Robert Cross of Ipswich, MA & William Cross of Fairfield CT (immigrants), Can we detach the unproven parents?

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Robert Cross, immigrant to Ipswich, and William Cross, immigrant to Windsor and Fairfield, CT, have a set of parents attached, Thomas John Cross and Rachel Dising.

  • Anderson says their origins are unknown. He points out that in 1999 extensive research was done into the English origin of Robert, without conclusive results.
  • We don't know they are brothers. There are no New England records that claim this.
  • Thomas and Rachel married. Thomas and Rachel had children in the right time frame, including a Robert and a William.
  • There are five other Robert Crosses indexed (England Births & Christening) as bpt between 1610 and 1615.
  • There are over 20 William Crosses indexed as bpt in 1615-1620

Can we detach the unproven parents from both alleged sons?

WikiTree profile: Robert Cross
asked in Genealogy Help by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1m points)

Works for me. Thanks for your research on this. Although I've had minimal editing interaction with the Robert Cross profile, I am traced mapped with descent from two of his daughters, and I'd like to see his profile look more like Anderson's account of him.

Is it thought that William Cross of Windsor and William Cross of Fairfield were the same person? (I wouldn't expect a Fairfield settler to have become one of the first settlers of Windsor, but then again these early settlers didn't ask me how to live their lives.) I note that William Cross-1325 (which you cited) is indicated to have stayed in Fairfield, while William Cross-1333 (ancestor of Gov. Wilbur Cross) was an early settler in Windsor. Note that Cross-1333 seems to have a wife problem. It has a prominent declaration that this man "was not the husband of Alice Simpson" and that "Alice and William Cross were immigrants to Maryland" (i.e., not Connecticut), but Alice Simpson is connected as the wife.

If I remember correctly quite a few Windsor folk went to Fairfield. And Jacobus and Anderson both believe that William of Windsor and William of Fairfield are the same, I haven't particularly looked at his profile.

I'm re-visiting Robert with three years wikitree experience under my belt, and this time, and now know I can make these separations.
I don't have any particular point to disagree with this but we do know Thomas DID have children named Robert & William.  So do we create NEW profiles for those children to add to Thomas' family after we detach the current ones?
Thanks for explaining, Anne. I must have been overly tired when I read this, because I had the impression that I was seeing a bio that showed a man settling in Fairfield very early, then going to Windsor with the first settlers there.
David, you can, but personally I wouldn't bother creating new profiles, unless I had some other reason to do so. If I was inclined to do so, I'd probably research the other children and create them also. Thank you very much for responding to the post.

Ellen, Need Coffee? (Anne passing Ellen cup of Coffee) Your right that would have been unusual (Fairfield to Windsor). Thank you also.
I'm just thinking that it may be a way to prevent a future re-attachment of these two people by making a comment in each profile that they are NOT from Ipswich/Fairfield, respectively.  Because this current connection is all over the internet in various family trees, someone is bound to come here and attempt that re-connection.
I will project protect William and Robert once we've disconnected, that will prevent parents from being re-added to them.

And yes that's a very good point. If you recreate profiles for the two sons of Thomas and Rachel, and clearly note that their is no proof that they are the immigrants, that will at least prevent other's coming along and re-creating them and then trying to merge. Thank you for the perspective. Maybe I should be handing me the cup of coffee.

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I have removed the immigrant children, Robert & William from Thomas & Rachel's profile.  I will add Thomas actual children a bit later.  I also removed Thomas death in Ipswich, Mass, as I could not find any source for that data.
answered by David Mason G2G6 (7.4k points)  The above website has a good accounting of Robert Cross of Ipswich however, it too assumed the incorrect parental link to Thomas.  Robert's birth location given there as "Charlinge, Somersetshire" is in direct conflict with the England records for birth of the Thomas & Rachel children in Denham, Suffolk

Thanks David, some of that same information is on also.

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