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 This chat is set up for the Carolina Cousins Team that is participating in the three-day "Source-a-Thon"  September 30 - October 2 — the start of Family History Month. This is WikiTree's second annual "Source-a-Thon".

Thank you for volunteering to help and have chosen to join our team!!! I appreciate your help while we try to "Source up" the Carolinas and all their "unsourced" profiles on WikiTree"!!  Our Team page can be found here



This G2G question and answer thread  is our team's place to ask questions, give advice, see updates and cheer each other on. Our current team leader is Cindi Clark Whipple-1554.  That's me!   This is my first time volunteering to help as a Team Leader, so any help that I can get from you is very much appreciated.   Any suggestions that you have for helping our team be successful in this Source-A-Thon are welcome!

If you have not registered but interested in joining us, please go here https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/462656/will-you-participate-the-source-thon-current-registrations and let them know you want to join in and work with the "Carolina Cousins". We have room on our team!!


WikiTree profile: Space:Carolina_Cousins
in The Tree House by Cindi Clark G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)
edited by Cindi Clark

Hello Team!   We are a couple of hours until the start of the Source-A-Thon.  I spent my afternoon doing my weekend chores so I will have some extra time tomorrow.   I'm on eastern time (it's after 10 pm here now) and I probably won't be staying up after midnight to get an early start.   I will be up and online, so if anyone needs anything, I'll do my best.  

Do we have anyone in different time zones? 

If you would, just let everyone know where you are starting.  I put the links to 2 custom reports on the Carolina Cousins page, they were generated earlier this week but that should be ok.  Don't forget to remove the {{unsourced}} template and to click on the challenge tracker when you are finished. 

Everybody should have got an email from with instructions and links. If you didn't, let me know and I will forward it to you.

See you tomorrow!






I started at the top of South Carolina 1900 profiles and have been going down the list.
Great!   I'm working on North Carolina
I'm working on North Carolina 1800s, choosing rather randomly. I just added 15 sources for the last one I did. I'm going to go live in the living world for a bit. :)
Sorry Cindy, I just saw this. I'm working on North Carolina and just random at first but now I'm going to the Oakley's as for the time zone I'm in Virginia but from North Carolina.
What's ya'll's (see what I did there) take on adopting orphaned profiles? Do you take them on when you find them? Do you have a system for ones you take on and those you don't? Do you source them but not adopt them? What's your logic there?

When I first stumbled upon orphaned profiles, I eagerly adopted. Now, only if they are in my line somewhere. However, orphaned profiles are a favorite of mine to doctor, because nobody ever complains!
I do the same, just adopt profiles, it they fit in my branches of the tree, except if I have to do a merge or fix a LNAB.  And I agree, working on orphans is great.
Thank you Carolina Cousins for the work that you've done for the Source-A-Thon!  

As a team we sourced 326 profiles!   Great job!

Kathleen Parker sourced 177 profiles!  Way to go!

Robert Bentley  90 profiles sourced.  

Everyone added something and I know that it is appreciated.  It all helps to make our tree better.
Yay! It was great to work with you guys! I look forward to the next time!

Thanks for all the work you've done, and thanks, Cindi, for heading it up!

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Started in: Category:South Carolina Unsourced Profiles, 1900's

Says "When you're done, set the status using the button in the right column." but I don't have a button.
by Robert Bentley G2G6 (9.9k points)
Do you have a green strip at the top of the after you save the changes? With the challenge tracker button?


http://youtu.be/dbhcrvsoUVU.  This shows the steps and what you should be looking for
Yes.  I've been clicking that and adding a note so it should be good.

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I just sourced my first profile. I did the challenge tracker thing, did the related errors thing, and for posterity, it was Chitty-80.
by Julie Campbell G2G6 Mach 1 (17.5k points)
I've did a couple too, one of them I spent too long on and all I proved was that the profile had info that was confused with another person of the same name.  Yikes!
Boo! Those are headache inducing. I was trying to source some of my own ancestors a couple days ago (wouldn't have counted, but coincidentally they were from North Carolina), and found that a couple individuals on FamilySearch had merged at least 3 distinct individuals together. I tried to straighten out, but it was late and I was tired. But no people, Jacob Ludwig Clapp, John Phillip Clapp, and John Ludwig Clapp are at least 3 distinct persons. You'd think the collection of 3 sets of parents and about 5 pretty full sets of wives and children would have tipped them off, but no.
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I've been working on the NC unsourced profiles steadily for a couple of months. It's so frustrating how many GEDcoms were dumped into the tree with NO sources. And as some of you have noted, if they're before the 1800s, it's really hard to document them, at all with nothing to go on from the beginning. It's so cool when you do find sources for them.

Hope Monday is finding you all well!
by Kelley Harrell G2G6 Mach 1 (15.1k points)
Yes it is hard to document them.   I have (and I know you probably have too) spent so much time looking for something...anything...that would prove they are even the same people that we are looking for.  And couldn't, so, after working all that time, the profile is still unsourced because it isn't even connected to anyone.   But all the efforts that we have put in helps to improve the whole tree.   The amount of sourcing that has been done over these 3 days is incredible.   Thank you for work that you have done.
So much what you said. I never know when to cut the losses on what can't be found, to move on to what may be fully document in another profile. I so badly want to find sources.

I wish there was a way we could flag ones we've worked on and come up blank--at least so that no one else comes behind us and does the same thing.
Kelley, you can look in your contribution list to see what you have worked on.   That's what I do when I know that I have more work to do.

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