I have DNA Data from HomeDNA.com $99 - No way to Input Data

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I have Homedna.com Dna results no way to ente rthat?
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I am not familiar with this company. Does it provide a matching function or is it limited to ethnicity reporting?
This data file generated by DNA Diagnostic Center’s Dream Array at: Mon Oct 02 09:56:50 2017

Below is a text version of your data.  Fields are TAB-separated

Each line corresponds to a single SNP.  For each SNP, we provide its identifier

(an rsid or an internal id), its location on the reference human genome, and the

genotype call tied to the plus strand on the human reference sequence.

We are using reference human assembly build 37 (also known as Annotation Release 104).

#rsid                              chromosome    position            genotype

rs253654                             9                  102414             TC

Advanced DNA Test for Ancestry  

There are  

769936 Rows of Data  

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Can you upload it to GEDMatch?
by Julie Campbell G2G6 Mach 1 (17.5k points)
It might be worth trying to upload the file to Gedmatch Genesis, but it isn't specifically listed as a company that they can handle.
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If you did a yDNA test, you could add it as type 'Other yDNA', enter the details of your haplogroup, etc, and note in the free text box that it's from that company. The details of your test would then copy out to your male line of ancestors and their male children.

If it was an autosomal test, like their GPS Origins, you could enter that as 'Other auDNA', but the usefulness of doing that will depend on getting the test data somewhere that you can compare it with other tests. e.g. if you can get it loaded into Gedmatch. (It might work with Gedmatch Genesis, but that's still in a beta version so Wikitree doesn't talk to it directly yet.)
by Kathleen Cobcroft G2G6 Mach 7 (74.8k points)
Hi all my mom who is now passed had taken a homeDNA.com Family Finder automsomal test and I am waiting on the results. Has anyone been able to figure out how to upload data from this company? I have started the familytree autosomal and mitochondrial tests and I understand the process to enter those. I would really like to add my mom if possible. Thanks for any insight!


According to this review https://www.top10dnatests.com/compare/homedna-vs-ancestrydna/ you can’t download your HomeDNA.com autosomal results.  More importantly it is only a 13 marker CODIS test which in not compatible with AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Finder, MyHeritageDNA, and Living DNA.

A follow-on to Peter's comment is that the markers tested for CODIS/NDIS compatibility are autosomal STRs, simple tandem repeats, not the SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that are tested by all other companies offering genealogy/ancestry services. And the very reason that autosomal STRs are used for forensic identification is why they are, for all intents and purposes, useless for genealogy: these allele repetitions are highly volatile and often change within a single generation. Two full siblings are unlikely to report identically on even these 13 CODIS marker; two 1st cousins theoretically never. Very helpful in distinguishing between two individuals in a court of law, but of no value at all for genealogy.

HomeDNA claims to, in addition to the STRs, also test "100 DNA markers" for their starter ancestry test, and 80,000 markers for their advanced test. What these markers are, precisely, they never define. Presumably--hopefully--these would be population-specific SNPs. The other genealogy companies test 600,000 to 650,000 SNPs for 45% of the HomeDNA $149 advanced test price.

The company in its various iterations was discussed last year in this G2G thread (one of the rare times I guess I wasn't logged-in). The founder and the person upon whose science these tests are based is Eran Elhaik. You'd be hard-pressed to find many in the genetics community who have respect for his work.

I hate it when people pay for a service with a reasonable expectation, but receive something that, while not falsely advertised in a strict sense, turns out not to be fit for the expected purpose. My best advice for DNA testing is to thoroughly research the company/service; if in doubt ask someone whom you believe knowledgeable in the area; and if in doubt stick to the largest companies who have demonstrably sizable databases of customers.

Stefanie, now that I just spent time dissing HomeDNA, it just dawned on me: You wrote "homeDNA.com Family Finder." Family Finder is the name of the autosomal DNA product from Family Tree DNA...usually shortened to FTDNA.

Could your mom's test be from FTDNA in Houston? If so, that's one of the large companies I mentioned, and a reputable one. I've purchased probably a dozen tests from them.

Hi I hope I didnt just get had because I can no longer get my moms results if its a bust....this is the test company I used for their family finder and mtDNA analysis for her: homedna.com

I am not clear on whether or not I got the questionable company or the better one. Oh well I'll never see her DNA I guess...thanks for your help though


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