Elizabeth Innes, wife of William Mitchell of Virginia

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I was asked why I disconnected Elizabeth (Innes-120) Mitchell as daughter Margaret (Innes-554) Rose.  This post is to give a better place for an explanation and to provide a place for discussion.

Basically, this connection came up as part of a false royal line in the Edward III Project: Gateway Ancestors G2G thread.

10. William is the son of Margaret Hannah (Mitchell) Clay [unknown confidence
11. Margaret is the daughter of Elizabeth (Innes) Mitchell [confident
12. Elizabeth is the daughter of Margaret Innes [confident
13. Margaret is the daughter of Jean (Ross) Innes [unknown confidence
14. Jean is the daughter of Margaret (Scott) Montgomerie [unknown confidence
15. Margaret is the daughter of Walter Scott II [unknown confidence
16. Walter is the son of Margaret Douglas [unknown confidence
17. Margaret is the daughter of Margaret Hamilton [unknown confidence
18. Margaret is the daughter of Janet (Home) Hamilton [unknown confidence
19. Janet is the daughter of Agnes (Stewart) Maxwell [unknown confidence
20. Agnes is the daughter of James Stewart [confident
21. James is the son of Joan (Beaufort) Stewart [confident
22. Joan is the daughter of John Beaufort KG [confident
23. John is the son of John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG [unknown confidence
24. John is the son of Edward (Plantagenet) of England [confident

It is not an accepted line, and for good reason – it is incorrect.  As is the case 90% of the time the problem is with the immigrant ancestor for which there is no proof.

The claim here is that the immigrant is the daughter of a Margaret Innes and so a granddaughter of Sir Robert Innes of that ilk 2nd Bt.  It should be an obvious clue that there is a problem when the supposed daughter has the surname of her mother and not her father.  As a member of the Scottish peerage, these families are of course well-known.  Sir Robert Innes did have a daughter Margaret Innes who married Hugh Rose, 14th laird of Kilravock.  Their children of course have the surname Rose.  They had three children whose marriages and histories are known – none of them immigrated to Virginia.  So it was easy to quickly dismiss the very idea that Elizabeth (Innes-120) Mitchell of Virginia was a daughter of Margaret Rose and a granddaughter of Sir Robert Innes.

So, do we know who the wife of William Mitchell of Virginia is?  The answer is not really.  She is often said to be the daughter of a Hugh Innes of Bedford, Virginia and given a long line into Scotland.  This Hugh Innes, supposed father of Elizabeth Mitchell, is then said to be the same as Hugh Innes, son of Sir James Innes of that Ilk, 3rd Bt. and Margaret Ker.  Again, this is crap genealogy matching two distinct individuals together.  This Hugh Innes never came to Virginia and died in Flanders, Belgium.  It is also chronologically impossible given Sir James Innes and Margaret Ker were married in 1666, and so could not be the grandparents of someone born c1670.

Does anyone know of any real evidence for the ancestry of William Mitchell-1524 or his wife Elizabeth (Innes-120) Mitchell.  It appears to all be internet junk.

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Why Thanks Joe, for explaining. I had actually found your link to the peerages on Margaret's profile and knew you were correct. I too, wondered  why Elizabeth wasnt a Rose, if she were Margaret's Daughter. Although I am not one of her profile managers As a descendent of Elizabeth, I was curious. I would ask next time leave a small Note, on that particular profile, not here, after all disconnecting profiles is a BIG change, and needs a explaination was my only concern. This way should someone new start tinkering they know not to, that something has already been proven or disproven. Many dont read G2G post either, (I wouldnt have if someone hadnt of emailed me) Its better to make a note on that profile, that you disconnected a whole line and why and maybe even share a link to your source, that supports your changes. Little changes are another thing, i have made those and not left a note/message, but BIG Changes are something else and me personally, I do leave a note on the profile for big changes. That really was my only concern that you just did it, without leaving a note or source of your info.

I might be able to assist in this issue. My father has a DNA match to 3 of Elizabeth Innes and William Michell’s children two matches through their daughter Mary and one match through Peter John. I have mapped all these trees back to Elizabeth and William, so one of them is a descendant of a common ancestor. I suspect Elizabeth, purely as she is an Innes.  In addition, Dad has several matches with descendants of Rev Beroald Innes of Inchstellie. Beroald’s son William had several children emigrate to Virginia. I can’t see an obvious match between the two, but I am still working on it. Beroald comes from the Coxton Innes line. We only have the one Scottish line in our tree and we have only confirmed back to Charles Innes and Jane Fraser both b1820 and emigrated to Australia in 1854.  Dad is undertaking a y-DNA test to confirm an complete Innes lineage and if it indicates connections with the Coxton Innes’s, I think we will be in a better position to try and work out where Elizabeth came from. Interesting as well, but there are also a number of connections with another Elizabeth Innes b abt 1666 who married a Richard Walter Foote and lived in Chotank, Virginia. I still have to unravel that one!

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All I see as sources are family trees. Where is the evidence that these two people even existed? On Ancestry, I have seen photographs and obituaries of a Civil War vet attached to this William Mitchell as evidence. I have yet to turn up a single actual document. Junk genealogy for sure.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Thank you Deb.  I was going to bring this up.  My first step was to make the obvious break as to the supposed Scottish origins of Elizabeth Innes.

Beyond that I have had a very difficult time finding any evidence that her name even was Elizabeth Innes, or that she was a daughter of Hugh Innes (for who there are a few records), or any real evidence as to the origins of Hugh Innes.  I would like to assume that there must be a marriage record of a William Mitchell to an Elizabeth Innes, but I can't easily find it (which is surprising).

Interested descendants of this family need to take a step back and ask what is the actual evidence, and put these sources on the profile.  So my question is to those who have had a longer experience in researching this family and to the person who wanted to maintain the line, how do you even know her name was Elizabeth Innes?
So what I also gather, is Elizabeth Innes Mitchell may not have existed at all.  Again I am not the profile manager nor did I start the profile, but am suppose to be a descendant. So whoever posted it might have gotten it from a family bible or may not have the Right Elizabeth Mitchell. Perhaps Her maiden name was not Innes , but something else. Which would explain the mix-up. I will start researching this line myself and see if I can find answers.
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I dont know who keeps disconnecting Bettie Innes, as a mother to Margaret Mary Mitchell as well, but it is proven she is the wife of William Mitchell, and mother to Margaret Mary Mitchell,  as I discovered the marriage record and cited it, on her profile. I also added the father Andrew Innes and its citation of her birth record, her mother was not listed and is unknown, so I believe it, that someone added a mother with the same maiden name, as they are always disconnecting her from her child. lol. I always correct this profile when I come across these changes, no one asked me to change. Anyway I will keep researching this family and wanted to say thaank you Joe for catching this. Her mother is indeed unknown.
by Yvonne Doñate G2G3 (3.1k points)

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