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Aert van Wagenen who is assumed to have been from Wageningen, Gelderland in the Netherlands, as his name as a toponymic might suggest, but who is also believed to have been the son of Jacob Adriaensz Wagenaer (the wagoner) of Utrecht, has a duplicate that needs to be merged.

No records have been located for these folks in the Netherlands. At his eldest child Neeltje's marriage, she states that she is from "Achtien Hooven", which is determined to be Achttienhoven, South Holland in the Kingston DRC book, though there was an Achttienhoven in Utrecht. His next oldest child, Grietie, states at her marriage that she is from Utrecht.

It is clear from New Netherland records that Aert's secondary name was Jacob* and that the surname van Wagenen came in to use later. As with all of the folks from Albany, since there are no church records prior to 1683, it's probably best to keep Jacobsen as is for the LNAB.

Are there any issues or concerns? If not I'll merge the duplicate into Jacobsen-1315 in 30 days.

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No problems with the merge, but I think maybe this is not known by everyone so I'll add it here just in case, the Utrecht archive is tricky, they Indexed all children with 'Last names', this normally if people used or had clear last names (like a farm name or something other then a patronymic) of course would be no problem, but if they didn't and were only known by patronymics, it can be or create problems.

To be more specific, if parents only were known by their patronymics for last name, in Utrecht the patronymic of the father (his fathers first name+ending) was added as last name for the children, so if a father was named for example Aert Jacobs(en), all children are Indexed with Jacobs as their 'last name', which for the ones that were born with just a patronymic of course is wrong, because they would be children of Aert, not children of their grandfather Jacob, so their patronymic would be  Aerts(z) or a version of that, not Jacobs(z)(en).

We contacted the archive about this and they explained this indeed was a problem but they couldn't fix it because that of course would mean they all would have to be Indexed all over again, so it's important we all are aware of this because we all will have to correct the wrong 'last names /patronymics' ourselves.
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