hughes - NZ - cemetery source
  19. Luke Natrass - NZ - death reg source
  20. Elinor Gillespie, nee Smith - NZ - death reg source, FaG, Probate
  21. Lucas Meads - NZ - birth source
  22. Eliza Sabben - UK - added christening & death source
  23. Elizabeth Lawrence, nee Nicholcon - NZ - added cemetery source
  24. Avalon Glory Cleaver - NZ - added birth source
  25. James Bentley - NZ - Cemetery category added, birth & death dates added with sources from BDM Online, FAG, Cemetery records
  26. James Bentley - NZ - Baptism, Marriage, FAG.
  27. Jane Bentley - NZ - Cemetery record added, birth, marriage and 3 census records
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I'm in again, even if it is just my usual Saturday Sourcing Sprint totals.

  1. William Moore. (obituary from Confederate Veteran)
  2. Nancy (UNKNOWN) Unknown. (1870 & 1880 Census)
  3. Sarah Catherine Harvell. (marriage sources)
  4. Ethel (Minnish) Broadwater. (marriage & findagrave)
  5. Butler Baucom. (death certificate and gravestone picture)
  6. Ester Ramsey. (1920 Census)
  7. Margaret Lloyd. (Death record)

+27 from the 16 September Saturday Sourcing Sprint
+1 from the 23 September Saturday Sourcing Sprint

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (326k points)
edited by Debi Hoag
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Yes, I'm back again
by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (189k points)
+11 votes

Hi, I've not done one of these before, but I'll give it a go.

1 birth, death, burial

2 birth

3 birth

4 marriage, son's baptism, burial

5 baptism

6 baptism

7 birth, marriage

8 birth, baptism

9 birth, baptism

10 birth, baptism

11 birth, baptism

12 birth, baptism

13 baptism

14 birth

15 birth, marriage

16 baptism, marriage, census 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, death

17 census 1891, 1901, marriage, death

18 birth census 1891

19 birth, marriage, death, census 1891, 1911

20 birth, baptism, marriage, death, census 1891, 1901, 1911

21 birth, census 1891, 1901, 1911

22 birth, census 1891, 1911

23 birth, census 1891

24 birth, census 1861, 1871, 1891

25 marriage, census 1841

26 birth, marriage, census 1891, 1901, 1911

27 birth, census 1871, 1881

28 baptism, marriages, death census 1841, 1851, 1871, 1881, 1901

29 marriage, burial

30 birth, baptism, marriages, death, grave stone, probate, census 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, baptism of son

31 baptism and marriage of daughter

32 baptism daughter

by Stephen Thirkettle G2G2 (2.6k points)
edited by Stephen Thirkettle
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Just realised I hadn't added myself!

My internet glitched and I ended up posting twice!
by Michelle Wilkes G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
edited by Michelle Wilkes
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Just realised I hadn't added Saturday's ones

1) Parker-21547 proposed merge with Parker-21744. Added birth place, baptism date/place, details of parents, details of marriage, 1841-1871 census details, UK project place template.

2) Knott-673 removed incorrect father Parker-21744 - (PM accidentally added 2nd profile of spouse as father). Added birth location/year and baptism date/location with parents names, marriage details, 1841-1871 census details. UK project place name template. Added list of siblings with baptisms in research notes to help identify parents in census

3) Parker-17995 added 1861-1911 census details. source for birth year with mother's maiden name and added UK project place template

4) Jarrette-4  added birth date, corrected birth place, added baptism date,place & parents. Added marriage date/place with link to image. added list of children with baptism dates. 1841-1871 census & UK project place template. added reference for death year. Added a profile for her correct husband. added burial date/place

5) Parks-2385 added 1861 & 1871 census details, UK project place template & added emigration departure date & occupation to bio with source from New Zealand passenger list. Added source for parent's marriage details in research notes

and finally one of my own

6) Giles-3444 added baptism details, marriage details, burial details, list of children with baptisms - sourced from parish registers - added UK project place template & category. added probate & link to copy of will

7) Savage-Barrell-1 added baptism, marriage, burial details, corrected death date with source for death date, added 1841 census details. Sent PM a request to change last name at birth (LNAB) to Barrell as Savage was her father's first name. Sourced from parish registers, newspaper & census. Added UK project template and category. added details of marriage announcement in newspaper & details of father's will

8) Barrell-206 corrected year of birth, added marriage, death date, burial date, probate. occupations sourced from parish registers, will & newspaper

9) Crush-27 added birth & baptism date/location and death date/location/cause of death from parish registers and newspapers. Added UK project place template

is it just me...I keep getting distracted by the interesting stories unfolding as I source people totally unrelated to I really want to know why this man left his 2nd wife behind when he emigrated to Australia!

10) Crush-17 added marriage details, list of children with birth/baptism/death burial dates/place. added 2nd marriage details and research notes about 2nd wife's death sourced from parish registers and newspapers. added baptism, UK project place category & genealogically defined

11) Livermore-415 added baptism & marriage details & baptisms of siblings in research notes. Added UK project place template Corrected death date and added source for death date/place. Added list of children 

12) Crush-21 added marriage details, list of children, death, burial & probate. Research notes with details or registers searched and details of father's will 

13) Osborne-1220 added baptism, marriages, corrected death year/place added ref for death and added burial details, 1841-1881 census, added UK project place template & categories - found interesting newspaper report of sudden death

14) Osborne-1004 Baptism Marriage & Burial details

15) Freeman-3218 marriage details. 1841 & 1851 census

16) Lewsey-2 Birth, marriage death, parents, 1881-1911 census & 1939 register. Corrected birth date and marriage place. added UK Project template & place categories & genealogically defined

17) Lewsey-3 added ref for birth registration & mother's maiden name, 1901 & 1911 census added category.

by Michelle Wilkes G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
edited by Michelle Wilkes

18) Lewsey-5 added ref for birth registration & mother's maiden name, 1901 & 1911 census added UK project place category.

19) Lewsey-4 added ref for birth registration & mother's maiden name, 1901 & 1911 census added UK project place category.

20) Scowcroft-36 added ref for birth registration and mother's maiden name, 1911 census and added UK project place template

21) Callaghan-420 added ref for birth registration and mother's maiden name, marriage details, 1871-1911 census 

22) Scowcroft-37 marriage details & 1871-1911 census. UK project place template added

23) Skinner-2108 Birth date/place. Marriage years & spouses. Death year/place and list of children, 1911 census, 1939 register. proposed merge with duplicate added as mother of spouse

24) Conn-477 sourced marriage death and census -added details for children - tried to find enough evidence to prove he is Albert Augustus Haken - for some reason one child born/baptised/married/died as CONN not HAKEN but looks like same person

25) Conn-475 could not add sources to profile as locked, but added sources to father's profile to try to prove whether he is same as William HAKEN in 1911 census

26) Willoughby-1135 An interesting one - marriage/spouse/father's name and place of origin and death details from newspapers. 1841 census with potential siblings. Baptism date/place and included baptisms & birth registration of siblings to give mother's maiden names.

17) Nott-335 birth date baptism date/place, parents, marriage date/place, child, added list of siblings with their birth/baptism dates/place, mother's maiden name and included parent's marriage in research notes. Added 1841 census details and UK project place template. Connected her to her parent's profiles

18) Sole-91 baptism, marriage & death. added UK project place template

I'm now using the automated tracker, but not sure if they carry across, so will add these

Bass-2683 Birth & Mother's maiden name, marriage (with father's name), 1851, 1881, 1891 census & list of children with birth/baptism dates & places.

Joyce-1390 Birth & Mother's maiden name, marriage (with father's name), 1851, 1881, 1891 census & list of children with birth/baptism dates & places.

Bass-2682 Birth date, with mother's maiden name, baptism date/place, 1881 & 1891 census emmigration & Immigration & marriage and death ref

Debenham-42 Birth year/place, baptism, 1841-1881 census details, death year/place

The tracker wouldn't let me add this one as it didn't have a unsourced template

Bradnam-13) added 1851-1881 census details, source for correct parents from newspaper, marriage year/place ref, death date/place & probate from probate register - will disconnect from wrong parents - created new person to add to the wrong parents which I'll source tomorrow!

I'm not really bothered by points, more focussed on getting profiles as fully sourced as possible and relationships correct - but will add them to the list
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I am in again.  Team Anywherers


1. - 1901 census

2. - 1901 census, 1871, 1881 census

3. - 1901 census, 1881 census

4. - FAG

5. - FAG

6. FAG

7. - FAG, birth record, death of child record

8. - marriage, death of child, FAG

9. - marriage

10. - FAG

11.  - son’s marriage record, 1880 census

12. - son’s marriage record, 1880 census

13. - marriage record, 1880 census

14.  -1850, 1860, and 1870 census

15. - birth, marriage

16. - 1910 census

17. – death

18.      - FAG

19.   - 1871 census, 1881 census

20.    - 1871 census

21.    -1871 census

22.   - 1871 census

23.   -1881 census

24.   - 1881 census

25.  - 1881 census

26. - birth, FAG

27. - FAG

28. - 1920 census

29. - 1920 census

30. - FAG

31. - FAG

32.  - 1930, 1940 census, FAG

33.   - 1930, 1940 census

34.  - 1930, 1940 census

35. – 1861 census

36. - FAG

37. - FAG

38. - FAG

39.  - 1870, 1880, 1900 census

40.   - 1870 census

41.  - 1870 census

42.  - 1900. 1920 census

43.  - 1891 census

44.   - 1891 census

45.   - 1891 census

46. - 1870 census, 1910 census

47. - 1850 , 1860, 1870  census

48. - FAG

49.  - marriage

50. - marriage

by Jim Parsons G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
edited by Jim Parsons
+11 votes
  1. Daniel Fox. (Added source for date of death and location; added reference note for further exploration.)
  2. Hannah (Burr) Fox. (Deleted unsourced tag, corrected birth date, added parents and sources)
  3. Nathaniel Cook. (Deleted unsourced tag, added sources for birth and marriage.)
  4. Hannah (Parish) Cook. (Added added category, and sources for birth and marriage.)
  5. Mary Burr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  6. Ebenezer Burr. (Deleted unsourced category, corrected birth year, added source for birth date and place.)
  7. Jonathan Burr. (Added categories, created biography with sources.)
  8. Martha Burr. (Added category, revised birth date and location, added death date, marriage, husband, children, and sources therefor.)
  9. Mary Burr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added birth, marriage and children and death data, with sources.) Not the same as No. 5.
  10. Martha (Burr) Kirkham. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)
  11. Mercy (Unknown) Burr. (Created new Unknown LNAB profile, merged Baysey-1 into it, and created biography with sources.)
  12. Baysey Burr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for baptism.)
  13. Charles Burr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  14. Daniel Burr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, corrected birth place.)
  15. Lucretia Burr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  16. Thomas Bacon Jr.. (Deleted unsourced tag, added birth and marriages data, with sources.)
  17. Nathaniel Baker. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, and death.)
  18. Betsy (Harris) Baker. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriages, and death.)
  19. William Baker. (Deleted unsourced tag, added date and source for death.)
  20. William Bakus. (Deleted unsourced tag, Added first name, with source; added marriage and children and death data, with sources.)
  21. Sarah Bakus. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and parents.)
  22. Abigail Baldwin. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)
  23. Elizabeth (Beers) Darling. (Added source confirming marriage to John Darling)
  24. Elizabeth (Beers) Booth. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  25. Nancy Bidwell. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  26. Ruth Bidwell. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  27. Lois (Bingham) Hutchins. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)
  28. Dinah Birdsey. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, connected parents, with sources.)
  29. proposed a merge of Birdseye-113 and Birdseye-64 
  30. Eunice Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  31. Eunice Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.) This is different Eunice.
  32. Eunice Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)This is yet a third Eunice.
  33. Joannah Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  34. Mary Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  35. Robert McEwen Jr.. (Corrected birth year, added source for birth. added birthplace, marriage and source.)
  36. Mary Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added birth and marriages data, with sources.)
  37. Sarah Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  38. Thomas Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  39. William Birdseye. (Corrected birth date, added birth with source to bio.)
  40. Hannah Birdsey. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, connected to parents's profiles.)
  41. Samuel Birdsey. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  42. Mary Blakeman. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  43. Austin Blakeslee. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  44. Jacob Blakeslee. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
  45. Betsey Blakeslee. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
by Jim Parish G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
edited by Jim Parish

46. Julia Blakeslee. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

47.Jere Blakeslee. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and death; correct first name, corrected place of death from England to USA)

48.Christiana Bolles. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

49.Elizabeth (Booth) Allen. (Deleted unsourced tag, added marriage, children and death data, with sources. Disconnected incorrect father, connected correct father; added mother)

50.Isaac Booth Sr.. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

51.Mary (Bostwick) Kerley. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

52.Zadock Bosworth. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, did some bio cleanup; more needed.)

53.Abel Brewster. (Deleted unsourced tag, added marriage and children and death data, with sources.)

54.Thomas Bronson. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, and death.)

55.Stephen Buckingham. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

56.Sarah Buck. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage./)

57.Lydia Booth. (Unsourced. Corrected birth date and added source.)

58.Sylvester Booth. (Unsourced; added source for birth and death; added death data.)

59.Ebenezer Booth. (Unsourced; added source for birth.)

60.Mary Booth. (Unsourced; added source for birth.)

61.Abiah Booth. (Unsourced; added source for birth.)

62.Reuben Cook. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

63.Thankful Crippen. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

64.Benjamin Crouch Sr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, and 1800 census.)

65.Gideon Draper. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and death.)

66.Hannah (Drake) Marshall. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)

67. Proposed merge of .Edward Lake Lake-1041 and Lake-1038 with a comment.

68.Richard Lawrence. (Deleted unsourced tag, added sources for early residence in Branford, Connecticut)

69.Silence Loomis. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, added mother.)

70.Azariah Loomis. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, some children, and death.)

71.Jacob Loomis. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

72.Desire (Warner) Sanford. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage.)

73.Benjamin Warner. (Unsourced; added source for parents, birth, marriage.)

74.Ezekial Sanford. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)

75.Jonathan Sargeant. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for children, death, and certain life events.)

76.John Sergeant. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

77.Boadice Seymour. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

78.Humility (Randall) Rathburn. (Deleted unsourced tag, added marriage, children and death data, with sources.)

79.Mary Remington. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for marriage.)

80.Thomas Remington. (Unsourced profile; added marriage and source.)

81.Abigail Robbins. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

82.Samuel Loomis. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

83.Lydia Loomis. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

84.Moses Loomis. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)

85.Ezra Starr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, death.)

86.Platt Starr. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, children, and death.)

87.Elizabeth (Wills) Stearns. (was unsourced; added birth, marriage, children, death, with sources)

88.John Stearns. (Deleted unsourced tag, added sources for birth, marriage, children and death; connected daughter Nancy.)

89.John Stearns. (Was unsourced; added birth, marriage, children, death, with sources)  Different John Stearns

90.David Stearns. (Added source for birth and death, added places of birth and death, and date of death.)91.Samuel Strong Junior. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)

92.Elizabeth Waterhouse. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for marriages, children, and death.)

93.John Waterhouse. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for marriage, and death.)




  1. John Webster. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, and children.)
  2. Thankful (Weed) Reed. (Deleted unsourced tag, added birth, marriage, and death data, with sources.)
  3. Abraham Reed. (Created profile, added source for parents and birth of son Abraham.)
  4. Abraham Reed. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage and death.) (Different Abraham)
  5. Elizabeth Wooster. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth, marriage, and children.)
  6. Proposed a merge of Wright-44 and Wight-843 (Wight is sourced) with a comment.
  7. Abigail Wyatt. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for marriage.)
  8. Isabell (Wood) Knight. (Deleted unsourced tag, added sources for birth, marriage, and children.)
  9. Sarah (Thompson) Birdseye. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth and marriage.)
  10. William Thompson. (Deleted unsourced tag, corrected birth year and added source for birth.)
  11. John Tennant. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for marriage.)
  12. Luther Warren. (Deleted unsourced tag, added source for birth.)
+10 votes
I am in for September Sourcerers ...

unsourced profile with bad link for only source,
so searched & added working link

2.  from the Lost & Found Project ... (for Bud Scroggins)
which was an unsourced orphan profile - added 10 sources

3.  Iinitiated above in a merge with another unsourced profile ... (for Sylvanus Bud Scoggins)
so there will be 10 sources

adopted & changed UNKNOWN maiden surname to TAYLOR ...  & added 2 sources
& initiated merge with .Taylor-34682

adopted & corrected surname misspelling to ...  & added 1 source
& merged with

unsourced orphan profile - adiopted & added bio & source &
initiated merge with

7. added 2 sources

marked dead ancestry tree & added 1 source

two unsourced profiles were merged & 1 source added
two unsourced profiles were merged & 1 source added

from Lost & found category - added bio & 5 sources

above's wife unsourced - added headers, names, death date, location, bio & 2 sources

above's son unsourced - added headers, dates, locations, bio & 2 sources

above's wife unsourced - added headers, dates, locations, bio & 2 sources

15. unsourced profile of unknown
above's husband#2 unsourced - added headers, names, dates, bio & 2 sources

16. unsourced was merged with sourced & added FAG link

17. added 1 source

18. added 3 sources for grandson of above

19. added 2 sources for wife of above

20. corrected transposed month & day on death date & added FaG source ... then I sent a message to profile manager asking about the correct wife & he made a profle correction (from William to brother John) & I removed the FAG link & added 5 sources

by G R G2G6 Mach 1 (13.8k points)
edited by G R
+10 votes

I'm new to sourcerers challenge, sign me up if it's not too late!

1. (Death index & FAG)

2. (Birth index)

3. (US death index, state death index & FAG)

4. (US census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, state death index and FAG.)

5. (State birth index and FAG)

6. ( 2 birth records, 1895 state census, 1910 US census and 2 marriage records)

7. (state and us death indexes)

8. (FAG, 2 marriage sources, State death index and 1905 state census)

9. (US death index and state index)

10. (FAG)

11. (1900, 1910, 1920 US census and FAG)

12. (FAG, 1920 US census and social security application)

13. (FAG, 1860 and 1870 US census)

14. (death index)

15. (FAG, 4 state death index, 1885, 1895, 1905 state census)

16. (FAG, 2 State death index, 1885, 1895 State census)

17. (FAG, 2 death index, 1905 state census)

18. (FAG, 2 death index, 1885, 1895 state census)

19. (1930 census)

20. (FAG)

21. (FAG)

22. (FAG, 2 residence, marriage, death index, and obituary)

23. (FAG, marriage record, 3 residence, 1920, 1930 and 1940 census, WWII draft card, social security, 2 obituary)

24. (FAG, 

25. (FAG

by Lisa Roberts G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)
edited by Lisa Roberts
+10 votes
I'm in for September!

1 Smith-44073 three children

2 Lawrence-9167: christening, death, & parents

3 Matthews-565

4 Chase-4774

5 Moody-4049 marriage

6 Vittum-10 F-A-G

7 Chesley-156 F-A-G

8 Judkins-300 birth record

9 Joslyn-217 sourced death of her daughter

10 Merrill-161 John's marriage & birth of 3 children

11 Culver-1150 1850 Census & 1870 Census

12 Cotton-135 William's marriage, birth of a child, and his death

13 Hayes-8975 death; marriage; death of her daughter

14 Underhill-79 marriage & birth of 6+ children
by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
edited by Janine Barber
+10 votes
Former rookie, first attempt to add source to a needy profile not created by me:

by C Ryder G2G6 Mach 8 (82.1k points)
+10 votes

I'm in; let's source all the things!

  1. Eliner Chitwood(Tombaugh book source)
  2. Thomas Gott(1880 USA census)
  3. Elizabeth (Deacon) Chittum(VA marriage record)
  4. Catherine (Phillips) Dumire(WV marriage record source)
  5. Timothy Phelps(Barbour book source)
  6. Marion Butler Talbert(1910 1920 1940 census, NC death record)
  7. Bessie Talbert(1910 1920 census)
  8. Newton Talbert Sr.(1910 1920 census, findagrave)
  9. Ollie (Walters) Talbert(1920 census, findagrave)
  10. Charles W. Goddin(1888 bio sketch, Vaughan book, 1860 census, findagrave, and newspaper notice of death)
  11. Lewis Franklin Cosby(1888 biographical sketch)
  12. James Conlin Jr(1930 census)
  13. Helen Gerety(findagrave, US Soc Sec)
  14. Robert James Belsher(OR death record, 1870 1880 census, findagrave)
  15. James Watson Hunsaker(1860 census, IL burial record, Union pension file, findagrave)
  16. William Henniger(VA marriage record)
  17. Polly Jane (Gillespie) Walker(1850 1860 census, VA marriage)
  18. Anna (McMeanes) Ratliff (marriage record)
  19. Shadrach G. Ratliff(1830 1860 1870 census)
  20. Letitia Alice Williams. (Merged Williams-783 into sourced duplicate profile)
  21. Druzilla Jane (Crabtree) Akers. (Merged Crabtree-376 into sourced profile)
  22. Wellington G. Sands(findagrave)
by E. Compton G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
edited by E. Compton

23. Lewis H. Elswick(1850 1860 1870 1880 census, VA birth and death records)
24. Pricey Margaret (Hackney) Elswick. (VA death record)
Louisa B. (Peery) Moore(obituary link)

+12 votes

This is my first try, thought it would be good practice for the October challenge :)


1. Haddox-79 Me as personal knowledge source of all his info.

 2. Bailey-15800  Me as personal knowledge source of all info.

 3. Vance-2732  My grandmother’s personal recollections. First Name and death date with death certificate, also headstone link and Census 1880

4. Johnson-56052 Death Certificate link and findagrave link

5. Vance-1936 Marriage Certificate link, 1860 census, findagrave headstone (and since I ran across it while looking I added his wife, Rachel and child Levi)

by Terri Haddox G2G5 (5.1k points)
edited by Terri Haddox
6. Mace-1003 Added sources Marriage Certificate, findagrave headstone and corrected birth date which belonged to different Anna Hanger Starcher
7.  Mace-1088 Source for birth date from Book, and a land grant link
8.  Vance-1919 Source for birth date, death date, headstone and 1900 census
9.  Vance-2014 Source for birth date, death date, headstone and marriage. Also added profile for Henry's wife Emma Brown Vance.
10. Vance-2669 Added birth date, death date, corrected spelling of name with obituary and Findagrave entry.

11. Vance-2670 Added birth date and death date from findagrave, and cited his father's obituary verifying their relationship.  No public records online due to how recent the dates are.  Also did not find an obituary for Stergil.  This could be revisited at a later date when more public records are available.
12. Haddox-57 Added link to marriage certificate to source age, marriage, parents and birth place.

13. Hawkins-6709 Added link to marriage certificate to source age, second marriage, added question about mother's name
+11 votes

Edwards-13482    Sept 2017

1. Edwards-13493 Corrected name

2. Branch-982 1850 census

3. Edwards-13514 added military, FAG Link

4. Edwards-13515 Social Security Death Index

5. Borgatti-6 Parents, Marriage FAG Link and Headstone

6. Johnson-61035 FAG link and headstone

8. Sampson-775 Marriage, Obit, FAG link

9. Jones-46701 Birth, bio and sources

10 Arnold-7850 Marriage, death

11. Jones-46701 Birth

12. Arnold-7850 Death, Marriage

13. Edwards-13516 Death, Photo Bio and source

14. Standridge-168 1920, 1930, 1940, Census FAG Link

15. Standridge-169 1930 Census, Marriage, Memorial FAG Linf, Headstone

16. Standridge-167 Birth Date, Death Date and Status Indicators

17. Standridge-172 U.S.WWII Draft Card and Link

18. Owen-4791 Link to parents, Marriage

19. Edwards-13518 Birth date and location, Death date and location

20. Dodge-1904 Added headstone

21.  Deeble-93 Cleaned Bio and sourced

22. Edwards-13645 added photos and FAG Link, Death Cert, Birth location, Death location

23. Edwards-14343   UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849 and 1800 Census

24. Edwards-13647 1880 Census

25. Crouch-2223 : Biography, Birth Date and Death Date, Photo 1880, 1900 Census, Cleaned after merge.





by Gwen Fleming G2G6 Mach 2 (22.9k points)
edited by Gwen Fleming
Wishing you well and hope you get better soon. You had a great start. Happy Day!

64.  Lewis MCCulloch  (Corrected dob, dod location, confirmed parents, FAG Link, Spouse, Cemetery)

65. Ma'a-1  (birth and death locations, FAG link Photo, Family FAG links and burial info 1930 Census)

66. Willis  McCoy-4518 (edited the Birth Date, Birth Place, Death Place and Status Indicators Military)

67. McCoy-4517 Birth and Location

68. Mahala O'Neal Inge-701 Added correct death date and location, FAG Obit, Siblings Parents obiy links and pic of headstone

69. WILLIAMS-199 Marriage

70. O'Bannon-92  edited the Biography, Death Date and Status Indicators, Marriage, Parents, Military Enlistment, ref

71. O'Barr-36 Birth Death dates locations, 18 60, 1880 Census Ref.

72. Pace-1585 Birth,Death, dates and locations,1940 Census, Headstone Photo

73.  Pace-1303  DAR

74. Pace-1401  Parents links Marriage date and location 1820 Census

75. Pace-1524  Marriage, 1870 Census

76. Pace-1531  Birth, Death Dates and Locations, Marriage, 1820 Census

78. Pace-1400  Birth, Death, NC will and Probate

79. Pace-1399 Birth, Death, with locations, FAG Link Marriage

80. Pace-1979 1810 Census, Marriage

81.  Pace-1990 Marriage, 1650, 1660 Census, FAG Link 


82. Pace-1991  (birth,death dates and loc. marriage, children, FAG Link)

83. Pace-1402 (Birth and Death dates and loc. Marriage)

84. Pace-982  (parents locations, marriage children FAG)

85. Pace-1679  (loc for birth and death, FAG links for William and his Father)

86. Pace-1697 (marriage,1870 Census, shows birth and parents)

87. Tabor-1015  (dod and loc. spouse, confirmed parents, added family)

88. Tabor-1135  (Added FAG with Link and children's links, corrected birth and death locations and 1900 Census.)

89. Tadlock-14 (Birth date, death loc., Fag, Photo)

90. Tadlock-137 (Birth, Death dates and locations, Cemetery, Wives, Children added headstone photo)

91. Tadlock-119  (DOB DOD,1880,1910,1930,Census,Death Index, Marriage, Beautiful Family Photo)

92, Folmsbee-26 (Removed this person as spouse for Tadlock-119 She was posted twice)

93. Tadlock-140 (Marriage, Census)

94. Tadlock-92  (FAG Uploaded a pic of Headstone, Husbands FAG, Kids FAG,)

95. Wood-16374 (Parents, Spouse, Children w/ source and ref)

96. Tadlock-28  (dob dod loc. marriage, children, sourced and links)

97. Taefatiller-1 (Marriage, Census, Children, Military)

98. Tackett-676 (1850, 1880 Census)

99. Raab-88 (FAG Link and Info, Uploaded Beautiful Wedding Picture< Military Info.)

100. Race-353 (Death, Census, Military)


Woo Hooo Made it to 100 !!

101. Ma'a-2 (Obit)

102. Ma'a-5 (Obit)

103. Farr-1457 (Obit)

104. Ward-130  (Added parents to bio, birth, marriage,)

105. Williams-45135  (1900, 1930,Census, Obit Fag link)

106. Houser-218  (Birth, Death, cleaned bio)

107. Waddle-242 (Sourced frm. Roots web)

108. Edwards-14343 (1800 Census, Convict Prison Hulks: Registers and Letter Books)

109. Mitchum-112  (1800 census, Last name, Death Loc.)

110. Abby-29 (dob dod loc. parents FAG link obit)

111. Abby-199 (Birth and location,Parents, Excerpt from CT family history book)

112. Abbott-3965  (locations, added parents to bio Birth and death notice link)

113. Raburn-58 (added FAG link, Shows parents and sister's obit, Cemetery source)

114. Raburn-163  (Added Headstone, FAG Link,)

115. Abbott-691 (Added Sources)

116. La Fon-9  (Added Birth, Death dates and locations. Spouse, Parents, marriage data)

117.  La Durante-1 (added some family history and a link)

118. LaDuke-116   (added Birth, Death date and loc. FAG Link and headstone pic. Added Middle name and copy of daughters Birth cert. Marriage)

119. LaCroix-392  (Added a photo of Marvin, Birth info, birth cert uploaded, confirmed and added parents to bio, and marriage with link to cert and sources.)

120. Zabriskie-91  (Corrected first name spelling, added dob, dod dates, uploaded headstone and (2) personal pics. added & sourced, 1870,1880 Census, marriage info and spouce Fag link, children and their dates.)



121. Zabriskie-89  (Added Birth, Death dates and locations. Spouse, Parents Children, Headstone picture, FAG Link)

122. Zabriskie-88  (DOB, DOD dates , loc. verified parents and spouse, Baptism record,)

123. Zabriskie-105  (Bio, Sources FAG link, memorial w/ spouse and children, Birth and death dates and locations)

124. Babcock-1110 (Marriage, parents 1850 census, Added photo of Phoebe, Marriage Cert photo, Corrected Current last name)

125. Babcock-1111 (1851 Census)

126. Cable-341  (Marriage, Death FAG Link, Headstone Photo)

127.  Babcock-3423  (Birth record, Obit, Marriage,added headstone photo)

128. Standridge-57 ( Edited and sourced, added bg image)

129. Edwards-2189(Merged Edwards-13640 into Edwards-2189: Clear duplicate. Cleaned)

130. Edwards-13641  (Merged Edwards-13641 into Edwards-2196: Clear duplicate. Cleaned)

131. Edwards-2193  (Merged Edwards-13644 into Edwards-2193: Clear duplicate. Cleaned)

132. Edwards-2192  (Merged Edwards-13645 into Edwards-2192: Clear duplicate. Cleaned)

133. Bacon-3423  (Birth record, Obit, Marriage, Added headstone photo)

134. Bailey-158 (Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Parents names Sourced and ref.)

135. Babbitt-454 (added Mr. Babbitt's Portrait, Headstone and  Marriage w/source and Ref. Children, FAG. and 1850 Census)



140. Babcock-759    (Dob and Dod dates and loc. marriage, Children, FAG, Headstone and bg for profile)

141. Babcock-2626  (FAG Link, Headstone Photo)

142. S.M. Actual Surname is Jennings-1 (Surname, marriage Spouse, 1860 Fed Census, Photos of Matilda and husband Daniel)

143. Saddlemire-45 (Obit FAG link)

144. Saddlemire-48 (Obit, FAG Link)

145. Cagle-1010 (Edited Father)

146. Pruitt-423 (Edited  Parents)

147. Meek-396 (Death and 1850 Census)

148. Babcock-1971  (Birth Death dates and loc. Marriage FAG Link)

149. Babcock-2064  (Marriage)

150. Babcock-753 ( Added Marriage Date)

151. Babcook-5  (Birth/Death dates loc., Marriage, 1850 and 1880 us fed census)

152. Baber-685  (Birth/Death dates loc., added mother, FAG Link, Headstone photo, 2 marriages, Parents,Children w/FAG links)

152. Baber-758  (1920 Census, WWII Info, FAG link)

153. Back-857   (Birth Death dates and loc. Marriage FAG Link)

154. Balogh-1 (Obit)

155. Berry-15 (Residence,Marriage, Military, 1940 Census and Death)

156. Briggs-17  (Death, 1850, 1900 Census)

157. Byers-3   (Birth loc, Marriage, FAG Link and location Parents names)

158. Casey-31  (Father, Birth, Marriage, Added 4 Photos of Jesse, Obit. I also adopted this profile)

159. Wack-71  (Death Memorial, Headstone, Husband, 1900 Census)


160. Wacker-209  (Marriage, 1930 Census, Photo)

161. Wade-4766  (Marriage, Military, Death, Burial added photo)

162. Wade-4877 (Current last name, Marriage, Death loc.)

163. Wade-4802 (Marriage, Obit)

164. Wade-4800  (Marriage, 1860 Census)

165. Wade-6608 (Marriage Date and loc. Last Will and Test.)

166. Wadsworth-1081 (Marriage, Spouse's FAG , Joseph's FAG)

168.  Wadkins-127  (Marrriage 1850 Census)

169. Waehlert-1  (Birth, Obit, named parents)

170. Waeltz-8 (1900 Census, Obit)

171. Wagner-4614  (FAG, 1830 Census, Marriage date)

172. Waggoner-326  (FAG Link)

173. Waggoner-327  (FAG Link)

174. Wagner-2026   (1880,1910 Census)

175. Wagner-4005  (1900 Census, Death Cert)

176. Wagner-425  (Marriage, FAG Link)

178. Wagner-6234 (FAG)

179. Talley-1503  (Photo and headstone,FAG, Spouse her Fag Burial 1860, 1920 Census)

180. Talmage-138  (Obit Link)

181. Talmage-140 (Obit)

182. Talmadge=-137  (marriage, 1830 census)

183. Livrar-1  (Obit)

184. Tangeman-42 (Obit)

185. Tangeman-38 (Obit)

186. Tangeman-33  (1920 census, SS Application)

187. Tank--29 (Obit)

187. Tanner-2728  (Obit)

188. Tanner-2741 (Obit)

189. Tanner-2984 (Marriage, Obit)

190. Tanner-2664  (Death Cert.)

191. Tanner-2990  (marriage, 1900 Census Corrected Spouse. It was showing her father and spouse as the same person. Added her Photo)

192. Tanner-2991  (Marriage)

193. Tannehill-140  (Marriage)

194. Tanner-2291 (FAG)

195. Tannerhill-146  (corrected current last name to married name, added obit and memorial link, Husband and kids links)

196. Rabun-55 (Added Obit, FAG Link, Headstone)

197. Rader-689   (Marriage, spouse, children, FAG link Obit, parents, 1900 census Added headstone, postcard image, and portrait)

198. Rademacher-224  (Birth, Marriage Cert, Death Index, 1920 Census, Photo)

199. Rader-932 (Marriage, Obit)

200. Rader-738  (Marriage, Death)



201. Radney-13 (Death Cert. Photo added married name)

202. Radford-839 (Obit)

203. Radford-154 (Obit)

204. Radovich-7 (Marriage and Added Wedding Photo)

205. Radovich-6  (Photo, Obit, parents, Spousew/FAG Link)

206. Nicholson-4500  (Birth, Marriage, Death,)

207. Meeks-561  (Added Parents to Bio, 1810,1820,1830,1840 Census, Marriage)

208. Saddlemire-50  (1855, 65, Census, Military record)

209. Sackett-391  (1910 Census Death)

210. Safford-375 (Birth, Photo of birth cert., Spouse,added parents names to bio)

211. Safford-337  (1865 Census (showing spouse))

212. Stafford-378 (Birth Cert. added parents to bio, Marriage)

213. Stafford-391  (Obit, added parents to bio, Marriage, Burial)

214. Stafford-366 (Birth, Marriage, added parents to bio)

215. Safford-390  (Obit and memorial added parents to bio)

216. Sadler-1149 (Birth)

217. Safriet-23  (Birth, Death, added parents to bio)

218. Sage-991 (Obit, added parents to bio, Marriage, Burial,)

219 Vaccaro-93  (Birth and death certificates)

220. Vaber-1  (Marriage added parents to bio)


221. Edwards-10072  (Marriage)

222. Edwards-10131 (Obit)

223. Edwards-10158  (Obit, Spouse,Parents,children)

224. Edwards-10159 (FAG added spouse and children to bio)

225. Edwards-10506 (Dob, Dod, dates and locations, Obit, Spouse)

226. Edwards-11526 (Marriage)

227. Edwards-14653  (Photo, Death1910 Census)

228. Pace-1878  (Obit)

229. Pace-1864  (Marriage)

230. Packard-714 (Obit)

231. Padgett-320  (1800 census)





+11 votes
by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (461k points)
edited by Greg Slade
+11 votes

Profiles Improved: 9

1. Rosa Colletti Enzinna: added son's marriage license, find-a-grave

2. Joe Enzinna: added son's marriage license, find-a-grave, social security death record

3. Henry Whitmore: 1850 census, 1865 census, newspaper article about father's will

4. Mark Teager: daughter's birth record, 1895 Iowa Census

5. Lucy Teager Cheeseman: birth record, 1895 Iowa Census, social security death record, find-a-grave, billiongraves

6. Anthony Andrea Marotta: added marriage record, 1940 Census, find-a-grave, and social security death record (plus a photo out of a family album)

7. Antionette Sacca: 1930 Census

8. Anthony Sacca: 1930 census

9. Nicholene Sacca: 1930 Census

by Amanda Dunker G2G6 Mach 1 (13.0k points)
edited by Amanda Dunker

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