Categories by watchlist?

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I wanted to make this its own question because I know its out there on multiple threads but dont want it lost...


There have been talks about making categories sortable by watchlist...

There are also talks of making categories so granular that you have unit of army of miltary of usa of this of that, etc... and while I like those, I dont want to DEFEAT this other goal...


If we are to make categories viewable for only watchlist people, will we have to go into a unit of the army of the military of the us of the... to do so or can we "see what categories are linked to our watchlist"...

This second option would be AWESOME... the first option would be terrible as you would already have to know what unit, branch of military, etc, etc to use it the other way-- really defeating the purpose.

Seeing most popular categories associated with watchlist would be awesome as well...

The watchlist view will be awesome for people who didnt create the profiles/categories, mainly because they probably dont know what they are looking for.

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i think it is useful to assume that lots of people (incl me) don't always know what we are looking for and I regularly find stuff by stumbling over it. Although I am not sure I can envisage what catergories by  Watchlist would look like - instinctively it seems a good idea, is it possible to show an example of how it would work - thanks Lindsay
by Wendy Hampton G2G6 Mach 2 (25.2k points)
What I mean is if you have a list of 40,000 Army veterans, you can remove the army vets who are not on your list... theoretically only looking at your ancestors who are army vets.

Similar to this, I would like to see a list of all the people on my watchlist who are buried in different cemeteries in Osage County, MO.  I can get a list of Osage County, Missouri, Cemeteries, but if I hit the link near the top that says "[limit to watchlist]", it just says "This category currently contains no articles or media."  It would be helpful to have a list like this when I drive through that area on vacation.

Could the category display be altered so that when you hit [limit to watchlist], it includes all lower-level entries, down to the fine points?  So if I limit Category:Missouri Cemeteries to my watchlist, it shows me all the people in my watchlist buried in MO, as well as the counties and cemeteries where they're buried?

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What are CATEGORIES?  Where are they located?  Can't find this in the help index?sad

Categories are listed here:

If you go to this profile:

Under the profile manager section you will see: Categories: Plantagenet | Order of the Garter.
It is in the help index under Using Categories:
I made some changes to the category help pages. See for a summary of them. More work still needs to be done.

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