I've imported a gedcom file and ticked 'add/edit' for all entries - but they don't appear when I do a search

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I've imported a gedcom file and ticked 'add/edit' for all entries (matching or rejecting all suggestions) - but they don't appear when I do a search - what do I have to do next to uplaod these people for public viewing (and do I still only have 30 days from when I first imported the gedcom)?
in WikiTree Tech by Roberta Muir G2G3 (3.2k points)
If you only matched or rejected, you may not have actually ADDED any new profiles. And Per your contributions list (https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Contributions&who=Muir-2134), there's no evidence that you actually added any new profiles.
so how do i add other than tick the box next to the gedcom ID number?

In the add & edit box it says that i have 4030 completed rows
Roberta, you need to go through each entry on your GEDCOM and make sure there is no match to an existing profile. Once you've done this, then the "ADD" button will appear on those profiles for whom there is no existing match. You click on ADD for each of those people, and go through the process of adding profiles for each of them.  More detailed instructions are here:


I have rejected or confirmed every suggested match.

The instructions say: "If you reject or confirm all suggested matches you can use your GEDCOM to create and improve profiles."

and: "Add buttons don't appear on the main table until all suggested matches in your GEDCOM have been confirmed or rejected."

All suggested matches have been rejected or confirmed - it has taken me many hours to do this - now how do i get the add button to appear so I can upload the gedcom - please help! I'm running out of time.

I don't know Roberta. Add buttons didn't appear for me until all entries had been checked.  If I were you I'd double check my list.
Some other members -- such as the person who posted https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/467993/add-is-not-appearing -- have been experiencing difficulty getting that "Add" button to appear. There may be some sort of a glitch. To "goose" the system, you might try logging out and logging in again. Or use a different browser to access WikiTree.
Thanks for the help Ellen - I looked at the problem the other user had posted which made me think to look at the top of the page and sure enough, it's saying there's 1 match still to compare - but when I sort by 'Wiki Tree Profiles' column there aren't any unresolved matches showing. Is there another way to find the unresolved match (remember we're talking about 9 pages - 4030 records)
If you open a Compare page for a person who is matched to an existing profile, you should see Add buttons for the individual unmatched people in the person's immediate family.
I'm having the same problem. I have spent 4 weeks adding everyone one by one nearly went insane,  but still they are not in my tree.
Your problem is completely different, Michael. You apparently had  ADD buttons, because you added many profiles from your Gedcom.

Apparently you managed to add people in isolation from their family members whose Gedcom records were matched to people already in Wikitree, so some of the connections in your Gedcom were not created in Wikitree.

All the profiles you created should be listed on your watchlist (find it under the My Wikitree tab). You'll need to identify where each person who doesn't yet appear in your tree is supposed to connect, then you'll need to add the missing connections to children, parents, or spouses already in the tree. Apparently you already deleted the Gedcompare file, so it's no longer available to consult to show how the new profiles are supposed to connect. Do you have access to the gedcom data in other software, so you can see where and how people fit?
Thanks, I have a GEDcompare list of 502 names who are all Matched, and I do not have any more to Add.

I will never ever recommend for anyone to try to upload a GEDCOM file as it is just a mindblowingly painful exercise
The current version of Gedcompare is still rather new, and it has some quirks that are not yet well understood. Based on my experience testing it, I recommend that users start with a profile that is matched to an existing profile in WikiTree, open the Compare screen for that person, and start adding parents, children, and spouses using the Add buttons on the Compare screen. I think that approach reduces the chance of adding disconnected people, and as you go you can confirm that the family connections are being made properly (or correct them if they aren't).

Will you be able to restore the connections that didn't get created when you used Gedcompare, or will you need assistance with that?

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The tick box to the left of the person's name is just to indicate that you are finished with that profile. You can no longer just upload a gedcom. All profiles are added manually, one at a time. Next to a person's name is the add button. You'll be brought to an editing screen where you can make changes such as to format. Scroll down and then you can add the profile to WikiTree. Yes, it is cumbersome, but perhaps necessary to prevent so many substandard profiles here. I just uploaded a gedcom and it took me several days to add about 50 people. I am still deciding if I like the new system or I think it's not useful for me.
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (460k points)
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