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Finally. I found francis obrien's marriage to catherine sheehan in 1933 just have to work out the children as there was 16? in total and i have 12 of them by name so far just need to find them as there is alot of obrien/sheehan children

pdf attached to (obrien-5236) and to (sheehan-1250)
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That's great Stephanie.

I see your problem with identifying the children, there were 24 O'Brien-Sheehan children born in Waterford between 1934 and 1958.

One possibility is that some of the children didn't survive infancy and that later children were given the same name. My g grandfather William was the second William and his older brother James was the third with that name.

Looking at the register of deaths I see possible matching records for:

  • Catherine died at 11 Grace's Lane on 31st October 1935, her mother was Kitty ie Catherine.
  • Bridget died at 2 Grace's Lane on 12th September 1936


i do remember my dad saying something about some dying at birth or when they were young and some where twins which i am querying he did give me 12 names but could not remember them all 16 in total so the above deaths that you mentioned john are more than likely
I am almost thinking the 24 that are on ancestry could be all belong to francis and catherine but i am certainly not going to be too hasty just a shame i can not find births after 1922. It will get there just have to be patient.
i am now thinking maybe i should put them all in but will need to check with other family members as i can rectify anything that will be incorrect or is there a way i can find who was living at grace lane between 1934 and 1958.
Tricky doing anything this recent. I think the confusion may start with Laurence O'Brien marrying Mary Sheehan on 16th November 1940.

That would mean that the following are probably yours:

Frank O'Brien Jan - Mar 1934
Catherine O'Brien Apr - Jun 1935 Probably died 1935
Bridget O'Brien Apr - Jun 1936 Probably died 1936
Ellen O'Brien Oct - Dec 1937
John O'Brien Jul - Sep 1938
Bridget O'Brien Apr - Jun 1940

Whereas the following could belong to either family:
Catherine O'Brien Apr - Jun 1941 Probably yours, unless Mary Sheehan was pregnant when she got married
Peter O'Brien Oct - Dec 1942 } One of these will be yours
Peter O'Brien Apr - Jun 1942 }
Patrick O'Brien Jan - Mar 1944 } One of these is likely to be yours
Margaret O'Brien Oct - Dec 1944 }
Kevin O'Brien Apr - Jun 1945 Unlikely to be Margaret's brother
Catherine O'Brien Jan - Mar 1946 Second Catherine, not likely to be yours
Michael O'Brien Jul - Sep 1946 Too close to Catherine above, probably yours
Bridget O'Brien Oct - Dec 1947 Second Bridget, not likely to be yours
Mary O'Brien Jan - Mar 1948 Too close to Bridget above, probably yours
Anne O'Brien Jul - Sep 1949 Too close to Mary below, probably yours
Mary O'Brien Jan - Mar 1950 Second Mary, not likely to be yours
William O'Brien Jul - Sep 1950 Too close to Mary above, probably yours
Helena M O'Brien Jul - Sep 1951 Unlikely to have Helena and Ellen in same family
Alice O'Brien Oct - Dec 1952
Paul O'Brien Jul - Sep 1953
Christopher O'Brien 1955
Joseph O'Brien Jan - Mar 1958

 Of course if there were a third O'Brien-Sheehan couple it could all get very complicated!!!
Thanks again John

there was definately a Kevin so could Probably rule Margaret out so dislike this side of my family but keep going back to it

Ctherine and mary may have been sisters but im not going to confuse myself any more at the moment :)
I've checked for O'Brien-Sheehan marriages in Waterford from 1941-1958 - and there don't appear to be any. Phew!
thank god for that prayers have been answered and no twins like i was told lol

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