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It was a special experience to find a book about my ancestors on the internet last year. It was equally important to find a far family member who has translated the same book in the meantime. This image is on the front.

I wanted to share this family photo of Arcioni with the community. Location: Parma Italy. Date: 1697
Click here for the image details page or here for the full-sized version (668 x 540).

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Hopefully, you will be able to transcribe the elements of this Armoriale ! 


A few guesses : The upward chevron with three stars might signify pointing to God in Heaven with the stars of Trinity. The Bird would be family related and probably bestowed for loyalty, bravery or authority. The other symbol I have never seen. Everything else is an artist's adornments. 


Here is a free reference that might have the description ! ...,+caricato+da+una+fascia+di+rosso,+accompagnato+da+un+sole+d%27oro+posto+nel+canton+destro+del+capo&source=bl&ots=t6NOGd8r24&sig=eM9VyroWv8kXLVNlMWdKUkMYScQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiBqsPwpNjWAhWHzIMKHRWKC70Q6AEIRTAE#v=onepage&q=d'azzurro%20allo%20scudetto%20ovale%20d'argento%2C%20caricato%20da%20una%20fascia%20di%20rosso%2C%20accompagnato%20da%20un%20sole%20d'oro%20posto%20nel%20canton%20destro%20del%20capo&f=false


C'est Bon Magnifique 

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You're right. The bird is (probably) a black crowned eagle on a yellow background and bestowed by the Duke of Milan. The other symbol is a stylized drawing of a saddle (front view). Arcioni=Saddle or Saddle bow.

The same 'saddle' is found here:

I only have to figure out which color the part with the Chevron was.

Thanks for you comments and I will look into the books you linked.

Niccolò degli Arcioni (... – 1355) è stato un vescovo cattolico italiano.

Fu vescovo di Teramo dal 1317 al 1355, proveniente da una nobile famiglia romana, fu eletto direttamente da papa Giovanni XXII perché alla morte del suo predecessore erano sorti dei conflitti nel Capitolo aprutino.

Fu tra i promotori delle importati opere edilizie realizzate a Teramo durante il dominio angioino, in particolare l'Arcioni fece ingrandire ed abbellire la Cattedralecon l'aggiunta di tre navate sul lato orientale e del magnifico portale cosmatesco di Adeodato romano sulla facciata principale; probabilmente dallo stesso artefice fece ornare di graziose logge il Palazzo Vescovile." 

Fantastic ! 

The pointed chevron is a well known symbol used throughout Europe. Th elements within the chevron are interesting, distinctive and certainly adds a unique meaning. 

A "Saddle" .. Very Interesting .. 


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