Need pre-1500 certified member help merging Gookin-38 into Gokin-3 [closed]

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Arnold Gookin needs to be merged into Arnoldus Gokin.  Arnoldus is the Latin variant of the name Arnold.

I'm not pre-1500 certified, but I noticed the profiles seemed to be duplicates even though there were obvious spelling differences.  The Gokin family was involved in the Visitations of Kent.
WikiTree profile: Arnoldus Gokin
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Do you have any sources as to which surname is correct, to go ahead and complete the merge into the correct surname; either Gookin or Gokin?

Thanks! :)
According to the Visitations of Kent, the name is Gokin and I presume we want the non-Latinized name of Arnold as opposed to Arnoldus.  Latin was still highly used by the upper classes in those days.

The standard for WikiTree is "use their conventions instead of ours" so we would use the name that he would have used when he was alive, in this case I would assume Arnoldus if it was used in records.

Have you also determined if the sons are the same?

I have no problem either way.  I had three years of Latin in high school, but I'm sure it's rusty now.  The surname Gokin the family name used in the Visitations of Kent.
I agree that Gokin was used for Arnoldus! The two different sources show the same family tree so I'm going to go ahead and complete the merge now :)

Would you happen to know what is meant by 'de com. Cantii' ?

Thank you!
it means.. of the County of Kent

Agree about 'in the County of Kent,' 

Disagree about using Latin names. Latin was the language of scribes not the language of the people. Although in this case  the nominative case is used, there are names in other cases on the page and they are also contracted. It would be wrong I believe to copy them.  

Jana filia Ric'di Thurston de Challoke 

If Ric'di had been in the nominative it would have been  Ric'dus. If it wasn't contracted it would be Ricardi. In English it is Richard.(Jane the daughter of Richard Thurston of Challok[e], )

  One can quite frequently find people baptised with a good old 'anglo-saxon' name which has been  turned into Latin in an IPM or Visitation or will written in latin. (and  some clerics also used Latin  in the registers for centuries) They didn't speak Latin in everyday life , this was only a scribes convention. is called Eliza. desposata Gokin  She doesn't  have a middle name. The visitation  says "Eliza. desponsata Tho.Long Aldermato Cant." I believe desponsata means betrothed  and the visitation was saying that Eliza. Gokin was betrothed to Tho.Long an Alderman of possibly Kent but I think more probably Canterbury (since one finds Aldermen in towns and cities)  . Eliza also has a full stop after her name and  seems likely to be a contracted Elizabeth. 

(edit have removed desposata from name)


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Merge completed by:

 Sarah (Callis) Rojas edited the data for Arnoldus Gokin. (Merged Gookin-38 into Gokin-3: sources on each show same family tree - both show Gokin as the surname for Arnoldus)

and cleaned up by:

Sarah (Callis) Rojas edited the Biography and Nicknames for Arnoldus Gokin. (cleaning merge bio)

Well Done!

by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
Thanks Pat :)

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