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The French Roots project's mission is to develop profiles of people who are/were French or part of the francophone communities in Belgium and Luxembourg, lived in France, or have French ancestry without fitting neatly in the Quebecois, Acadian, Huguenot and other existing projects already concerned with French ancestors.

Please visit the project page to see what we are up to - we have resource pages to help your research, a page of French notables who need your help, and a Presidents of France mini-project.

UPDATE! To officially join the project, please answer to this thread

Project:French Roots

asked in The Tree House by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
closed by Isabelle Rassinot
Good morning Isabelle


My mother's ancestor Jean Boisson migrated to the West Indies.  I have several records, marriages etc. but I have no idea who he was related to in France, his hometown etc.  Would love to discover more.
Bonjour Gershwin,

I have added you to our project members list.    Keep an eye on G2G posts coming soon for projects members will be invited to work on.

Emma :-)
Hello Isabelle!

My great-grandfather was French-Canadian, and the earliest members of my family are from France, but I don't know where, exactly, so that's part of the reason why I joined WikiTree: To find out which part of France my family was originally from. Thanks!
Hello Isabelle
My research indicates that my surname is from the Normandy (Eure) region of France. My ancestors immigrated to England in 1066 to fight in the Battle of Hastings. Probably for some land or other reward if they won the battle. I haven't pushed my geneo tree back that far, I am about 500 years short.

Hello, Isabelle!

My great-grandfather was French Canadian, so that meant the earlier members of my family were from France, and part of the reason why I joined WikiTree was that I wanted to know where in France my older family members were from. Thanks!

Hi Isabelle,

My ancestors are GATIN from Haut-Fays, Daverdisse, Luxembourg, Belgium

My French ancestry (father's side) is in the Alsace Lorraine region USUNIER from Meuthe, Lorraine, France. I would be very interested in being involved with this project.  


I have family members from France in my family. Jean Pierre Domengeaux was born in Bordeaux, France. I am relatively new to genealogy so I may need further assistance. I also have ancestors from Nova Scotia and Santo Domingo. Would love to join the France_Roots.
Good morning!  

I’ve got a starting place, Pierre Pag’esi. I know one of his sons emigrated to Canada, but I’m curious about the other children. I’m not sure we went through Canada to the US...
I would definitely like to join, since my surname comes from the Alsace region. Thank you.
Hello im not sure i am answering this correctly... i would like to join this project, but i dont know how much help i would be. My great grandmother was from St. Nazir and was one of the original war brides from WW1. Her and my great grandfather's wedding portrait is in the local museum.

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Yes. My French ancestry is in the Alsace Lorraine region. It passed from France to Germany and back again. My mother's mother was a Schlemmer, which actually seems more German, but the family was definitely Alsacian.
answered by Beth Stephenson G2G6 (8k points)
selected by C Hullar
Bonjour Beth,

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Emma :-)

I would also like to join this project.  One branch of my family also comes from the Alsace Lorraine region.  They were German at times and French at other times, depending on the vagaries of war.  My surname was Denny, but I believe that name was changed from something else when my ancestor came to America. It may have been Dehne in France.  He was born in Alsace Lorraine.   --Sammie Denny Justesen 

Hi Sammie!

I'm adding you to the list. Please add French_roots to your followed tags so you won't miss other G2G posts coming soon !
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Hi Isabelle, I'd like to be involved. My Mum is a Seychelloise and pretty much all of her ancestry goes back to France. I've got a work-in-progress free space page on the settlement of Reunion, this might be the impetus for me to get it finished ;)

Would everyone be happy with a French East Indies sub-project? If so, I can create a free space page and start adding in the information I know on sources and the like.

answered by Chris Hampson G2G6 Mach 8 (86.8k points)
edited by Chris Hampson
Great! We're very happy to have you with us.

Your free-space page is very interesting. We'd love a French West Indies sub-project !
Merci, mam'selle. I'll start getting organised.
So glad you responded, Chris.  I know you mentioned the French Indies before and it would be a fantastic addition! :-)
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Yes, I have several French antecedents -- Greenleaf, Shumway, Lemont among them.
answered by Andrew White G2G Crew (700 points)
Bonjour Andrew,

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Emma :-)
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I have some French ancestors, but they may all be Huguenots.  Now that I think about it, all Huguenots (well most of them) have French ancestors that pre-date 1517, so I guess I am as in as anyone.
answered by Dan Sparkman G2G6 Mach 1 (16.8k points)
edited by Dan Sparkman
Bonjour Dan,

I have added you to our project members list.  Keep an eye on G2G posts coming soon for projects members will be invited to work on.

Emma :-)
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Hello!  Some of my earliest roots are Decoste - Acadian. I would like to join your project please.
answered by
Bonjour Les,

I have added you to our project members list.  Keep an eye on G2G posts coming soon for projects members will be invited to work on.

Emma :-)
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Yes, I'd love to be part of the French roots -- part of my mother's side came from Alsace-Lorraine -- German-speaking.  Also, there is speculation that the 'Diegel' line might also once have come from there, before settling in Hesse-Darmstadt.
answered by
I would love to add you Matthew, but I will need your Wiki-ID since you weren't logged when you answered.
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Hi Isabelle,. I have ancestors that have the last name Decoste.  From my research I see that they migrated from France to Acadia, Nova Scotia back in the 1700's.  I would like to know more about them.  Thanks :)
answered by Leslie Williams G2G Crew (510 points)
I added you from your previous post :-)
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I am a a direct-male-line descendant of Antoine Desrosiers (Deronzier dit Grillet) desrosiers-17 and therefor in the Quebecois project, but since he was (unlike the majority of the settlers of la Nouvelle France) born in eastern France over near Burgundy, I'd like to join your project as well.
answered by Ross Ashley G2G6 (6.3k points)
Bonjour Ross,

I have added you to our project members list.  Keep an eye on G2G posts coming soon for projects members will be invited to work on.

Emma :-)
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My Grandmother's family traces back to Marie Herve' from France. She was married to Louis Langlinais.  After his death she married Phillip Minus D'Antremont and came to Louisiana.  Short explanation
answered by

I would love to add you Nina, but I will need your Wiki-ID since you weren't logged when you answered.  Emma :-)

I hope you can log in and join Nina! Emma and I worked on tidying up Philippe Mius d'Entremont's profile some time ago :-)
I had forgotten about that Isabelle.  I think it is the first thing we worked on together :-)
Yes, it was!
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Isabelle, My dear grandmother Harriet Gaines (wiki Gaines-366), is dna proven, as well as me, my husband and two daughters.  Harriet's ancestors came from 1600s, a region of France with awesome history.  Her marriage to Charles B. Spencer reveals family history of over 400 years of love, conflicts, wars, and allied families; some stories enough to curl your hair if there was any left after being scalped.  Yes, the Spencers became Loyalists & Patriots, cousin fighting cousin-seems a few generations went by and they forget their mission.  Well, Canada is now a respected Nation, though I must say, life along the St Lawrence River was unlike life in many other parts of the growing USA.  

   That my great Aunt Maggie Gaines (wiki Gaines-1221) married 2nd, Edward Bessette (wiki Bessette-203) confirms the Spencer link for Edward's first wife was Jesse Spencer, a descendant of Gerard Spencer 1614.  Now, the Bessette name has a history worthy of a book.

Regards, Joan Mina Stone Jakubowski
answered by Joan Jakubowski G2G1 (1.8k points)

I have added you to our project members list.  Keep an eye on G2G posts coming soon for projects members will be invited to work on.

Emma :-)
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Isabelle.   I would very much like to be involved with your French project.  My ancestor is John Vassall (Huguenot and Jamestowne Societies ancestor) from Caen, Normandy, France in the mid-1500's.  I have an 80+ page French document which takes the Vassalls back to 1109 - although it hasn't been totally translated.  A local high school French teacher started, but said it was printed in "old French dated 1825" and she gave up.  Some day I'll have it done (even the online web translators have trouble).  I would like to know more about the Caen region and if there is any more information on the Vassalls.  Thanks. Sharon Toni Penner
answered by Toni Penner G2G Crew (750 points)
Hi Toni,

I have added you to our project members list. Stay tuned for more projects.

The area around Caen is historically very significant and would certainly deserve a page !
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Yes count me in.  I descend from the Royal Glass and Crystal Makers of France going back to the 1600s and their ancestors in French, German, and Austrian duchies before that.
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)

Hi Laura,

You are on the list - and the Verriers category has finally been created, too!

I thought I was losing my mind!  I remembered doing that whole interchange...  for some reason, I am getting old emails showing up in my inbox today.  Not in massive numbers but enough that it is annoying and until I realized I have to look at each date now, I just handled them as if new...  Something weird is going on with my internet.  So I closed down the computer and rebooted everything...  hopefully no more gremlins in my systems today!
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hi isabelle,yes please add me,my wife kathleen bonnie may have come from the french hugenots that came to dublin circa 1700s to avoid persecution,also im a newgy,regards
answered by James Gavin G2G Crew (530 points)
Hi Gavin,

You have been added to our project members list. Keep an eye for G2G posts with the French_Roots tag !
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Hello Isabelle!
I would like to join the French Roots project! I have some French roots from mothers side (these are the family names: Sohier, Quertu, Bocque, Haillieu, de Gruson, Ernoult).
I am really interested about my French roots.
answered by Elizabeth Wander G2G Crew (860 points)
Good! We're adding you to the project members list. Just make sure you've added french_roots to your list of followed tags and watch for more announcements from the project !
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I have ancestors from France on both sides of my family Guise/Gray and speak/read French.  Would love to be a part of your project.
answered by Barbara Cutter G2G6 (7.2k points)
Great, Barbara! You have been added to the list.
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I have researched this family for my husband. Would like to have more information on the family in France before Dr. Pilate came to America.

Dr. Eugene Pilate` Chronology

1804               Born Tourcoing, France

                        Medical school at University of Paris

                        Involved in the unsuccessful overthrow of

1828               Fled to England

                        Married 1st Harriet Cooper

1833               Came to America

                        Medical practice in New York City

1835               Went to Alabama

1836               Went to Texas

                        Worked with Indians in West

                        Surgeon on staff of Sam Houston

1840's            Galveston

1852               Visited France to settle brother’s estate - Louis?

1853               Married 2nd wife Dayton at age 49 - Susan Broadwell

1860'              Living in Opelousas, Louisiana

                        Home, art and manuscript burned Civil War

1869               Wife - Susan Broadwell Pilate - died Dayton

1870               Became citizen of US in Dayton Ohio

1872               Married 3rd wife - Sarah Catherine Fletcher from Greenville, OH

1883               3rd wife died



answered by
This is great. It looks like you have enough information to find Dr Pilate's birth record.

We would need you to be logged on to Wikitree though, before you can be added to the project members list.
I couldn't find his birth record in Tourcoing around 1806. There is a child named Eugène Louis Augustin PILATE born in 1812 (02/FEB/1812)


Frame 1105/1217

His father Louis François PILATE, 28 years ols, works for the government and is a native of Douay. The mother, his wife, Marie Antoinette Eugénie BALLYET is a native of Lille.

Witnesses Augustin Jean Baptiste PILATE, 20, and Désiré PILATE, 30, both residing in Lille.

In 1819, Louis François PILATE and Antoinette Eugénie BALLYET have a son in Lille, Edouard Charles Eugène, born on August 23th.

 Edouard Charles Eugène PILATE got married to Léonie Louise Thérèse LEGRAND in 1853 in Lille Wazemmes


Frame 133/762

and he is a doctor

His parents are both deceased

Louis François Joseph PILATE on February 21th 1853 and Antoinette Eugène BALLYET on February 1st 1852, both in Lille Wazemmes.


Frame 158/610

He is a rentier. He was born on May 19th 1784 in Douay to Jean Baptiste PILATE, a native of Douay, and Marie Barbe MORREZ, a native of Pont-à-Vrndin, both deceased in Douay.

Frame 18 death record of Antoinette Eugénie BALLYET, born on October 1st 1780 in Lille, a rentier, wife of Louis François PILATE "maître de pension à Douai", daughter of Pierre Antoine BALLYET, a native of Besançon ( + 29/SEPT/1827) Guines, and Marie Elisabeth CAUVIN, born and dead in Lille.

They also had a daughter, Hermance Louise Isabelle PILATE, born in Lille around 1815. She married in Lille Les Moulins in 1845 to Willem Carel WANKARNEBECK, a native of Amsterdam


Frame 540/693
Just found the marriage record of Louis François Joseph PILATE in Lille on December 18th 1811. They don't legitimate any children.

It means that Eugène PILATE born circa 1806 can't be their son.

Here they say he was born on February 12th 1804 in Tourcoing

The child born in 1812 got married in 1831 in Calais


Frame 832/1760
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Yes. My ancestors come from Shirrhein, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France: Lehmann, Biam/Piam, Vetter, Halter and many other interconnected families in 1700s and early 1800s..
answered by Audrey Hancock G2G1 (1k points)

Hi Audrey!

Welcome to the French Roots project! There are quite a few Wikitree members with Alsatian roots on Wikitree. Here is a list of profiles for Schirrhein, with a few  Halters and Lehmanns.

+4 votes
Yes, I would like to join although my La Force was a Huguenot.
answered by Louise Roberson G2G Crew (320 points)
This is fine, we added your name to the project list members. Welcome!

You have been added you to our French Roots Project members list.  Please add French_Roots to your followed tags and keep an eye out for G2G posts coming soon for projects members will be invited to work on.

Emma :-)
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hi, I would like to be part of the France people.  I have ancestors from France, even though they came to America with the L'Acadiennes.
answered by Fritz Maher G2G2 (2k points)

You have been added to the members list. Pleas add french_roots to your followed tags and look out for project G2G posts.

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Hi Isabelle, I would love to join French Roots. I am still searching for some my French ancestors, those people who married in to the Stollenwerck family. i am also curious to the connection I have to you, but it's from a different branch of my family ! I look forward to learning more. Merci mille fois. Margaret (sims) Culp-Trawick
answered by Margaret Culp-Trawick G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Margaret,

I added you to our project members list.Welcome ! Have a look at the pages linked from the project page, they contain information that may help your research.

Our connection goes through my Swiss grandomother's cousin, who migrated to Canada and later Ohio and married a descendant of the well-connected Willson family.

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