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This family is so difficult!  It twists and turns and has alias all over.  And then documents are there and then are gone...  but now it comes down to a merge that won't take and two identities that wouldn't accept the husband(s).

There is Mary Louise Einboden born to Albert Jame Einboden and Mary Ann Dance.  

In the 1900 census, She is listed as Mary with her parents in Detroit, Michigan, with a sister Louise and a sister Viola.   They are all using the name Wilson, an alias, as the parents have yet to be found married.

There are marriages for a Mae E Einboden and a Louise Einboden that everyone claims to be the same.  She is called by her family as May.  Known as May.  But on her marriage records she does not list herself as May or Mae.  She is married to a George L Crooks, and as of today, he's not coming up or isn't listed on Wikitree anymore that I can find as of tonight.

Okay, so what I found years ago was taken down and now is available again and I am taking what I found and trying to source it.  It again is becoming a problem.  

My Great Grandfather is....

Albert James Enboden.  He married an Emily Reevely.   There are no children on record for them.   Emily takes off to the states, the 1900 census showed her in Indiana as Emily Einboden and an infant daughter Louise Einboden.  This census is not showing up on Ancestry nor Family search any longer and needs to be physically pulled and looked at.  I have searched all of Emily's marriages and census trying to figure this out. Her daughter changes names numerous times.

Albert has a brother Peter Einboden who marries Mary Ann Dance.  Albert is a witness at this marriage.  Records seem to indicated they DID NOT have any children together.  Mary Ann leaves the country too, with Albert James Einboden and they assume the alias Wilson.  There has not been a marriage found for them, but there has been a divorce found.  Mary divorces James Albert Wilson in Wayne county, Michigan, and she uses the initial marriage date between she and Peter plus 1 day.   There is a birth record between Albert Einboden and Mary Ann Dance for Mary Louise Einboden.  In the 1900 census, there are three daughters with James A and Mary Ann, Louise, May and Viola. There is a birth record for Viola, my great grandmother in Michigan to James A Wilson and Mary A Dance.   There are death records for James A Wilson and Mary Ann Wilson in Michigan.  James lists his mother as Hannah Martin, who is the wife of Johann Peter Einboden.   Mary Ann's maiden name is listed as Dance and Richard Dance III comes and arranges her burial.

There is a sister, Phoebe Einboden, who marries Richard Dance, Mary Ann's brother.

The Dance family originates in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Richard Dance marries a Elizabeth Switzer a spinster.  He is a widower.  They are the parents of Richard Dance II who's marriage(s) need figured out.  There's listings in marriage records for Richard and Mary Ann Dance as Sarah.  And marriage records for an Elizabeth Dance or Dauncy, daughter of Patrick....

The big issues and the head ache is the Louise's.  

If you follow Emily Reevely Einboden and her three marriages after Albert Einboden;  her daughter's name changes in each of her marriage records.

 I would appreciate some assistance with this family.  It's causing confusion and discrepancy.  I have used the certain and uncertain and other used names on Wikitree, but there doesn't seem to have the same on familysearch.  I am trying to stick to the actual records available and when uncertain have made a new parent for each child.  I figure that those being married know their own names and parents.  So if they don't match the family tree, I make a new person. I have learned to use the Wikitree option of do not show this relationship as married in each others profile, to assist in cutting the confusion.   Today, the confusion has gone to overload.  An additional issue is that some of this family is LDS and the changes is making a mess of their church records and family.  I can understand the upset.   An option that was used a few years ago, before I got on Wikitree is that they made up two different profiles for Albert James Einboden and James Albert Wilson.  But the problem is, that when taking a dna test, then we don't have a tree.  I had this tree on ancestry, set on private and records, people where deleted from it.  I had it saved elsewhere.

If any of you pros would give this tree a look see, I would appreciate it.  I'm sure all of us involved would.  It's not a dispute, just a confusion.

Another match that I came across is that there is a possible match with another Einboden sister. Catherine who married Samuel Young.  One of her children married George L Crooks, and then divorced him, then he married one of Albert's daughters.   This too would be putting a mess in the LDS tree.

This is one HOT MESS.

I do seem to notice that records that were blacked out, record disappearances are slowly coming back.  I have noticed too that indexes have changed names. It's only when I can look at the actual documents that I can be certain now.   Which is what I had done with Ancestry.  But I made a huge mistake.  I didn't download all of them.  Many I found on the state websites.  You can see the actual documents.  

Please anyone, help clarify this.  Instead of finding a "family" I'm ticking people off.  I now but Einboden 13 and Einboden 14 no longer exist on Wikitree.  So stuff is disappearing again before my eyes?  :(

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My grandmother told me many years ago that her two Uncles, Peter and Albert Einboden switched wives.  It was apparently quite a scandal at the time.
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well anonymous, I'd love to speak with you:)
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Hi Marg, you really have my interest here. I understand having a complicated family. What I'm going to do is start a tree on Ancestry and maybe starting from square one can clear things up a bit.
by Amanda Frank G2G6 Mach 5 (50.3k points)
I still don't understand what you mean when you say they are disappearing or taken down. I can see both Einboden-13 and Einboden-14. I thought it was not possible to remove a profile from Wikitree.

When I asked for help help help the two Id’s I tried to enter were the Einbdoen 13 and Einboden 14, and it came up that they did not exist.  I freaked and went to look and they were gone, so I hurried up and used Einboden-1. I was also trying to put up the Id for a George L Crooks, who was a spouse of one of them.   He has been removed from the profile.  There were bio’s for them too.  So now, perhaps that I have shared this, things are coming back?  I can’t explain this but it is the same thing that happened at ancestry.  I don’t understand this at all, as I have other family trees that also have some crazy stuff.  I have a line of folks who were Kentucky feudists.  But no-one seems to be freaking out over it.  I have lines that go back into slavery, and no one seems to be upset when we recognize it.  I have never seen anything like this in any of the other trees I’ve worked on.  I have learned over the years on ancestry, to set things as private until you actually have it right because some folks don’t appreciate your searching methods and too many don’t read the sign that says in process of researching and only up for clues….

Amanda, I just logged into the ancestry with my friends account.   I see the death record that you found, yes, and they have his father's name as James.  James for a father is incorrect but Hannah Martin as his mother is.  Nancy Turner, who did the book on this family had put a copy of this in her book.  It's how I got started.     Years ago, when I started working on this family,  on Ancestry, I found his wife with using the Einboden name in Indiana, with an infant daughter in 1900.   HIS WIFE, not concubine/sister in law.  That record is gone and you will not find it, I have even had the state library in Indian search today, problem is they are all using the same  data base as ancestry or family search.  I checked the national archives, they are referring us to family search.  So what i think has happened, is the census hasn't changed, that the indexing may have.  So to re-find the docs, I have to do it the old fashioned way.  Go and pull the films and search them.  I've done it before, lots of times, and I may even have the 1900 Indian census on disc that I purchased in the 1980's as I have had numerous family lines from the area.  But it's not searchable.   

I do know that Albert's wife was married in Marion County to Clifford A Thompson in 1901, and can hopefully narrow it down to Marion County and a township.  On ancestry, I just did that with Marion County, all females born around 1865 born in Canada and living in Marion County, Indiana and all of Indiana.  There's just over 2 million possibilities, but again thats the index/transcription.  So I would have to go over the whole county line by line.

The only thing that comes up for her second husband now, on ancestry, is marriage records.  These are accurate.  If I go back down to Indiana and narrow the search to the township he lived in, that should help.  But really, why would I do that, as she married out of the family and someone doesn't want me to find her daughter again.  

The resources I had on his daughters with Mary Ann Dance as Wilson girls, that I had up from family search and were linked are gone but the indexing is there.  They aren't "linked" to the records.  When I go to find them, they aren't going to be there.  

I also searched the National Archives for other possible places to find the census, and all of them are associated with family search or ancestry.  The government has turned complete control of our public domain to them.  Heritage, Roots, etc... all use the same.   So one little change in the index, or a "misspelling" and you are not going to find it. It has to have been really hacked up for no one to be able to find it using soundex.  

When I call, I sound like a lunatic or a conspiracy theorist.  LOL.  Is knowing my family history that important.  Maybe this has just become an addiction and I should find another hobby.  When I called ancestry, just like all of you they said  this cannot be done.   And here on Wikitree, the profiles are back, just changed.   

I have been informed that ex-communicants have the same problem and work on their trees but don't post them.

So this is a legacy/situation that will continue on for this line of my family forever.  Unless they are constantly going over the line by line and double checking.  I think, I'm going to give up on it.
Oh yea, the 2 million is just for Marion County. HA.
My first thought was witness protection even though I knew that couldn't be so you don't sound crazy to me. I had actually found 2 records for Albert James in Detroit where he is actually listed with the last name Einboden. They were city directories for one for 1905 and one for 1906. Great thing about these besides the last name is that they have his original first name, Albert, here and have his occupation, tailor, so it is pretty obvious it is him. I can either send you the links or add it to his page which ever one you prefer. In regards to his father, it looks like James might also in a way be correct. Johann may have been his first name but from what I can see fast it was common for Germans to use there second name or middle name. Even though they lived in Canada he was German and probably kept with this tradition.
I have the directories too, they end I think in 1907.  I don't know if he paid for them in advance or not and they just ran out.   But he was in his Wilson shop when he was by I think 1906.  Grand River was a swanky address.  I have an newspaper notice where he was being repossed of property by an insurance company.

But really, the issue isn't him, it's his daugher's May an dLouise(s), and possibly the other Louise.  Recognize that I had to put his Id up because the daughters were taken down when I tried to post this.

His dad was Johan Peter Einboden, and his mother was Hannah Martin. I have Johan Peter's family fairly back, I think 2 more generations, if not three.  The mess is with his daughters and their marriages, numerous, and the ex-wife and her daughter who was also a Louise. So there's Mary Louise Einboden born in Canada, a Louisa that was with his ex-wife and a Mae Louise in Michigan, then my gr grandmother Viola. Ha, it makes me think of the movie "The Heather's"  just replace it with Louise.
I won't add his any more to his parents on the tree I created right now then. What caught my attention with those 2 directories though was that he is listed by his birth name Albert Einboden. Before this the last I can see him being listed as that is his marriage records to Emily and in 1900 I have him in the census married to Mary since 1887 and living in the US since 1890 also listed as James Wilson now. I will start with the daughters now though.
thank you Amanda.  A weird record that I had seen before and then never saw again has reappeared.  I downloaded it and sent it to the person at family search and I am most thankful, she is opening up to ideas and reviewing them.   I have created and not merged a Louise Thompson with a father as Albert Thompson to Albert Einboden, but I do have them up on Wikitree, just not linked.  Thinking it over, perhaps there was a Louise with Emily and Albert and that she was actually in Detroit with Albert and Maryanne, maybe there wasn't animosity between all of them, which has me laughing... but you NEVER know.  If you send me a message via email, I'll send you the copy I downloaded.
HI M Bale

Wow what a mess,,  I have been working on the Einboden for my husband.

his Great Grandma was Viola,Husband Great Grandfater Earl Bale= Charles L 1. Wife Betty G. = Charles L 2. wife Linda Feller = Charles W 3.  my husband.

The Story they heard from Charles 1. that the family changed their name from Enbonden, they had thought the Bale was the new name. until I found Voila,. I have ran in to the same issues, you and Amanda have found and not found.  between the marriages of Peter and Mary Ann, then Albert and Mary Ann in Detroit. I was like what the heck. they ran off together, I found Source Citation for 1900 United States Federal Census arrival 1890 in Detroit.  I'm wondering if Albert changed his name to what ever fit in his life at the time and what was happening in his life at the time. I see that Mary Ann died young, but I cant find anything on her death or cause of death. I started working on this a while ago and gave up because of the name changing and wasn't sure if I had the right person's, and I came back to it. I'm glad I came across Amanda's Help post.

Laura S Bale
Hi cousin.   I am also the great granddaughter of Viola, through Earl jr.

A lady named Nancy Turner did a book on the Einboden family.  

Ancestry has Michigan divorce records and has death and marriage and some birth records after 100 years.  

Are you in Michigan?  And has any of the Bale guys done a Y dna?  We aren't so German.  Which was a surprise.

I would really like to speak with you.


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