What if a profile is connected to the wrong parent?

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What to do if the profile seems to be connected to the wrong parent? All the information I can find for profile Chesebro-236 is that her married name is Chesebro, she appears to have been born in NY where the reported father didn't appear to live. Her profile has a half-brother Ambrose listed, but in the Census data I've found, that person is her husband. Should I just quit this one and leave it to someone more experienced than I?

WikiTree profile: Sarah Walters
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Her paternal line  on here goes back to William Chesebrough so maybe she's named in


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If you have found sources for this profile/this couple, please add them.

It looks like there is more to do with this family, which could get pretty complicated (and a distraction from the SourceaThon). You could leave this for later on, or somebody more into this particular surname.
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
Thank you Eva Ekeblad. I added the census data and hope that someone else can make sense of the two families.
Thanks for seeking to add sources to otherwise sourceless profiles.

Two issues here. Maybe more.

1. The downloaded then uploaded images are blurry and not legible.

2. The images are from ancestry.com which has a usage agreement allowing  downloading for personal use but disallowing uploading to other websites.

Better would be to link to familysearch.org versions of the pertinent census records so everyone can see them without a paid subscription and without breaking any usage agreements.

Also how do we know that Ambrose didn't have a sister Sarah? Or Daniel a daughter with the same name? The Sarah with married name Chesebro could be a different person from she in the profile.

The person who created the profile may have more info.
Doing some digging I think that you've got a different person. Looks like Daniel Chesebro started out in North Adams, Mass. After war of 1812, in which he might have served, he started heading west-- initially in NY state where some of his children were born, then settling in Pulaski, Michigan by the 1850census at least. The census records of Pulaski for 1850, 1860 and 1870 support the presence of the Chesebro children. in 1850, Daniel was living with a Waltersfamily. The wife was Sarah who might be Daniel's daughter.

All this through familysearch.org and America ancestors.org

Thank you, Jilliane. At this point, I feel that I am too inexperienced to untangle this profile. I think I will go back and link the family search Census records. However, when checking the Cheeseborough line suggested by Eddie King (https://archive.org/details/genealogydescen00wildgoog), I found only one Sarah who might have married INTO Daniel Cheeseborough's line, of the right time period, but no person who fit the profile as it exists presently. Also, in the above-mentioned book, I found NO listing of the first name Ambrose, anywhere. (I know, kind of lame to go browsing through all those records) So, I am at a loss. I will abandon Sarah and hopefully someone else can pick up the threads...

Found them inthe Cheeseborough genealogy book linked to above. Pages 258, 260.

Okay, I think I sorted this out. Eddie's inclusion of the link to the published Chesebro (var. spellings) genealogy helped. (Although this is one of those late 19th century genealogies without sources, so what's included needs confirming through other sources.) The book has an index at the back, which is how I found the people and the page numbers.

Alexandra, you were on the right track. In that entire book, there are only three Ambrose Chesebro's. And one did indeed marry a Sarah.

  1. Ambrose Cheesebro-44, son of Daniel, is on page 260; no locations or dates are included for Daniel's children on this page; and the book takes this line no further. Daniel was son of Elisha, and page 258 says Elisha was of North Adams, Mass. The profile you link to above, Alexandra, was for this family. Census records (not the ones you found) indicate this family ended up in Pulaski, Michigan. According to Cheesebro-44, this Ambrose was born 3 Dec 1812. Note: the vital records of North Adams (and some surrounding towns) were burnt in a fire.
  2. Ambrose Chesebro, son of Peleg, is found on p. 230. The book indicates Peleg was born in Schoharie, NY, and his son Ambrose b 4 Jan 1815, m. Sarah van Auken. Ambrose's line is continued on p. 231, where it says Sarah was the daughter of James van Auken and wife Nancy. The children of this Ambrose were born in Knox, NY and the family supposedly settled in Wright, NY. Alexandra, the census records you found appear to be associated  with this branch. I have not yet found a set of wikitree profiles for this family. There are numerous spelling variations which make searching here difficult.
  3. One page 231, we find one more Ambrose, born 24 Mar 1865, son of (go back to p 230), son of Sherman and grandson of Ambrose #2 above. This line is not continued in the book.
Because of the rareness of the name Ambrose, I would have expected to find close relatedness between the fathers of #1 and #2, but Peleg (son of Christopher) hails from Stonington, CT and Daniel (son of Elisha) hails from North Adams, MA. The connection must be further up the line.
Alexandra, your search and your question here is having a good result. Because of it, we will be able to distinguish these two Ambroses, born within a few years of each other. Thank you.
Thank you so much for sending the update and for taking the time to explain all the connections. I must have browsed through hundreds of pages in that book, not having seen the name Ambrose in the index, and the search function did not work for me. I had found a Sarah who married into the family, to James Madison Cheeseborough. I had also found a grave memorial for the Sarah van Auken of Knox, NY.

This has been such a wonderful learning experience for me and I appreciate so much all the help to answer the question! Glad it's been sorted out. Will someone now put in both the other profiles?
I'll try to get to adding the Knox/Wright, NY Cheesebro family, but i want to make sure I connect them to the right branch. this family has got to be somewhere on wikitree-- at least a few generations up.

The numbering system used by that 1903 book was popular at the time, but it's a pain in the hoo-hoo to follow in book form.
yikes, that took awhile.

Here's the other Ambrose Cheesebrough and his wife Sarah Van Auken:


This is currently only sourced through that 1903 genealogy. That makes me anxious, and I'd rather see better sources for each of these profiles.

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