Is there a "Acadian Notables" Project?

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Every once in a while I read something of interest and it led me to wonder if there is an Acadian Notables project or tag?

Note by Roland: I'm adding the project page the resulted from this question to link them together.
WikiTree profile: Space:Acadian_Notables
in The Tree House by Denise Chiasson G2G6 Mach 1 (17.9k points)
edited by Roland Arsenault
This discussion upsets me some. "Cajun" is a nickname for "Acadian"  or "'cadien" pronounced "cajien" and now Cajun. I was born in 1943 and my family all spoke French. Zachary Richard has made a big effort to learn standard French and use it. Beausoleil is a music group that is also a great Acadian/Cajun ambassador. Black folk in SW Louisiana spoke
French as did the Germans, the Canary Islanders, the Jews, the Italians and many more. Many followed Acadian customs, but the Louisiana Acadians learned from them also and adapted. The Acadian and French cultures quickly became the predominant one in SW Louisiana (not New Orleans!) and almost everyone in SW Louisiana from every ethnic background call themselves "Cajuns". This melting pot of gumbo is unique to Louisiana.

You could define the proposed project/sub-project in such a way that being "Canadian" isn't the essential requirement.

Je suis Acadienne et Cajun!
In our family, Acadian was always about the culture, not the location. That was how I saw "Acadian notables" when I first asked the question.
I like the enthusiasm for promoting Acadians so I hope something can be created from your bonne idee Denise! A follow-up story to what I wrote above. In April, I went home to Lafayette, Louisiana and made an appointment to purchase a book about Canary Islanders from the author. I had a nice visit with her and she told me that all her life she assumed she was "Cajun" even though some of the elders of her family were speaking Spanish!

Denise Chiasson and Jacqueline Girouard are both descendants of Jean (Terriot) Theriot.


Years ago, we had Leblanc friends from Ontario who went to Louisiana and decided to knock on a Leblanc door to see if they could find relations.They found a Doctor Leblanc in the phone book, and went knocking on the door of a beautiful house with a huge porch. An imposing African American gentleman answered, and they asked for Doctor Leblanc. It was him. Turns out his escaped slave ancestors had  met up with newly-arrived Acadians in the bayou and adopted their name. Our friends stayed with them for two weeks while they showed them around and did some research with them. Yep, they were related to his ancestor's bayou friend!
I apologise for upsetting you Jacqueline, and I will refrain from pointing out the location differences from now on.

I simply was not aware that Cajuns thought of themselves as Acadians. I stand corrected.
Not to worry Robynne. When I first joined WikiTree, I found I couldn't connect to my Acadian gr-grands because my lines stopped around 1755. That is why I co-lead both the Acadian and the Louisiana Projects. I've been connecting these lines since I joined. Those deported were forgotten by those who returned. No records for one thing. Today, I added a "forgotten"  man to a huge Acadian family--he was deported to France where he married, raised a family and died there. In Louisiana, we have many songs and stories of separated families and lost loved ones. Thanks for listening.

Check out the Wall of Names Memorial in St. Martinville, Louisiana. The list of people in the booklet they publish is headed  "Ensemble Encore" (Together Again) These 3,000 people who emigrated from ca. 1764 to 1785 or so, are cousins of those living in Canada and all along the eastern seaboard of North America as well as those who stayed in France.
Denise, I love that story! Another explanation for the many French names belonging to African Americans is that these Acadian men had children with their slave women. I have documented that all the way to the present day.
Thanks for posting the link to the Wall of Names Memorial in St. Martinville. I have often seen it referenced on  WikiTree, but without the link . It is quite impressive and humbling to see the names all together like that.

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So who will we class as an Acadian?

More recent notable Acadians include singers Angèle Arsenault and Edith Butler, singer Jean-François Breau, writer Antonine Maillet; film director Phil Comeau; singer-songwriter Julie Doiron; artist Phoebe Legere, boxers Yvon Durelle and Jacques LeBlanc; pitcher Rheal Cormier; former Governor General Roméo LeBlanc.

And if noone else wants to - I'll be the leader - or project coordinator - since I already have the badge. That is - if you dont mind a non-Acadian being the project coordinator?

But I am married to someone who still thinks of himself as an Acadian!!

by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (886k points)
selected by Roland Arsenault
Wow, Roland that was fast. THanks for fixing the link.
Roland, can you also add that new sub-project category to Ms Maillet's profile?

Likewise all the others will need to have this space page linked as well as they are created.
That was fast -I've been concentrating on other things, and turned around and *boom* there it was! I will be happy to do translation, but I am also pleased to write in English. Most of my professional life has been bilingual, so I'm good both ways.

Could we add Edith B Pinet to the list? She has a Wiki page and has received the Order of Canada . Mother of 15, midwife to over 3000. An awesome lady!
Roland - can you point out some of the bilingual examples you've seen? I would like to get an idea of set-up, etc.
Ok I have done several generations for Zachary Richard and he is now connected to the tree - that should go through overnight.

I will do Roch Voisine tomorrow if I can find the time.

Ciao for now!!


Since the three of us are now all on the trusted list for the Acadian Notables Space page, May I change the privacy to public (Green) so that noone else decides to change things?


Yes please!
Here's an example of a bilingual Acadian profile:

In the wiki spirit of collaboration, I don't think we need to restrict the privacy level of the page. If someone does make an unwanted change, it's easy to go back through the change log and fix it. Of course, if we do start having problems with people making such changes, we can then restrict the privacy level.
May I suggest that one of you reach out to the leaders of the Notables project to let them know that we created a sub-project that we wish would also be part of theirs? They may have advice for us as well.
Done!! I have sent a private message to Scott Fulkerson!!
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Not as such, no.

I dont think there are enough Acadians to warrant a page of their own. If there are, then perhaps it can be a sub project of the Notables project.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (886k points)
I don't suppose there are a lot that are known outside of Acadie, but there are some that have been important to the Acadian culture - Antonine Maillet, Édith Pinet, Jean-Yves Thériault (well, he's more sports, not culture)...Roméo Leblanc, Edith Butler... Again, I don't think they would be of general interest but I would hope Acadians would be interested.
I'm not big on Acadian notables except where they are connected to or related to my husband. LOL

I did go and see the play Pelagie written by Antonine Maillet a few years ago. And my husband used to love listening to the Acadian singer - Rocque or Roch Voisine
Yeah, Roch was popular when I was a kid. All the girls would swoon over him!

Antonine Maillet is my grandfather's cousin. My dad told me that, and tracking down if it was true or not (it is true!) is what got me started in genealogy!

I do think we have enough Acadian notables to have a way to point them out.

Angele Arsenault would also be one. Going back, Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard also maybe?

Members of the group 1755 certainly are having an impact on today's Acadian culture.
Ooh 1755!  Anytime there was someone Acadian around, we would go as a family. 1755 even impressed my Dad (I begged him to bring me as it was out of town and I didn't drive yet - Dad would be 95 years old now),They sang "Le jardinier du couvent" - he was singing along - and that 15-minute drum solo during La Maudite Guerre. I saw Edith Butler back then as well - my uncle went to grade school with her. And I've seen La Sagouine twice, way back then, and again last year. Viola Léger was just as amazing  the second time around! Cool that you're related to Antonine Maillet.
Duh - we have an Acadian project dont we? Of course we do.

We could have a sub project Notables within the Acadian project.

Does that sound like a good idea?
Both having a sub-project of the Acadians project or Notables project sound like a good idea. I think it would make more sense under the Acadians project but I'll check.

Who want's to take the lead on this? Here are instructions on starting a sub-project:
Ok so what would constitute an Acadian Notable?

How exactly would we identify these people?

Someone with an Acadian surname, no matter if they dont see themselves as Acadian or one who still thinks of themself as being Acadian?

I'm thinking of Maurice Richard for example. The Hockey Player.

He is already on Wikitree but if you follow his Richard line back - the family clearly originated in Acadia - and moved to Quebec after the 1755 deportation.
I'm not sure I would consider Maurice RIchard, since he might not have identified as Acadian.

The ones Denise mentioned above, as well as other singers (Angele Arsenault), politicians (Louis J Rocbichaud), academics (Clement Cormier). Maybe the ones that have schools named after them?
So those who identify themselves as Acadian - Gotcha!!
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Projects can be sub-projects of a couple of Top level or even other sub-projects.

Make this new project a sub-project of both the Acadian Project and the Notables Project. Both top level projects can help to work out the start-up and running tasks for the new project coordinator or leader.

I am excited to see this new project coming soon to WikiTree!

by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (524k points)
So Denise, I would suggest you start and lead a sub-project. Get in touch with Mags and/or I if you want help getting started.

BTW, Mags is an honorary Acadian for  pronouncing my name in French while speaking in English!

Do we create a separate badge for this project - if we are going to ask people to join?  I mean we cant go around handing out both the Notables and the Acadians badge - can we??  LOL

Also what else do we need to add to our new sub project in order to get people to join. I was thinking that maybe we need to start a new thread on the G2G asking if people want to join?

I guess we could make up a new tag for the G2G Discussion, right? Acadian_Notables or something similar?

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Should we include Roch Voisine and Antonine Mallait as our first Acadian Notables? i assume that Ms Maillet already has a profile on wikitree?

I have been doing some research into Roch's ancestry - thanks to his paternal grandparents being mentioned on his wikipedia page - and I have details going back 4 or 5 generations already.

We could also perhaps find a quote by each person that indicates that they do think of themselves as Acadian or support the Acadian cultre to add to their profile.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (886k points)
I definitely agree they have both presented themselves as Acadian (although for Roch in Europe it was at least partially an image thing - his Acadian accent became very thick in France LOL) Antonine was the first person outside of France to win the Prix Goncourt for writing.

I have a personal interest in Édith Butler, because of various interesting linkages, including my mother found we are related somehow (I think through the Godin side, not sure - her notes were lost when their house flooded years ago), Édith was named after an amazing other Acadian (which will be my second project)  the midwife Edith B. Pinet , and I'm interested in the name change from LeBouthillier to Butler. So that's the one I'll be starting with...
What fascinates me is how a clearly English name such as Granger is now considered to be "Acadian" just because Laurence Granger maried into an early Acadian family back in the 1700s.

Mind you, my husband is descended from the Grangers as well - like so many other Acadians!!

Because everytime I see or hear the name Hermione Granger, I think of Harry Potter AND the Acadians!!  LOL
Great. I know no Acadians by the name of Granger - just not in our neck of the woods, I guess -  so didn't realize, but you can be assured that now when I watch or read Harry Potter (which I read in French before the movies came out) I'll be claiming Hermione as Acadian! Yes!!!
This is Laurent Granger from England. He married Marie Landry in 1667
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Joseph Broussard - Profile of the Week - 17 October 2017

I have just added Joseph Broussard to the list of Notable Acadians!!
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (886k points)

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