Has any decision been made on how we will report our profiles for the 2017 source-a-thon?

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I know the organisers are supposed to be organising this - but I haven't heard anything yet.

HOW will we be REPORTING our profiles?

I keep hearing that we will do it the same way as the Clean-a-thon - but I have no idea how that was done?

What I can figure out from last years Source-a-thon is that each team had one G2G thread for reporting and each team leader would then report updates to a different thread for the organisers.

Will you be doing the same thing again? It makes sense to me to do it that way.

We are now only 10 days away from the start date!!!

Some of my  team members are getting a little antsy!!

Thank you.



in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (689k points)

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We will be using the Suggestions report. As we source we update the status and it will calculate automatically. At least that was my understanding. AleŇ° usually generates special lists specifically for Data Doctors challenges and I expect something similar for SAT.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1m points)
Wow. So I looked at my suggestions list, and I found just 2 errors out of the almost 2000 profiles I manage.

Both of these errors are to do with funny or unique spellings and those were not errors - those spellings were how they were recorded in the records.
How are we going to find a suggestion status?  I didn't do the clean- a- thon because I can't follow so many conditions and don't know what you
are referring to.  I do use status on the corrections I have done on errors, but
how will that be listed on the unsourced profile?
I'm sorry Beulah, I don't know any details. I know we all have a suggestions report in our own menus (formerly called the errors report) but this will be my first time sourcing and I didnt do the clean-a-thon either, so this will all be new to me - which is why I asked the question!!  LOL
It won't be our personal suggestion lists.

There will be a special list generated to which we will be given a link. We will work off that list.

Here is an example.


That isn't the one we will be working on but you can see what it looks like and the status button that will be used once you have sourced a profile on the list.


Can Ales make a chart of all of the unsourced profiles like that?  What if names on my prospective profiles are not on a list (like that) yet have no sources and are in the New York unsourced pages?  I have a list of  about
125 profiles from the last names that start with R, S and T that have the
familysource.org sources and are just waiting for the source-a-thon waiting for me to connect them.

Some of us (especially those first timers like me and Beulah) are going to need a TUTORIAL on how to use those lists!!  That sample list looks SCARY!!

And do we each get our own personal list from the country or area whose team we have joined?  Is that how they work?

I was all set to assigned alphabet letters to my team members so we dont have conflicts, but if everyone has different lists, that should OK as well - I think!!

I also have one person who may not be using the lists since they will be doing certain specific profiles from all over the unsourced NZ profiles. Unless Ales makes them into a a list as well.

But something tells me that Ales cannot make personalised lists for each and every person  - so I am still left wondering how this will work.

Is there a tutorial for the clean-a-thon? That might help...
Personalized lists can be made and if you have one or more data doctors on your team they will know how.

If the profiles have an unsourced template they will be on the list.

I am sure we will get word of details as the time approaches and your team leaders will be directing the action I'm sure.
Now  I have questions. I am trying to help leader Dorothy Barry as the co leader of Southern Super Sweepers.  We cover Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

Last year we used the {{Unsourced template for the particular states we are sourcing..  We did not sign up to work on errors, this is unsourced profiles needing Sources.  We have members who do not want to be pinned down to a particular state  but to all of the states our team covers.

Mary, Perhaps you can re-ask this as a separate answer and not just as a comment - it would quite easy to overlook this comment. It is an excellent question.
You forgot Arkansas!! Mary!!! That's 10 points off your win for the arm wrestling contest.
Fixed it, Lynette..

also forgot Alabama

Yes  I am defeated on naming the states , thus lose the arm wrestling.. Anyhow  we will source however the leaders suggest.
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I do not have an answer, but was suggested I repost this as answer.  However I have questions:   The Leader for our team, Southern Super Sweepers is Dorothy Barry.  I am co-leader for the team.  Our team page accordingly reflects the states we cover: Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.  I have posted the {{Unsourced  template for each state I listed. 

Accordingly I already have the Unsourced template posted for each state on the project page.

We did not sign up to work on errors, this  Source-a-Thon is to find Sources for the {{unsourced profiles.  We have already polled the members who expressed their wish not to be limited to a particular state.  But intend to source the states our team covers. 

by Mary Richardson G2G6 Mach 2 (29k points)
edited by Mary Richardson

I believe  AleŇ°  will specifically make the errors report for "unsourced" profiles only, (no other errors). That way you choose a profile to work on, find a source, add it; then go to the "STATUS" at the end of the suggestion your working on, click on it, select a status, ie, added a source, and then it will be reported and tallied up with the others you have corrected. 

He may even make separate reports for each state in the United States and separate reports for specific countries and locations throughout the world. 

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but... he has done that for the Wikitree week long challenges that I had participated in recently, and it worked really well. 

Yes, I expect there will be ways to narrow results. Now that we have the challenge tracker, I am wondering if that will come into play.
Last night I tried out the sourcerers challenge tracker by adding the unsourced category to [[Goodyer-23|CharlesGoodyer]], [[Goodyer-24|FrederickGoodyer]], and [[Maltby-2627|GilbertMaltby]], added a
source to each of them, removed the unsourced I had just added, and tried to use the tracking system.  The banner
appeared at the top of each page so I filled in an "Added XXXX" to each
and tried the add button.  The | mark stayed on the beginning of "Added
and would not register any change.  Apparently this cannot be done as a
quick change of category, add source, and change status.  Am I correct?
I don't think the "unsourced tag" remained on the profile long enough to register. From your example you did it like within an hour or less? I would think the unsourced tag would have to been on the profile at least 24 hours or maybe even a week depending on how often the unsourced list is updated.
I understand.  I knew it wouldn't work for the sourceathon but hoped it would work in the monthly challenge.  I keep a pencil and paper list of my sourced profiles and transfer it to the monthly list when I have accumulated 25-30.  Almost 95 % of the profiles I am improving are from an orphaned gedcom that are unsourced but I can't see dumping over 5000 profiles on the list.  I am working them off as my own personal "anti-Alzheimer" brain activity project.  Many times I will inadvertently hit something and lose the whole column and have to start over.  I have learned to save every 15 or so.  I am not out for badges, contests, etc. so don't care about my much slower pace.
No matter how many times I read the helpful hints about lists I still do not comprehend them.  Hint, Computers are complicated when you try to
self teach starting at age 75.

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