New POW, WIA, DIS, templates are nice but caused all my graphics to go out of whack and I can't seem to fix it. [closed]

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I have approx. 140 plus Civil War profiles that have to be checked and/or altered . Example Braddy-77, Nathan Monroe Braddy.  Please advise.

I love the Military projects, however due to someone adding an additional template with information I already had in the profile, (Same info in 2 separate places)  I came off The Korean War, and WW2.  This should not be frustrating to members.

The Civil War Project is very dear to my heart considering I work at a CW fortification and conduct interpretative programs on the subject.  I want to continue adding profiles since I feel members of our military should never be forgotten but......urghhhhh.
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It messed up one of mine as well, so I removed that one.

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take a look now and see it it looks better...

{{ US Civil War | side = CSA}} is a project box and is placed above the ==Biography Line==

you have a timeline which you have placed above the bio line, by standards, i believe it should be below....  but for now it is still above.

the {{Roll of Honor}} templates are stickers, and they belong below the bio line.  they are displayed on the right side of the profile where they appear in the text, so you can move them up or down as desired.  if nothing else conflicts, the bio data displays to the left of the sticker until it gets below them, then it uses the full page.

one thing i noticed is if you use ---- to place a line between the sticker, that prevents the normal bio data from displaying until below that line.


you had {{Died in Military Service}}, but bio states he died while being held prisoner, so i changed that to Died while Prisoner of War, which is a fairly new status type along with Died of Wounds and Died of Disease to split those out from the generic Died in Military Service.


as to you comment about adding a template with info already in profile, YES THAT IS A MUST....  information should be in the biography and should be documented/sourced.  it should never just be in a template or category by itself.  the purpose of the template is to possibly add some graphics/text to highlight the fact on the profile, maybe add the profile to a category so it does not need an explicit [[Category: xxx]] on the profile, etc.
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Well it went from throwing off my graphics to throwing off all the info info in the biography. I give up, done with that project as well.
As far as the WW2 and Korean War, all info was sourced, I had it listed in order with graphics as well. Someone then added an additional template and used the info I had,  to enter data on the template, resulting in the same info listed again directly under what was already there.
as i said, the templates highlight what is in the biography, and are not  to be used to add new info.  can you tell me what profiles it was so i can take a look?  if it was from template updates/renames/etc...  it might have been me who did it....

if you do not like seeing things twice, just remove the template, which i believe is what you said you did....
I figured out what the problem is, the POW, and related templates were designed to go to the right, therefore it it shifts everything (data and graphics) to the opposite direction.

I already deleted the template from the WW2 and Korean War profiles that I spoke of, and yes it was you.
yes, under the new Sticker format, they all appear on the right side of the profile, displayed where you have them in the text. as long as you do not have some other item that takes up the whole page, like the ---- indicating a line across display, the other bio will display to the left of the graphic until the bottom of it, when the bio text once again uses the full page.
May I ask why it was designed to go to the right, when most everything goes left to right, with exception of  a few other cultures.

I noticed other new stickers and even a new template on the project, (that are being put on profiles other than mine) are causing the same or similar result as what it did to the profiles I manage. Did someone not test it first?
proposed and tested by Chris Whitten/wikitree management

sticker goes to the right, text goes to the left where there is space for it

there were a couple threads about it on G2G with samples Veteran, Civil War and I think Immigration and Language.  not a lot of for or against with overall membership, but like any election, more yes than no, so implementation approved...
I would have thought that they are less intrusive if on the right for those of us that read left to right but I suppose it depends on whether you want to read the biography or look at graphics. There was some discussion on G2G about the sizes and positioning of  various templates and  test versions to look at. (I think it's relevant but I have to admit I get confused as to which box is which )

Personally, I really find  flashing flags , moving words  very annoying and scroll away from them so I can't see them, thus perhaps missing parts of an interesting biography. I don't think I'm alone in this.

well, that G2G thread was about project boxes and was done awhile ago.

these are (were) recognition boxes, now stickers, and action completed yesterday.

for the recognition/sticker threads....  see

it all comes down to what you saw Monday was a recognition box, what you see today is a sticker, they were all changed over during the course of yesterday

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