Biography Builders Sept/Oct 2017. People born in October.

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This Month Sept. 15 through Oct 15: The theme is people born or baptized (if you don't have a birth date) in the month of October.

Biography Builders Goal: To make profiles as complete as possible with well-written biographies and sources. You should research as much as you can find on a person, writing the information onto the profiles to create as complete a life story as you can for that person. Sourcing should be full citations. This includes adding categories and links to events and people connected to that profile and citing all those additions. See the first month for examples of how to participate.

Here's our checklist:

Data Section.

  • birth date/place
  • names of parents
  • marriage date/place and spouse name
  • death date/place

Biography Section:

  • Written (full) sentences stating the facts above, adding inline sources to each fact.
  • Is the profile '''Genealogically Defined?'''
  • As a general rule biographies should be in your own words. Paraphrase and rewrite, don't copy/paste.
  • Baptism, burial, military, and other life events with inline sources.
  • Something to "humanize" the person, such as career or avocation with sources.
  • List of children with at least one pertinent fact.
  • One of the suggestions was siblings. I think this takes up real estate.
  • Explanatory remarks, if needed (i.e. Disputed persons sections, Research Notes, whatever needs extra explaining).
  • Photos or pictures, background. Not a must, but nice (you own the copyright or they are in the public domain).
  • Categories/Projects.
  • Connection to the Global Tree.
  • All duplicates merged or initiated.
  • Links to persons and events, perhaps from Wikipedia.
  • Historical context as related to the person's life.
  • Sources, Sources, Sources.

You can see some ideas on where to find some of this information on the Biography Builders space page, linked below.

Use "comments" below to ask questions.

WikiTree profile: Space:Biography_Builders
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1m points)
edited by Anne B

Nice job everyone.

The August theme Great-great-grandparents had an excellent turn out: 25 participants, 14 of them were new, 7 people got all 16 of their gggrands. Michelle Wilkes was able to do 23, including some that belonged to her significant other.

There were 15 participants in September. Joan Whitaker did 40 bios in September. Way to go Joan.

I'll look at the totals later today, so you have a little time to put the finishing touches on the profile you're working on.


I just did last months count. Besides Joan's 40 bios, Bob Keniston and Connie Graves both reached 100 bios this month



I would like to join this month's challenge. "Sept. 15 through Oct 15: The theme is people born or baptized (if you don't have a birth date) in the month of October"

How do I get started?


Hi Loretta, I put a message on your profile.

1. Write a bio for someone born or bpt in October.

2. Answer the question by posting a URL. You can edit your answer to add more bios. Take a look at some of the bios here, to get ideas, if you need them.
Now that Stickers are a thing, what would it take to get a "Genealogically Defined" sticker that links back to the free-space page? Do stickers have to have an associated category?
Good questions, I don't have answers. Maybe a G2G thread or a quick email to Abby.

21 Answers

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can we also add those baptised in October (in the absence of a birth date)?as I'm working on people born prior to civil registration in the UK and Scotland, and most of the time a birth date wasn't given,

I will run through my anniversary list first though as that is a quick way to find everyone born in October!

1) Nunn-1353 born 7th October 1848. Added place categories, "genealogically defined" death details, list of children with birth years/places. Census details 1851-1911.

grandson of above born on her birthday

2) Dennison-888 born 7th October 1897. Tidied up bio - added census details into separate section to make in-line sourcing better. Added catergories and "genealogically defined".

3) Molloy-665 born 20th October 1874 Added baptism details, marriage details, list of children with birth dates/places. 1881-1911 census Added categories and "genealogically defined"

4) Molloy-663 born 21st October 1885 added 1901 census and place categories

5) Phillpott-19 born 25th October 1913 added UK project place template

by Michelle Wilkes G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
edited by Michelle Wilkes
Yes absolutely bapt. date in lieu of birth is ok.
Thanks MIchelle, your up to 83 total
+11 votes

I'll join again. Loved this last month. Much more satisfying than just finding sources or correcting errors. Like Michelle though, nearly all of mine are in the UK and many of them have only baptism dates. It would be great if we could work on them as well.

1. Edith Gyte 17 Oct 1894 - Added biography, Birth and Death certificates, UK project place template.
2. Ethel Gyte 17 Oct 1894 - Added biography, Birth and Death certificates, UK project place template.
3. Ann Rebecca Pinion 2 Oct 1840 Added biography, census data, children, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
4. Prudence Redfern 10 Oct 1887 Added biography, census data, UK project place template.
5. Hannah Orwin 12 Oct 1791 Added biography, improved source information and UK project place template.
6. Sidney Hargate 12 Oct 1897 Added biography, census data, sourced marriage, UK project place template.
7 Hannah Gyte 13 Oct 1870 Added biography, census data, children, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
8 George Spencer Count 14 Oct 1877 Sources put inline, census data added, children added,UK project place template and genealogically defined.
9. William Taylor 20 Oct 1824 Added biography, more sources, census data, parents and children, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
10. Aaron Spray Nuttall 21 Oct 1868 Added biography, more sources, census data, children, UK project place template.
11. Frederick William Hitch 25 Oct 1882 Added biography, parents and siblings, census data, more sources, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
12. Jacob Gyte 28 Oct 1867 Added biography, census data, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
13. Hugh Gyte 28 Oct 1869 Tidied up biography and put sources inline. Added burial record, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
14. George Orwin, baptism date 8 Oct  1831 Added biography, census data, children, newspaper report, UK project place template, and more sources.
15. James Williams 27 Oct 1918 Added biography, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
16. Ann Birks, christening date 24 October 1734 Added biography, parents, sources for christening and marriage, UK project place template. Proposed a merge.
17. Lucy Whitaker 8 Oct 1881 Linked children, Added UK project place template and genealogically defined.
18. Arthur Birks christening date 3 October 1869 Added biography, census data, more sources, UK project place template.
19. Eliza Alice Birks christening date 5 October 1873 Added biography, sources, census data, husband and children, UK project place template and genealogically defined.
20. Thomas Hargett christening date 23 October 1673 Added biography and put sources inline, UK project place template.
21. Hannah Epworth christening date 5 October 1766 Added biography with inline sources, children and UK project place template.
22. George Jonathan Wardingley christening date 8 Oct 1856 Added biography with inline sources, census data, UK project place template, genealogically defined.
23. Joseph Winder christening date 28 October 1787 Added biography and UK project place template.
24. George Wright christening date 6 October 1839 Added biography, census data, UK project place template.
25. Naomi Wright christening date 6 October 1839 Added biography, census data, UK project place template.
26. Ann Wright christening date 6 October 1839 Added biography, census data, UK project place template.
27. William Wright christening date 6 October 1839 Added biography, census data, UK project place template.
28. Mary Wright christening date 6 October 1839 Added biography, census data, UK project place template.
29. John Dickinson christening date 24 October 1808 Added biography, census data, added wife and children, estimated death and marriage template, UK project place template.
30. Ann Winder christening date 30 October 1785 Added biography, UK project place template, enstimated death template.

by Joan Whitaker G2G6 Mach 5 (57.4k points)
edited by Joan Whitaker
Yes using baptism date if you have no birth is ok.
Keep it up you'll reach 100 soon.
I have over 2000 to do yet.
I hope we keep having theme's that fit your ancestors, because you're really on a roll.
Lots to go yet. Just found five in one family christened on 6 October 1839. None next week though. I'm cruising the Mediterranean.
ooo, Cruising the Mediterranean, very nice. I'd probably have wikitree withdrawal.
I am taking my Ipad with me, so I should be OK
Hope you had a good time cruising.. Your bio building is cruising along too. Thank you
+11 votes

These are fun.hope to find people to add for this month.

1.Katherine Claas: 18 Oct 1868 (

2.Gregor Umhoefer: 23 Oct 1893 (

3.Alois Edward Claas 13 Oct 1917 (

4.Joseph Claas 17 Oct 1900 (

5.George Parkinson Irving 20 OCT 1886, (

6.Francis Marion Robins 3 October 1876 (

7.James Baron Oaks  14 OCTOBER 1860 (

8. Lydia Card October 1838 (

Already submitted:Carlton Bryon Clark in Great Great Grandparents 

by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Mach 1 (13.3k points)
edited by Jennifer Robins
Thanks Jennifer for participating.
+11 votes

Born in the month of October (which could mean baptised pre-1837 in England).  Linked when BioBuilt:

1.   Mahala (Ball) Brooking: 12 Oct 1856
2.   William Henry Blagdon: 27 Oct 1827
3.   Habbackuk Buckingham: 26 Oct 1806
4.   Ernest Murch Haywood: 19 Oct 1897
5.   Thomas Dunstone: 25 Oct 1783
6.   John Edgecombe: 5 Oct 1783
7.   Christopher Hingston: 13 Oct 1633
8.   Susanna (Damerell) Wood: 4 Oct 1801
9.   Ralph Ley: 27 Oct 1711
10. Charles Huddy Norrington: 16 Oct 1828
11.  Hannah (Snowden) Ball: 29 Oct 1847
12. James Stanton: 22 Oct 1717
13. John Stumbles: 15 Oct 1776

by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (610k points)
edited by Ros Haywood
Not only does Habbakuk have that great name (mouthful that it must have been) but he lived in a place called Foleshill. :) Thanks Ros
+10 votes

Here are some of my October birthdays. I will link them when completed.

  1. Luana Harte Beebe-978 3 Oct 1814
  2. Verneda Ribordy-11 23 Oct 1928
  3. Anna Blystone-101 18 Oct 1835
  4. Barbaretta Blystone-89 15 Oct 1860
  5. Ruby A Toombs-154 02 Oct 1891
  6. Charles Porter Davis-40902  31 Oct 1893
  7. John Davis-40921 24 Oct 1914
  8. John Monroe Davis-40915 29 Oct 1897
  9. Merton W Davis-40252 30 Oct 1877
  10. Tracy F French-5937 14 Oct 1894
  11. Emma Jeffs-287 5 Oct 1850
  12. Rachel Zornes-52 21 Oct 1843
  13. Pansy Zornes-58 01 Oct 1897
  14. Dorothy Moon-3318 30 Oct 1849
  15. Hugh Moon-3611 21 Oct 1847
  16. Lee Roy Moon-1880  17 Oct 1891
  17. Volney Moon-2950 Oct 1898
  18. Rose Davis-40904 6 Oct 1895
  19. Asenath Moon-3656  15 Oct 1863
by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (548k points)
Emma, none of your October bios got linked. Does that mean you didn't get a chance to finish any?
Sadly, Anne,  between the SAT and a two week vacation, I did not get any finished :-(
Vacation trumps wikitree anytime. :)
+9 votes

Interesting.  Will see who I can dig up this month.(That's a little bit of a joke.  Dig up, Halloween--ha Ha.)  Oh well, haven't had my coffee yet.

  1. Martha (Daniels) Cartmell 
  2. Talitha (Hinds) Smith
  3. Talitha (Daniels) Johnson
  4. Martha Wilson
  5. Henry Williams
by Connie Graves G2G6 Mach 4 (40.6k points)
edited by Connie Graves
Good job on reaching 100.
Thanks Pat.  It was fun and I like the little colored quill pen sticker. :)
Totally spendid Connie. Thank you
+9 votes
I'm looking forward to working on this month's Biography Builders challenge.  October is my own birthday month-it obviously won't count for this challenge, but I'll continue to think of ways to improve my own profile as well.
by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (168k points)

1.  Charles Joseph Brasseur: 4 October 1821 Biography written

2.  Léopold Demomère: 7 October 1799: In progress

3.  Zoé St-Pierre: 13 October 1825: Biography written

4.  Marie-Madeleine Milet: 21 October 1756: Biography written

5.  Marie Louise Terrien: 30 October 1706: Biography written

6.  Eloi Roy: 12 October 1734: Biography written

Haha Greg!  I think your profile should count for your birthday ;-)
Emma's comment made me curious. You have a very nice profile. It has lots of information. Thank you.
+8 votes

I'm onboard for another month.
1. Joseph Estabrook Oct. 10, 1690 Sources, Bio DEFINED
2. Hannah (Estabrook) Hubbard Oct. 6, 1731 Sources, Bio DEFINED
3. Caleb Harrington Oct. 28, 1751 Sources, Bio DEFINED
4. Joel Harrington Oct. 31, 1754 Sources, Bio DEFINED
5. James Mirick Oct. 26, 1696 Sources, Bio DEFINED 

by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
edited by Bob Keniston
Good job on reaching 100.
Thanks, Pat.
+9 votes

OK, I have to be in as both my parents and my step-grandfather were born in October as well as a number of other direct line ancestors that I've worked on. Time to spruce them up; will add links and/or delete lines as appropriate

#12 Rachel Helms-527 McGee - Genealogically Defined

Already submitted:

  1. Charles E McGee-1620 - June/July 2017
by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (221k points)
edited by Debi Hoag
Nice Profile Debi. Thank you.
+7 votes

Here I am again. My Dad was born in October, so will work on his side of the fam-damily, as Mom used to say.
1. Dr. Herriot C. Rooth, October 23, 1867
2. Josephine Russell Jones, October 8, 1882
3. Esther Borden Lippincott, October 9, 1754
4. Harriet Seymour Carscallen, October 13, 1863
5. Richard Reginald Rooth, October 17, 1884
6. Naomi Maud Harris, October 22, 1883
7. W. Clifford Armstrong, October 29, 1873
8. Elizabeth Hurd Powell, October 1, 1823

by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Mach 8 (88.2k points)
edited by Laurie Cruthers
Very cool house on Seymour-1592
Thanks, Anne. If I ever get back to Chicago, I'd love to visit it. It's a museum now.
Congrats you got to 50 profiles Laurie.
Thanks, Anne!
+7 votes
I've just started doing some biographies in the last couple of days and this challenge popped up yesterday. I've signed up for it but would like to sign up for Biography Builders in general, not just for this month's challenge. Is this possible?
by Dianne Staples G2G2 (2.4k points)
There isn't a separate sign up. Just "finish" (term used loosely, because there's always new stuff to find) a bio, Add it to your answer here. When you get to ten (cumulative), you get a neat "sticker" for your profile.

New Challenge starts today. Unsourced profiles

+7 votes

Here is my list:
1. Katharine Duncan  b. 11 Oct 1745 Sourced biography added.
2.Euphan Sharp b 06 Oct 1777 Sourced biography added.
3. Jane Crisp Old b 14 Oct 1821 Sourced biography added.
4. Humphrey McAusland bap. 15 October 1699 Sourced biography added.
5. Isabel Wilson b. 17 Oct 1788 Sourced biography added.

6. Elisabeth Old b. 22 Oct 1818 

Sourced biography added.

Also catching up by taking the great grandparents challenge (i) below was born on 10 Oct 1830:

i William Old. Sourced biography added.
ii Janet Stratton Craig Sourced biography added.
iii George Kidd Sourced biography added.
iv Margaret Wood Selkirk Sourced biography added.
v James Scott Sourced biography added.
vi Agnes Hogg Sourced biography added.
vii Walter Fergus Rae Sourced biography added.
viii Janet Elder Sourced biography added.
ix Hugh Weir McAusland Sourced biography added.
x Sarah Sim Lindsay 

Sourced biography added.

xi Thomas Henderson Drysdale Sourced biograhy added.

xii Mary Hunter

xiii George Bingham

xiv Catherine Hume

xv Andrew Philp Sourced biography added.
xvi Jane Eliza Kirk Sourced biography added.

by I O G2G6 Pilot (218k points)
edited by I O

Try putting a hashtag in front of each child's name. Make sure it's the first character and there are no extra line breaks between lines. It will give you a nice indented numbered list of children. Help page. Example

# Allan Old (born 07 November 1853) [7]
# Janet Old (born 1857) [8]
# Jane Old (born 19 March 1858) [9]
# John Craig Old (born 17 April 1860

Thanks for the comment.

I think a numbered list is better as you can see how many profiles rather than just a list of hashtags where you have to do the count manually?
Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant in your biographies (for the children's list). It saves having to number manually.
Ah, thanks.Yes, that's a great idea.
Great job Iain. Thank you.
+7 votes

I'd like to sign up. How do I view my progress on the Challenges tracker?

1. Agnes Wood 17 Oct 1868

2. George Beacroft 26 Oct 1882

3. Theresa Rawlinson 28 Oct 1873

4. Clara Bradford 30 Oct 1880

5. Amy Markwell 8 Oct 1858

6. Marjorie Beacroft 5 Oct 1900

7. Ena Merle Holmes 30 Oct 1915

8. Cedric Holcombe 3 Oct 1895

by Dianne Staples G2G2 (2.4k points)
edited by Dianne Staples

Hi Dianna. The Bio Builders tracker spread sheet is here, you can access it from the bio builders space page (at the bottom), which you can get to from the question at the top of this page, or you can bookmark any of the above. I update the page once a month, usually on the 16th.

Hi Anne, I actually meant on the challenges tracker that now comes up after I edit a profile, but I think this is just a way of tracking what you've done on each profile, is that right?
I wondered, if that's what you meant. I don't know how the tracker works yet, or where to access results, but for the moment, since the tracker started after this month's start, we'll have to continue with the old method. I like being able to see everyone's list. And I know several of us read random profiles from the group.
Thanks Diane
+6 votes

I won't be able to do many this month but the one I picked first was a doozy: 

1. Esther Eugenie Yott Whitmore (1888-1949) - it's like a movie! (DEFINED)

2. Lewis Washburn Abbott (1887-1977) (DEFINED)

3. Jane Abbott (1919-1919): Only lived a day. She's not defined because I only have a Find-a-Grave entry for her hat does not include a photo. 

4. Edwin Manktelow: I cleaned up a GEDCOM merge, added Census records, and added the link to his spouse. 


Other Candidates: William Wallace WhitmoreOrrin ShuttsNathan Hoag, Mary J. Goodrich, Thomas Whitmore, Finette Bigelow

by Amanda D. G2G6 Mach 1 (12.4k points)
edited by Amanda D.
O yes, that's quite a tale. I've been to Lockport. It's named for the locks on the Erie Canal. You can watch the boats go up and down. And the First Presbyterian Church has really nice stained glass windows, some of them done by Tiffany.
Thank you Amanda
+6 votes

I'll do a few this month: just had to try out the challenges Tracker:
1. Fred Scholl born October 8, 1884. added research note about a source, Floating Flask Brings Luck.

2. Ashbel Fuller born October 14, 1765. (added free-space source, updated bio, added categories)

by Pat Credit G2G6 Mach 6 (64k points)
edited by Pat Credit
The first time it popped up, I just happened to be finishing an Oct bio. It's really easy, but it definitely misses "something"
The note in the bottle story is really fun Pat. My older brother would throw bottles with notes into bodies of water, but never got any back.
+4 votes
I'll give it a go, but not sure that I have very many born/baptized in my tree but I will go for it anyway!
Hope you have someone b. or bpt. in October. Remember to log in when you post them

Here's a good way to check: Anniversaries

+5 votes
How did I never notice this challenge before? I'm a little late to the party, but I'll join.

Edited to say: I disagree about not including siblings in a profile. If that's what I find first, I include it. I also include it when it helps to clear up any confusion between people of the same name, in the same family and generation and  in the same village or area. As an Acadian, I get more than our fair share of these!
by Denise Chiasson G2G6 Mach 1 (17.2k points)
Jump right in any time. Just write a nice bio for someone born in October and start a list after your answer here. And please feel free to include siblings. Frequently researching siblings leads to the answers you're trying to find.
...especially if you didn't link the siblings due to lack of sourcing!
+5 votes

This was fun. Here is my October list so far:

1) Donald White O'Keefe  20 Oct 1927 "genealogically defined"
2) Mary Levis 9 Oct 1685 "genealogically defined"
3) Samuel Pennock 8 Oct 1816 "genealogically defined"
4) Moses Pennock 14 Oct 1786  "genealogically defined"
5) Johannes Bodenmann Born 4 Oct 1858  "genealogically defined"
6) John Hall 19 Oct 1666 "genealogically defined"
7) Benjamin Lee Pinder 21 Oct 187 "genealogically defined"
8) Sarah Ellen Pinder 18 Oct 1871 "genealogically defined"
9) Abigail Crossman 7 Oct 1690 "genealogically defined"
10) Catharine V Russell 16 Oct 1879 "genealogically defined"
11) Matthew White 25 Oct 1676 "genealogically defined"
12) William White  28 Oct 1692 "genealogically defined"
13) Mary Hall 3 Oct 1672 "genealogically defined"

All have been edited to include bio's in sentence form.

by John Sigh G2G5 (5.4k points)
edited by John Sigh
Thanks John
+4 votes
I'm just starting the challenge for the first time. Do biographies from new profiles a member is setting up count towards the goal, or is it strictly October birthdays and baptisms?
by Belinda Pereira G2G2 (2.3k points)
Each month the theme changes, so this month only the profiles of people who were born or baptised in October should count towards the challenge total, but you can still try to add as much as you can to other profiles you create.

This month I only have a few profiles that count towards the challenge as I'm struggling to find many that fit this months criteria, so I'm busy plugging away at all my branches until I come across someone that was born/baptised in October.

The theme is people born or baptized (if you don't have a birth date) in the month of October.

We've never made a rule that new profiles don't count... So new profiles count, but they have to fit the theme. (this month b. / bpt. Oct.)

Just so you know the theme will change on the 15th.
Cool. Thanks.
Would be great if there was a quick way to find everyone on wikitree born in a particular month and also find everyone that was baptised in a particular month (in the absence of a birth date) there a way to do this?
Not as far as I know, but in the category lists birth dates are shown. So for instance I went to the Founders of Hartford category and found the Oct folks.  For the most part if there isn't a birth, but is a baptism that date will be in the birth field.
+4 votes

I'm actually just doing some general work, but thought I'd provide what I came across:

Franklin Coon - Got rid of the old import sources and replaced more specific inline sources as found on; made the bio more complete

David Hoffman (genealogically defined)

Lydia Coon

Ethel Rosten

Incidentally, I kept the Ancestry-style format of bold-faced sections for Birth, Death, Burial, Residences, etc. Is that okay, or is just plain ol' prose preferred?

by Eric Hoffman G2G6 Mach 1 (16.9k points)
edited by Eric Hoffman
I got some feedback that I should ditch the Ancestry-style bio. I'll revise & continue on that way, then.

Yes that's much better Eric.


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