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I took an online course and had saved these people for my sister who descends from the Massey's on her Father's line. I looked to see if I could find any matches before posting and I did not. I am not certified for before 1500 or Karen and I would have done the profiles.

Name Origin Status Rank Service Captain Lieutenant / Sub-Captain Commander Service Date Source Type Reference
Massey, Gilbert     Man-at-Arms Garrison; mustered: Harfleur [no captain given]   Beaufort, Thomas (1405 - 1431) count of Perche 1417 Muster Roll TNA, E101/48/17
Massey, Gibon     Man-at-Arms (foot) Garrison of Evreux Burdet, Nicholas, Sir (d. 1441)     14361200 Muster Roll ADE, IIF 4069I
Massey, William     Archer Garrison of Rouen (town) Talbot, John (1385 - 1453) earl of Shrewsbury     14370923 Muster Roll BNF, MS. Fr. 25774, no. 1241
Massey, Gibon     Man-at-Arms (foot) Garrison of Evreux (with field company) Neville, William (1405 - 1463) Lord Fauconberg, earl of Kent     14381209 Muster Roll BNF, MS. Fr. 25775, no. 1384
Massey, Gibon     Man-at-Arms (foot) Garrison of Evreux (with creu) Neville, William (1405 - 1463) Lord Fauconberg, earl of Kent     14390310 Muster Roll BNF, MS. Fr. 25775, no. 1397
Massey, William     Archer Official Retinue, bailli of Rouen Salvayn, John, Sir     14430620 Muster Roll BNF, MS. Fr. 25776, no. 1637
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Interesting.  There's a list of archers and lancers at Agincourt online, but I don't think the complete lists of men are online.

Estimates of Fauconberg's DoB vary, but it looks like 1405 must be too late.  The usual system then was that a gentleman with spare cash would contract to provide so many men for so many days, at his own expense, for which the king would pay a fixed price later.  So the Captains selected themselves.  Whether they went in person isn't always clear, but it seems unlikely they could be under age.

Regular musters were taken by Treasury staff to make sure the contracted numbers were delivered, hence these lists.

PS scratch that, as these musters aren't from Henry V's time, they're later.


Thank you for your insights.
Wikipedia has an article on   the Battle of Agincourt

You may want to take a look at that too.

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+1 vote  this is supposed to be the database of the soldiers who fought at Agincourt

No Massey came up.  I also tried Masey.

When I expanded the search to include garrisons they showed up but not as being on the Agincourt rolls.
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We must be doing something different because they came up for me

The default setting is all 4 databases checked.  They show in that because they are linked to the Garrison database but if you only select Agincourt they do not show up as they are not on the Agincourt rolls.  So they likely were not at the battle of Agincourt but located at one of any number of garrisons.  Also the dates don't jive with Agincourt in all cases.
Thank you for sharing the difference. When I took the course, what I had access to was presented as The Roll from "The Battle of Agincourt" of course I may have misunderstood also.

Thank you

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