RESOLVED: How many wives did John Hoyt have and who were they?

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This is a PPP and has at least 9+ wives. There are a couple merges that need to be done.  I think these duplicate wives should be sorted out  first.
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I edited the title to a) put it in question format and b) focus it on the problematic question in hopes of getting better attention from the PMs.
I have edited my responses below to bring them up to date with the current status. I encourage all PMs and others interested in this profile to read this full thread.

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Sources for his first wife's first name (Frances), include:

"Early Settlers of Salisbury, Mass.," in NEHGS Register, 8 (1854):158:

HOYT, John, w. Frances. Ch. Thos. and Gregorie 1 11 40, Gregori d 1 11 41; Elizabeth 23 12 42; Sarah 16 11 44, d 26 12 44; Mary 20 12 45; Joseph 13 3 48, d 19 2 48; Joseph 27 9 49, d 24 11 49; Mary 24 9 53, a Mary d 1 10 53; Naomi 23 11 54; Dorothy 13 2 56; Mary 25 8 64 [this is wrong; no such birthdate; more likely an inaccurate copy of Mary, dau of John Jr. b 11 8 64; see below] . A Mary m Christopher Bartlett 19 Dec 1663. [these last two dates don't make sense]

John [Jr] m Mary Barnes 23 Jun 1659. Ch William 5 7 60; Elizabeth 8 12 61; John 28 1 63; Mary 11 8 64; Joseph 14 5 66; Hannah 28 8 66. 

Note that there are no sources for any of these. Although the births and the second marriage are probably found in the Salisbury Vital Records. 

I'll keep looking.


by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (764k points)
selected by Mary Hammond

First name of first wife is found in Salisbury Vital Records:

p. 138-139 (Births):


Thomas, s John and Frances, 1: 11:m 1640
Gregorie, s John and Frances, 1: 11m: 1640

Elizabeth, d John and Frances, 23: 12 m: 1642

Sarah, d John and Frances [2d w Ct. R.], 16: 11m: 1644

Mary d John and Frances [2d w ct. r], 20: 12m: 1645

Joseph, s John and Frances, 2d w., 13: 3m: 1648

Joseph, s John and Frances, 2d w., 27: 9m: 1649

Marah, d John and Frances, 2d w., 24: 9m: 1653

Naomy, d John and Frances, 2d w., 23: 11m: 1654

Dorethie, d. John and Frances, 2d w., 13: 2m: 1656

Mehetabel, d John sr and Frances, 25: 8m: 1664 


Mm... what does "2d w." mean? Second wife?
Marriages from Salisbury VR (p 393-394):


Frances, and John Coleby, Jan. 14, 1655 (ct. r.) [this would place her birth around 1635] Curry (1908) claims this Frances was the oldest daughter of John by his first wife Frances.

John, jr., and [torn] Barnes, June 23, 1[659?]. Ct. r. [someone has hand written "Mary" over [torn]] Curry (1908) also claims he was the son of John Hoyt sr by his first wife Frances.

[Mary T.C.] and Christopher B[artlet, 19: 10m: 1663. t.c.]

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Faun Clements, at Amesbury, Nov. 21, 1688.

Salisbury Vital Records, Deaths, p 578


Grigorie, s John, 1:11m: 1641

Frances, w. John, 23: 12m: 1642 [someone has added in ball point: "1st" before "w. John"

Sarah, d John, 26:12m:1644

Joseph, s. John, 19:2m:1648

Joseph, s. John, 24:11m:1649

Marah, d John, 1:10m:1653

IF these transcripts of the originals are accurate, then John m1 Frances ____ who d 23 Feb 1642/3; he then m2 another Frances _____ by whom he is having children through at least 1656.

I see no evidence of a subsequent wife named Mary, that children by a John Hoyt and Mary were by John's son John Jr.

Let me go check the Amesbury VRs.

Amesbury Vital Records.

Deaths, p 555:


John, Serg., sr., Feb. 28, 1687-8

This appears to be the source for the death of Hoyt-28, although I don't know how they know it was him.

There was also a John Hoyt who d Aug 24 1691 in Amesbury.
Wow Jillaine. Lots of info!!

I was working on a few Hoyt merges and saw that the profile needed some work. I was hoping to draw attention to the profile managers. Not sure you if you are a manager or not but thanks for taking the time to post all of this information.

Regards, Michelle
Nope, not a PM (unless I became one to complete merges) but they fall into the Puritan Great Migration area. Doesn't look like we got the attention of any of the PMs, more's the pity...
Actually, it looks like some of the PMs have responded on the profile page.
Good! That's what I was hoping to accomplish!!!
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Michelle,the profile is open for edit.   As you are an arbitrator as well as an integrator, you could always go into edit and clean the profile for the manager as a helpful gesture.

It doesn't take much to request mergers on the duplicate files, and I am sure the managers will not mind you cleaning up the biography.  Always be sure to leave a message though so they are advised as to what was done.


by Mary Hammond G2G6 Mach 7 (79.2k points)
Arbitrator? Is there some kind of conflict? I don't believe there is any dispute involved here.

  This is a PPP. When PPP are involved the managers of said profiles should be the ones working on the PPP profile. They are suppose to be informed first. That was my intent here to draw the attention of the PPP managers.
Actually, it looks like there is dispute about the last names of John Hoyt's wives.
Probably! but are you referring to the above comment about an arbitrator?
I have no idea what an arbitrator on wikitree is.  Never heard of that position here.
Thanks Jillaine for all the posted info. There isn't an arbitrator.
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I've added what Anderson (Great Migration Begins) has about John Hoyt. What Anderson compiled was done in 1995; there may be more recent information. But what he published is that John Hoyt, son of Simon Hoyt, married only twice. The name of his first wife (m abt 1650) was unknown. The name of his second wife (m abt 1659) was Mary Brundish who was also the widow of Francis Purdy who had died in 1658.  


Now believe what Anderson wrote was inaccurate/incomplete based on examination of Salisbury vital records.


Actually, it's not that Anderson was wrong about the Salisbury/Amesbury John Hoyt-- it's that people have assumed that he was talking about that man when he documents the John Hoyt son of Simon Hoyt.

If you read his entry carefully, he does not call John, son of Simon, of Salisbury/Amesbury. He does not provide a residence for him at all. The one source he cites (for the death of Frances Purdy) is Families of Old Fairfield [Connecticut].

For our purposes, it appears that John Hoyt who m2 Mary (Brundage) Purdy was merged incorrectly with John Hoyt of Salisbury/Amesbury who had two wives named Frances, including some of the Connecticut man's children. So we have to detangle those, as well.

We should use the Salisbury/Amesbury vital records as guide for the Massachusett man's children.

We also need to recreate a John Hoyt, son of Simon, who *did* marry Mary (Brundage) Purdy.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (764k points)
edited by Jillaine Smith
UPDATED 24 Oct 2013:

I now believe that this is an example where Anderson's GMB info was misinterpreted by readers.

Salisbury vital records clearly have the death of a Frances, wife of John, who dies in  Feb 1642/3. They also clearly indicate that he continued to have children with another Frances "2d w" [second wife?] through at least 1656 in Salisbury.


m1 before 1640 Frances(1) Unknown; she died Feb 1641/2

m2 1642 Frances(2) Unknown; she survived John Hoyt and was still living as late as 1697.

I have done the following:

1. Found a John Hoyt-601 and made him son of Simon Hoyt. He already had an Unknown first wife. I clarified that she was Unknown Unknown, following Anderson.

2. Detached Mary (Brundage) Purdy Hoyt from John Hoyt of Salisbury/Amesbury, and attached her to John Hoyt-601

Still to be done:

3. Merge the remaining three wives of Hoyt-28 (of Salisbury) into two -- both of them being Frances Unknowns.  As I can find NO evidence for the Tuxberry or Jewell maiden names. DOES ANYONE OBJECT TO THIS?

4. Attach the remaining children to the correct sets of parents. 

Thanks again Jillaine!

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