New to WikiTree but long time family historian

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Hello everyone

Trying to get my head around the WikiTree system and work out the best way to import more of my family tree without manually typing in too many. I've got over 9,000 individuals so far and I've been culling off excess lines from early research to clean up the tree.

Looking forward to becoming more involved as I get my head around the various tags, codes etc here.

Donna McAleese
Western Australia
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Hi Donna, WikiTree has a new process for importing your GEDCOM.

Click here for the GEDCOM Help Pages

Also see GEDCOMpare.

Click here for WikiTree Recommended Tags used.

by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (780k points)
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Hello Donna and welcome to WikiTree!
by John Noel G2G6 Pilot (707k points)
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Welcome to the Wikitree!  I look forward to meeting some of your profiles into my tree ;). In spite of some of the difficulties you will run into,  uploading your GEDCOM file is the easiest way. Check out the link David Selman attached for the new process.  I'm not sure this still applies,  but when I did it, the system compares every profile you upload to existing profiles,  and will show you close matches.   You get to say Yay or Nay to whether it's the same person or not.   If you have people who are pre-1700s, there's a good chance it won't at them until you ate pre-1700s certified.  That applies again for pre-1500s profiles.  You have to be specially certified for those profiles.   Also, you may discover after they are all uploaded,  the relational connections between individuals are broken. You will have to go back through the profiles to reconnect parents with children, spouses, etc.  It's inconvenient,  and may have been fixed by now, but it will make for a stronger tree in the long run,  because it gets you thinking and verifying some of the connections you thought were true,  but further research shows may have been missteps in your research.  The prices of merging profiles will begin to connect you with other genealogists who may be related to you, or perhaps have control of a special project that may include your family members (Scottish Clans or European Nobility for example).  If you have a way of tearing your family GEDCOM into smaller bites,  perhaps 500 to 1000 at a time,  it might be easier for you to process through and keep a lot of your connections intact.
by Dave Patrick G2G3 (3.1k points)
Thanks for the replies. Yesterday I spent some time creating small gedcoms off my Legacy program and uploading them for comparison and addition to the WikiTree. So far so good although I'm not always happy with the way the notes and sources have translated. At least the data is there for people to pick through though and can be 'prettied up' later.

I have already raised a merge suggestion with a couple of people with my Gray line, but neither seem to have responded, so I may need to follow up through other processes.

I'd like to know more about the pre-1700s certification as I'm getting close with a couple of lines.
Hi Donna,
on merging, there is a 30 day wait for the other person to respond, after which you can go ahead and complete the merge even if they have not responded. On some profiles where there is protection, you may need to go through the "unresponsive manager" procedure. You can send the other manager a message now explaining why you believe the two should be merged, they may be checking their mail but not logging into their Wikitree.
Thanks for the follow up info, Gillian. I'll wait out the 30 days for now as I've got plenty of my own info to upload. I do know that there is a push for a major DNA linkage project on this particular Gray line and a FB private page for the descendants of that tree to share further information has been set up.

Will keep an eye on it and see where and whether anything happens. I suspect that neither person has been online or doing much with their trees for a bit though.
I have a few Grays in my tree.   They are up at the top of my first American ancestors.  Who knows, we could be cousins. I posted a list of all the first migrant Americans on a Facebook list. Somebody had that Gray line mapped up to a shared ancestor, while my tree had ended one or two members up from him.   I still need to validate those connections, but that is the fun of all these shared trees.

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