Why the sudden flood of old Shared Photo posts?

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Why the sudden flood of old Shared Photo posts, that are pushing all the other discussions off the main page?

in The Tree House by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
recategorized by Dorothy Barry
Wouldn't it be nice if Shared Photos had a channel of their own!
or maybe a free space page for the various photos, and then fewer posts to advertise it.
Let's do that for Wonderful Wikitree notices too.
J. Crook, if that were an answer, I would +1 it.
Eva, and other WikiTree members:  

Good news, photos have their own category "PHOTOS" now.  So if any of our members submitted a shared photo and it went into "The Tree House", and you want them together with all the other great photos, could you change your category to "Photos" please!!!  (Just go to "edit question" if you wrote the actual question, and change the category!!!!)

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Sorry.. that may be me. I'm just going through the old photos and commenting on those who don't have comments. :) And some are really cool!
by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (947k points)
Which is nice of you, but it knocks all the other questions off the page : (
Well I haven't noticed it knocking anything off but I don't have "photos" as a tag on my profile either. :/
I don't have photos as a Tag either. But whenever you answer a post, it moves it up to the head of the list on the first page of the forum. And that moves other posts down and eventually off. Of course, I can see the other posts if I want to go down to the bottom of the page and click on "full list of questions."
Weird because when I click on the "questions" tab it still shows the questions as they are entered in and not showing all the ones I commented on, on the main feed. *shrug*
Yes you are correct, if you click on the questions tab. But if you just click on G2G from the help Index or from the first page of WikiTree, you don't get the questions in the order they were posted. You get the questions in the order they were answered.

You get the questions in the order they were answered

- which is usually what you want when you do a quick check for "what's new"


Yes, Charlotte, it was you (I just didn't want to call you out directly, even though anyone can see) :)

You're not doing anything wrong, per se. And you've got good intentions. Its just a little bit annoying having the other questions bumped off the main G2G page. We'll get over it. :)

That's how its designed. I'm just hoping for a better design :)

maybe you could space them out over a few days time.
I get my G2G questions through a feed reader, so I hadn't seen it as a problem.
We do need a better design All these 'wonderful wiki tree people' or when someone decides to select best answers from old questions relegate recently answered or commented on questions down the list. I'm not in the US so  in a different time zone to most users and often completely lose track of  what happened to recent comments made ( in my case probably  my fault for using comments more often than answers but that is another issue!) I can't see if there is any reply unless I manage to find the original question by searching.

One solution would be to have more than one page for 'recent activity' then they wouldn't be lost as soon as they scroll off the page.
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Thank you Charlotte for the comments you are making on the photos that have been uploaded.  You need not apologize for your work on WikiTree - I think it's great!  WikiTree project PHOTO OF THE WEEK PROJECT is a wonderful addition to our WikiTree.

It is ok, however, to space this work out so that one project is not expounded too the detriment of others.

Applause ... for your work Charlotte.

by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (238k points)

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